Interested in a Gemini Astrology Sign?

Gemini May 22nd-June 21st

How to Attract Gemini signs

Tip on intriguing Gemini astrology signs:

Flirt a little too much with Gemini sign people and they will think you are taken with them. Make a pass at Gemini... once, then move on and talk to everyone else. If Gemini is interested they will seek you out.

You have to think of Gemini as what he or she is, an Air sign; they relate through the mind, make the mind of Gemini fall for you first.

To get Gemini's attention, you have to strike them as bold, stimulating and cool.

Gemini will not get on well with a person who wants to stay home most of the time, if you hope this can be altered, it won't; try Virgo or Cancer.

Gemini's like to be well put together in how they dress; praise them on that, they'll appreciate you, especially if you notice that they have on something new.

If you are of a different cultural background, race, or religion and even if you are much older or younger than Gemini, you are in luck since Gemini doesn't discriminate about such things; Gemini astrology signs date who they want matter.

Everything's Going Mental...Get in Gemini's Way with Words

Gemini...Debate Club

In your quest to nab Gemini, you should endeavor to connect with them mentally, or rather get them to connect to you through their mind.

Gemini astrology sign people, are life long learning-dabblers; meaning, they're a bit shallow in their knowledge of things. And so, they know a bit about every issue they are interested in.

If you thoroughly know about just one thing, you will be fascinating, to them. Are you studying something new? Talk about that. Geminis are very impressed by life long learners. If you are a student of anything, Gem will find you interesting.

gemini attraction

Still, when any other subject comes around, be confident with what you know.

Don't be afraid to debate them on something either and when you do be candid, call them on their bullshit; Gemini respects a person who is plainspoken and truthful in how they feel and think.

Gemini's love a good debate and all this makes them want to get to know you better.

If you can "check-mate" them in an intellectual argument all the better.

If there comes a time when Gemini is talking about something you have no knowledge of, pretend you’re interested anyway, and keep them talking.

They will think You are -- a great conversationalist.

Tête-à-Tête, Gemini and You

Gemini gets a kick out of testing someone's intelligence. If you can pass this test, you are welcome to pursue them. The Gemini twins people are all about thoughts and ideas.

Gemini will even let you choose your quiz subject. Choose anything; Gemini is probably interested to talk about it with you and quiz you while they are at it.

You need to be full of thought provoking ideas and be up to the minute on what is going on in the world to keep the Gemini astrology sign interested.

They love to talk with others and this includes dishing the dirt, even Gemini men are all ears to hear the latest gossip about people. Do you have any interesting stories about other people; tell Gemini they will love a good anecdote. Gemini’s always want the 411.

And The Kitchen Sink...

Pepper all talks with smart points, catchwords, and reflections.

Don't talk sports to Gemini unless they are a fan. They may tag you as not too smart. Instead, talk about literature of any kind.

Are you talented when it comes to writing? Let them know. Talk about what you have had published or what you dream of writing, if only you had a stimulating muse around.

Gemini people are partial to others who can get a big guffaw out of them, tell them bawdy jokes. Gemini's like wit in their romantic partner, they will get attached to you if you make them laugh.

Gemini's have a nasty habit of interrupting others when speaking.

When they realize that they have done this to you, they will apologize, tell you to go on and proceed to cut you off again. Funny thing is they can’t tolerate the same thing done to them.

You see, when Gemini wants to use words to cut you, they do.

The biggest "diss" that a Gemini will throw at you is to say you have an "average" mind. Really, when Gemini thinks this about someone they also think the person is indeed "average" in bed.

If Gemini has an inkling that you are a bit stupid, you’ll never make it to the first kiss with them.

Is it Hot in Here or is it Gemini... Turning Me On?

If you want to get a Gemini “hot”, beat them at a mental game.

Gemini women especially find it "hot" that a man is just as intelligent as them or smarter.

If you are adept at clever sexual wordplay, this will get them excited.

Gemini's are flirts and they're always making elusive sexual insinuations.

They love to allude to anything wicked. If you are, bold enough to meet them innuendo for innuendo, they will be impressed.

Airy Gemini Has Feelings Too...

Gemini is secretly easily hurt, for their emotional health they need a partner that they can believe wants the best for them.

Don't treat them in a reckless or irresponsible manner, that hurts and frankly it's their job to be reckless and irresponsible.

Don't be manipulative and deceitful. Above all if you are those things ever, don't let Gemini in on it.

Oh, and of course you shouldn't be mistrustful of them, this bothers them truly, to be accused of something they haven't done yet.

Date with The Gemini Twins

So, You meet a Gemini astrology sign person, you like them. Gemini woman gives you her contact details, or the Gemini man gets your number and he calls you the next day or being a Gemini that evening.

It doesn't matter if you have met a Gemini male or female, you should call Gemini right away or see them ASAP.

Geminis bore quickly and move on to another if you wait even a week. Your objective is to get your first date within the first 24 hours of meeting that Gemini astrology sign.

Gemini's hook is; novelty, "Novelty" is Gemini's motto. For a first date with Gemini, remember that.

You love to be on trend? Are you a trendsetter? Up to date with the latest craze? Gemini will be taken with you.

Don't be late for a date with Gemini, although you shouldn’t complain when they are late.

Pretend you're not shocked, even if Gemini is more than 60 Min’s late.

When it comes to food, Geminis like a beautiful presentation, but Gemini is a fussy eater, but they still want to go to the newest, coolest place to see and be seen.

Sushi, Chinese, Japanese or Mid-Eastern are good because these foods allow Gem to choose what they like among several bits and pieces, they get to try many things.

Take a Gemini to a restaurant that serves eccentric foods, this would satisfy their need for novel ideas, although they may not eat much.

At the table, you had better be well mannered; Gemini's are disgusted by people who lack table manners.

In fact, people who binge disturb them too.

At a dinner table Gemini astrology sign people think the conversation is just as important as the food.

If you don't want to go out one night and you want to stay home, invite Gemini over.

Gemini astrology sign people love words. They love games that incorporate words.

Tell Gemini to come over and join you in any board game that you have to use words in like Scrabble.

Or, you can invite other couples over and play charades.. be careful though if you win, you might get some...if you know what I mean...


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