Seduce a Gemini

Seduce a Gemini with the...

Coming in for a nightcap... tactic...

This one is the most conventional ways to seduce a Gemini. This one is a prelude to sex.

You meet Gemini and talk until you can't stand not being in their arms. Then you ask Gemini to come back to your place for a "drink", meaning make out session.

The split second conquest...tactic...

This one is an impulsive way to seduce a Gemini, I say that because it assumes you always travel with condoms in your pocket or purse.

What you are aiming for is to charm Gemini right out of their pants at first meeting.

Getting this to work will hinge on two things. Where you get together and what Gemini wants to do.


You are somewhere that's loud and there are many people around, say;

"Let’s go somewhere quieter".

When you get to that place say;

"I lied, I just wanted you all to myself."

Then see what happens...

Dialing for love...tactic...

If you shy away from the above tactics and you say Goodnight to Gemini. Wait for enough time for Gemini to get home and give them a call.

Tell Gemini that you just couldn't stop thinking about them; you needed to hear their voice.

Gemini’s love talking on the phone so this is great. If Gemini sounds wide awake say;

"I am so excited, I know I won't be able to sleep now, why don’t I come over and bring some snacks and wine so we could continue our talk."

If they say yes, as soon as you get there, get Gemini talking again and make a move on them.

The Booty call...tactic....

As I said before Gem's like to talk on the phone, this is part of their social life. This lends itself well to the booty call.

Gemini's love anything spontaneous.

What you are aiming for is to get Gemini to ask;

"How soon can you get here?"

Call Gemini up, talk to them and get them excited to see you. If you succeed, get there fast.

Maybe you could say;

"I had to call, I wanted to go to bed early tonight, but I'm not tired. I can't get you out of my mind."

"You looked great the other night, are you free?"

"I had the most amazing dream about you last night, want me to come over and show you what happened?"


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