Seduce a Gemini Tactics

Want some more tips to seduce a Gemini?

Sex-ting or the I-M-sexing...tactic...

A more tekkie version of the Booty-Call Seduction is the sex-ting or the instant-sex-message. They're the cyber variation of the love letter.

The aim here is to blow up your Gemini's phone with a tag game of innuendos and invitations.

Start of with innocent flirting and proceed to innuendos and finish with absolute exposure of sexual longing.

Let the messaging between the two of you become a sort of contest of who has the cleverest banter.Use this method to protect you from rejection in person. You can also use it to seduce a Gemini you haven't had a real conversation with yet, if you are so bold.

Most of all, it's on trend and it doesn't cost a dime other than text minutes.

Your last message should go something like;
I'll meet (Insert time).
To receive a yes from Gemini you must show yourself to be relentless and eager to see them.

Breakfast in bed...tactic...

If all the above don't work for you try to seduce a Gemini with this one…

The next morning after you meet Gemini, call them or text them that you are bringing breakfast.

Say you know about this little place that makes the most amazing pancakes, bagels and lox, croissants...whatever...

Tell Gemini to unlock the door and go back to bed, you want to serve them breakfast in bed.

The Curious cat...tactic...

Gemini's are very curious; you can use that to your advantage. Many Gemini people can admit to having had sex with someone out of sheer curiosity. You can be bold and cheeky Gemini's like that type of thing.

You could say:

"You should stop fantasizing about me and do it for real."

"I’ve heard that Gemini's test people out mentally before they do it physically, How was I?" "Want to try it for real?"

"I had a naughty dream about you the other night."

You will intrigue any Gemini after this.

Incite a proposal in public...tactic...

This method is only for the fearless or clairvoyant.

It has only two potential outcomes, thrilling success or absolute failure. Gemini’s have an unspoken theory; sexy banter or innuendo leads to instantaneous sexual desire, so we base this tactic on that.

The formula is to dangle a phrase of erotic intention while staying calm cool and collected. Your words must be stimulating not crude.

Let's say you are with your Gemini and are surrounded by other people. You are chatting up Gemini so well they are indeed intrigued. Catch Gemini's eye and tell them something very smooth like even if the others hear what you have said.

Look for that flash in Gemini's eye, and a restrained smile, if you see that you’ve got Gemini right where you want him or her.

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