Saturn Doesn't Fool Around, What is your Karma?

Saturn exemplifies the period of time we are on earth. It holds our lives to particular boundaries.

It takes 29 yrs. to transit the zodiac abiding in each zodiac sign for 2 and ½ yrs.

It is the ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius. It takes charge of the sex glands and of masculinity.

Saturn's glyph is a cross, symbolizing the world (meaning= matters) sitting above one-half circle (dominating psyche), all tying in to mean that its power is to sort out and steady anything it comes to. Saturn's task is to make thoughts reality.


saturn astrology

It's the final one of the personal planets, although indirectly and is also a social planet.

Beyond its celestial orbit, the 3 planets left are: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, they take such a long time to orbit the Sun that their impressions are universal and proceed in small phases.

It is a planet can dull things down to a sluggish pace, and give rise to:





And Slumps

The way this planet is in space is the way it functions in regard to people; this would be on the fringe or outskirts.

This planet presents the length of time and things you will go through to achieve your desires.

It is grave melancholic, bleak, perpetual, protective, arduous, clandestine, uneasy obligating. It's contemplative, obtuse and has a potent and crucial consequence on the horoscope.

This Planet is very limiting in disposition, and is thought to be malicious.

The energies of this Planet are confining, it can hammer you with limits and cramp your style.

In a symbolic way this is the Planet of our fate and fortune. It rules our destiny, matters we can't evade.

This is the one we pay for the; blessings we attain, the mistakes we make, and the lessons we refuse to learn, whether we like it or not.

This Planet consumes your time; stops your advancement, even if you've had repeated attempts; lays waste to your support or supply; employs other people to block, torment and let you down.

Yet, when you decide to live with Saturn’s conditioning and you learn what is being taught to you, it pays you back with interest.

 This Planet is the paymaster and the task master of Astrology.

It is also known as "lawmaker of the zodiac", it lays out the jurisprudence that rules conduct; the shame that allows for dutiful action; the forbearance and tenacity that make us able to achieve; and the pragmatic thinking that produces self-awareness and the unavoidable recognition of our distinct separateness from others.


Saturn's astrological law is ultimately virtuous. Everyone reaps what they sow, no matter what they think they should get.

Saturn's astrological law (concedes to) as it (takes from), ensuring that conditions come to a person so that they may confront the failings and faults that lie in their character.
These flaws have to be surmounted before one can at long last revel in the endowment that is found beyond all restrictions: This would be independence.

This Planet is the lord of time and as such, may detain what is prognosticated by the other planets in your horoscope.

Like I said before, this planet will not allow anyone to get things that they do not merit. Yet there are times, that this planet will use blessings and riches as tools of agony since again this person wasn't prepared or really worthy of them.

The good things that this Planet does...

If the energies of this Planet Are conducted in the right way, and a person attempts to go with the planetary vibrations instead of against them, they will get the most enduring blessings in their life.

If you use its teachings correctly, it's possible for you to attain; self-control, persistence, and an inner strength that can produce outstanding achievement.

This is the Planet of authority but, its force won't overwhelm you.

It lays out the person's social station, which is reached over time by being disciplined and worthy.

The Ways that it Shows its Power in a Birth Chart...


You must remember that as an astrological Planet, it's only one of several cosmic influences in your birth chart.

This is not a scary Planet, (*although sometimes, I hold my breath reading what it has to say in astrology charts).

This planet at a good position in your chart entails; stability, stamina and drive.

When this Planet is at a beneficial position in the chart, a person is self-respecting and patrician.

Their manner in life is sober and careful.

They're not ungenerous, but they are frugal.

When it comes to resources, they're the "waste not want not" type.

If you have a deep down secret and you need someone to talk to search them out, they will not tell.
This is a person who is certain to give honest and neutral advice.

They are good at figuring out hard problems and finding a pragmatic answer. They are ethical and feel obligated to always do what is right.

The person is scrupulous and hardworking. They may not take the easy road, but they're exhaustive, dutiful and conscientious in their style. This is a person who others can look to when they need something done right and efficiently.

If it's in a striking position in your chart it can add steady trials and tribulations or challenges that cause you to innovate and find new ways of doing things; it's all in the way you look at it.

If it is at a detrimental position in the chart, the person inclined to be self-indulgent in their sorrow, critical of people just trying to have fun, may lack friends, is depressing, mean-spirited and stingy.

They experience sluggishness, lost chances and misfortunes. They may suffer from phobias and maladies.

The person is one to talk of their discontentment or unhappiness, all the damn time.

They might have a backbreaking time making money or is too tight to expend any of it on small conveniences and/or delights.

People with a serious amount of Saturn in their charts are well... serious.

They seem cold-blooded, inflexible, and or anti-social.

They often have a problem showing emotion.

Seriously Saturnine people are responsible, but often they are fault-finding; the standards they have for people they interact with are too high.


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