Your Guide to Mercury Astrology Planet and its impact on Your Life

Mercury astrology planet is named after Hermes of Greek mythology and is said to be "the messenger of the Gods.

As a planet in a chart, Mercury is thought to be the most non subjective. It is the only planet without a (positive) masculine or (negative) feminine energy, Mercury is altogether indifferent.

When Mercury is at an exceptional angle to another planet, Mercury makes that planet's knowledge or experience more precise and clear.

Mercury is your mental actions, communication, and rational energy. Mercury rules over your intellect, perception and reason, or good sense.

Mercury encompasses all avenues of communicating, reason, analysis, and aptitude. Mercury carries the Moons currents into communicative systems.

Mercury governs how we understand, the way we speak and the way we think. Mercury is also in charge of learning, searches, answers, descriptions and instruction.

Antique documents, books and aged things; correspondences, written words, and
declarations; new ideas and new things are all established in Mercury's realm.

Mercury pushes us to discover, take heed, mull over and react.

Mercury regulates affairs import and export, trade, commercialism, and revenue.

What are the Negatives of Mercury?

Negative Mercury aspects are criticism, sarcasm, deceit, troubling crimes like; shams, scamming, and counterfeiting.

When Mercury is impaired in someone's birth chart, it shows makings of a daydreamer, a liar, or compulsive talker.

What are the things that Mercury Planet Governs?

Mercury governs how you get where you're going. Your Mercury sign speculates on the way you ascertain, listen, and interpret information. In other words it rules how you absorb data.

Mercury controls the nervous system, limbs, hands, and fingers. Mercury points to your dexterity and if you’re mechanically inclined.

If a person has many signs in mercury their muscle memory in the hands is amazing.

People with a lot of Mercury in their charts have good hands, as long as they are willing to learn. They are amazing in things like; refurbishing furniture, woodwork, illustration, knit work, playing instruments, arts and crafts, typing, penmanship or even cooking.

In the personal intimacy realm they may be told over and over again “Honey, you have good hands." On top of all that, they may even use their hands while talking.

Mercury planet's ruler ship goes from:

The nervous system of our bodies

To the methods we use to communicate

To our penmanship

To the selections we make in writing implements like;

Pens, Pencils


Typewriters, E Gadgets and Computers

Mercury Astrology Planet rules:

Mental quickness

Vocal expression and Vocalization




Thinking practices



Spoken language






Daily commutes

Light trips

Means of transit


How does Mercury affect you?

In present time, we are "meeting people through Mercury first. Our first connections to them are by emailing, and phone calls, these things are ruled by Mercury.

Mercury planet symbolizes thoughts, processes and data, particularly when conveyed by communicating.

Mercury affects the way you communicate. Mercury decrees if we're ornate in the words we speak or write, if we are brief, all about business or long-winded, wordy and verbose.

Mercury shows someone's flair for communication.

mercury astrology

Mercury shows where you attempt to articulate your thoughts right away and where in life you'll keep quiet and give a great deal of thought before you speak.

In personal relationships, look at the Mercury in a birth chart to discover how a person arrives at their point of view, how they learn, and their way of mentally processing things.

Mercury astrology planet represents the mode in which you conceive ideas and convey them.

From the offset of our examination of the ambiguous planet Mercury, it’s been connected with velocity and agility.

When your Mercury astrology sign is well placed in your horoscope or chart, you’re likely to be:

Eloquence with words.

A snappy and comical narrator.


A sharp negotiator.


People with solid Mercury influences are also great speakers, singers, and actors.

If Mercury is nicely placed in your chart your memory is probably good. You should also have a gift for debate, and your movements tend to be agile with a touch of pep.

Mercury moves closely to the Sun so your Mercury will always be either the sign before or after your actual Sun sign.

When Mercury is coming across strongly in a birth chart that person is viewed as ingenious, having an agile mind and an adaptable personality.

Since Mercury astrology planet governs the signs Gemini the Twins and Virgo the Virgin, Mercury will have in impression of said Sun signs; however, many people can have a strong Mercury influence.

Mercury's glyph is something like Venus'. It's a circle with small crescent siting at the top of the circle and a cross near the bottom.

This symbol indicates demonstrated (crescent) intent (circle) over subject (cross)

In other words, mind over matter. Mercury's business is in is to connecting our minds to things at hand so that we may work out a way.


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