Mercury Retrograde

What does Mercury Retrograde have to do with Mercury Astrology?

Mercury is an objective or non-subjective and fact based planet it's basically neutral.

Things in Mercury's Domain

Mercury governs:









Planet Retrograde Basics

The Sun and Moon never go retrograde.

In all Planet Retrogrades, the force goes in and not out like they typically do in Direct motion.

Planets in retrograde happen in several stages.

The first stage is that, the Planets seem to be still. (When a Planet has been direct and is about to turn retrograde its "stationary" or making a "station".)

The second stage is that, the Planets back up through the zodiac signs.

Third stage is, they stand still again. (When a Planet has been retrograde and is going to turn direct it makes a "station" again.)

Lastly, the Planets start to move forward again going "direct".


When there are Planets in retrograde, it extends whatever effect that Planet has, in whatever position it lays in the house, no matter what sign.

There is a false impression that when Planets are in retrograde, that this means "trouble" at the most and bad luck at the least. It’s easy to see why people think this.

Retrograde Mercury Basics

Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times yearly, for about 3 weeks.

Typically, retrograde Mercury’s influence is experienced for days or weeks before an actual retrograde happens.

Mercury makes a station, goes retrograde, makes a station, and turns direct.

Mercury's retrograde is the most crucial from the pragmatic standpoint, and they happen rather frequently.

During a Mercury retrograde, intercommunication with others is often misconstrued or held up.

This retrograde gives a jolt to jobs regulated by Mercury; instructing, publishing, managing, and or traveling.

When Mercury retrograde is happening, all things that have to do with ideas and instruction, will experience glitches.

  • Letters get lost in the post.

    Deliveries go to the wrong office or home.

    All channels of communicating seem to go amiss.

    Things are misconstrued and facts are misused.


While some magnificent plans may be outlined during this time, probabilities are that many individuals endure unease, skittishness and mental crack-ups.

So the advice is: do not try to execute too much when the planet is in the beginning of its retrograde , this is when the 1st station is happening.

Probabilities are, anything  you do will devolve and you will have to either make substantial rectifications, or may  become altogether unsuitable as it was done under the old trend and fades out after the 1st station has happened.

All in all, Mercury going retrograde, brings general misunderstandings and frustrations.

What is said about Mercury Retrograde

Bad prognostications are aimed at this retrograde, which isn't entirely reliable.

One common bit of advice that's frequently presented by astrologists is: not to buy things associated with the planet that is retrograde.

As example; in a Mercury retrograde a person shouldn't buy electronic computers, telephones, business equipment or the like.

It is said that:

Short errands become complicated, you leave your directions at home or your car doesn't start and you don't know why.

A short jaunt over the weekend gets perplexing your flight is canceled, or your credit card won't work, making you wish you hadn't.

Anything used for communicating, will be interrupted and impacted by this retrograde planet's drag. You may not get the call that was supposed to come, then while you’re on the phone, you get disconnected.

People's meaning might be misinterpreted; Things that you weren't meant to hear are heard.


What is the impact of Mercury's back pedaling on your life

It is said that: Logical thinking leaves us.

Computers crash. Negotiations fall apart. You don't attend the closing of the house or the offer for the house you put in is pooh-poohed.

You have a crucial meeting and you lose a significant piece of data.

You try to send an email to an address you know to be correct and it bounces back.

Your snail mail might be placed in someone else's box.

A Mercury retrograde period is a bad time to start new projects. It's also a bad time to sign anything important.

How to deal with a retrograde Mercury...

You can use a Mercury retrograde period to plans and strategy Use it for finishing things you started before Mercury went retrograde.

Utilize this period to assign priority to what's important.

It's frequently counseled to calculate pros and cons before investing in ideas, not to commit verbally to anything important, business arrangements, to be selective of the information transmitted and not to acquire contracts.

One should examine, observe and consider for the things that are laid out in front of you may not be as needed as one thinks. It's a time to review all the things learned so far, to be able to decide on the next course.

It is a time of reexamining our sentiments and emotions.
You should hold off until Mercury goes direct again in the cases of; signing a certificate of matrimony, beginning or taking a job, filing papers to sue someone.

It is also a bad time for purchasing, leasing, or renting a vehicle. Lastly it is really not a good time to go through a surgical procedure.

Once Mercury goes direct, things will move quickly and perfectly.


*Authors Note*

What I have come to understand in my experience of Mercury's retrograde...

Most people cringe whenever Mercury is in retrograde, I did too.

Mercury retrograde has come to be connected with a broad range of dismaying things.

Things like:

Buying something that ends up not working right or buying something that you don't like when you bring it home.

Trouble with electrical appliances

Traffic mishaps

Misplaced documents

Banking mistakes

Returned or undelivered mail

Misinterpreted communications

Dropped engagements

Internet outages

Computer failure

All the things astrologists warn of during a Mercury retrograde period.

Put differently, astrologist’s forecasts say that in Mercury retrogrades, daily matters get all mixed up.

In my opinion they shouldn't do this. In spite of the legendary myth of Mercury  retrograde being such a bad time for us. I have started to question the usual warnings; I am of two minds about this retrograde.

I've noticed that business enterprise doesn't stop round the world or go any more awry than normal, my computer doesn't go haywire; planes don't crash 3 times a yr. every day for 3 weeks.

 I've bought electronics and was happy with them. People have probably signed contracts with no problems too. I am not too sure about these warnings that we get about Mercury retrogrades.

What I think should be said is what the symbolic representation of a retrograde says.


In the case of Mercury:

Maybe we should think about the way Mercury slowly goes back over what it influenced the previous three weeks, maybe, retooling and refining.

If anything should get mixed up - it would be the things done in the previous 3 weeks before Mercury went retrograde. Yet, this doesn't happen so often that we need to freak out.

We shouldn't imagine horrible things are in the offing when each and every Mercury retrograde comes.

There is a certain disadvantage giving too much care to this sort of thing.  I think the more you believe in bad things happening in a Mercury retrograde period, the more it will come to pass, a self-fulfilling prophesy...

The only things we  who aren't born under Mercury should concern ourselves with is just being sure to go over things that have to do with communicating ideas.

Go over papers before we sign them.  Make sure we have researched electronics we need to buy and resist whims, and just be sensible as we should be on all days.

When Mercury is retrograde, it has a heavy impression on people whose signs are ruled by Mercury, like Virgo.

These people should be a bit more careful with things governed by

If you're not reckless with what you do in this time, you ought not have bad consequences during this time period.

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