How does Uranus Astrology Planet Show Up in Your Life?

Hershel Williams Uranus astrology

Caroline Herschel Taking Notes as Her Brother William Observes on March 13, 1781, the Night William Discovered Uranus.

Uranus astrology planet is 7th from the Sun and has a bluish green color.

Uranus has an intriguing trait; its axis is angled at 98 degrees, so it spins around on an incline.

Other than Venus, Uranus spins around differently than any other planet.  This planet spins clockwise, whereas other planets move around in a counterclockwise direction.

The strange rotary motion of Uranus may explain the surprising characteristics it holds in astrology.

Have you ever had something happen all of a sudden for no apparent reason at all? That’s Uranus working in your life.

Uranus Uranus astrology planet, is viewed as the "higher level" of Mercury. While Mercury depicts the conventional intellectual thinking process; feeling, hearing, seeing, interpreting, composing, and verbalizing.

Uranus will go to a higher grade, applying perception reaped from discernment earned from experience.

Uranus is the element of surprise in your life. Modern, imagination, and empirical, Uranus is intended to impart creativeness and even brilliance to whatever it affects.

Uranus is given credit for that "eureka" moment that creates something new be it in science or art.

This planet dissolves conventional modes of thinking, producing revolutionary shifts, superseding what "was" with something fresher and more improved.

Notwithstanding its unconventional attributes, Uranus is technical, non-subjective, intellectual, and restrained, always on a quest for facts.

Uranus is the shocker Planet, the awakener, the revolutionary. Uranus is the Planet of the future.

Uranus is futuristic, and techno, anything that falls into these subjects are of Uranus.

Uranus guides the visionaries among us.

Social change and social benefits originate from Uranus. Uranus points to a substantial urge to rebel against, take independence from, and even to stun others.

Uranus is to be strange and curious, to arouse, to animate, to become unpredictable and to emancipate.

Uranus is headstrong, integral, ingenious, visceral, peculiar, investigative, cerebral in its charm and non-conventional.

Uranus Astrology, How Does it Work?

In some ways Uranus' mightiness is similar to Mars' might, the difference is that Uranus is a more deep-rooted and unconscious in your character, therefore its revelation doesn't come all at once, and it comes throughout your lifespan.

Uranus astrology Planet starts what are known as the 3 modern Planets. The names of the other two are; Neptune and Pluto.

There is something the 3 modern planets have in common, they are not only personal to your life, you will also share big picture meanings with your own generation.

These 3 Planets travel the farthest from the sun and travel slowly, (hence the generational influence).

These Planets spend a large quantity of time in each zodiac sign. Uranus stays 7 years, Neptune spends 14 years, and Pluto stays between 13-32 years in one sign.

What does Uranus govern?

Uranus governs computing devices and all things digital, telecasting, telecoms, the cyberspace, aerospace and broadcast mediums.

Uranus is said to govern youthfulness and Saturn governs old age.

Other things Uranus astrology planet covers:



Sudden events

Sudden opportunities

Advanced science


Electrical energy



All things modern



Inner will

Hidden power

The Effect of Uranus in Your Chart is...

Make a note to find out where Uranus stands in your birth chart, so you can have an idea of your own creativity and ability to express yourself.

The position of Uranus in your chart will show if you’re inventive, offbeat or into odd ideas.

If Uranus is prominent in your birth chart your likely to be independent and ingenious.

You’ll dress in your own style.

People may comment on how they like you're "out-there" point of view.

You may also have psychic abilities.

Uranus delegates what your genius is, where you'll meet with strange luck, is it at work? Travel? In relationships? Uranus will tell you.

People strongly influenced by Uranus influence in their charts are innovators, reformists and ground breakers.

On the minus side:

Uranus inclines a person to eccentric behavior, disorderly conduct, foolish actions, and perversion. All this could brand a person hard to get along with because they become abrupt, rebellious, and have mood swings.

Having said all of the above there is a special not on Uranus:

When a person arrives at age 42, the half cycle point of Uranus, contingent on the acceleration of Uranus's orbit in a person’s chart), a person goes through an key life crisis.

Actually, this can start as early as 38yrs old. As a matter of fact, what is happening is that Uranus contradicts the place it adopted in the natal chart at birth.

This is what today we call "the midlife crisis". The ancient astrologers said that this crisis will occur in everyone's chart in the years noted and that this "crisis" aids in elucidating our goals and fortify our intention and autonomy.

Uranus's glyph is a cross sitting on top of a circle and two half curves on either end of the cross.

The cross is substance, and on either side are crescents, which stand for the spirit and openness.

Uranus remains in a sign for 7 years and takes 84 years to travel through the zodiac. Uranus governs Aquarius.

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