Discover What Moon Astrology Has to Do with Zodiac Signs

In Moon astrology, the Moon interprets your shadow side as opposed to the Sun that shows things in the open light.

After the Sun, the moon is another significant part of a horoscope. The Moon is the channel through which the light of the Sun is sharpened.

The moon is said to show the genuine character a person, the deep down. This is the one we see when we know a person considerably well.

Since it is a celestial body we primarily see at night, the ancients charged the moon with our "inner-selves", subconscious; like our dreams and secret emotions.

The moon also governs our instinctive knowing and actions, as well as our patterns of behavior.

The Moon reflects the light; this suggests that we too can be shaped by the feelings of others.

moon astrology

Your astrological moon sign plays a great part in Astrology and its wondrous qualities.

Your astrological Moon sign tells of your backbone, your impulse and resourcefulness. The Moon for the most part regulates our feelings.

The moon is the holder of memories.

The moon also has an impact on originality, just like the sun does.

 The moon tells if we are easily impressed or influenced.
The Moon also focuses our resourcefulness through its potent connection to our subconscious mind.

How does Moon Astrology Work?

The impact of your astrological moon sign merits further examination. The Moon is the quickest moving planet, it switches zodiac signs every 2 and a half days.

Because of this, it's connected with personal modification and wanting new experiences. The astrological moon signs have the same names as the astrology signs nevertheless, they don't often co-occur.

The 12 signs of the Moon cycle around every month instead of every year.

The 12 zodiac signs take place again in the same sign name, but under the Moon every month. Each moon sign has three phases: ascending, true, and descending.

When the Sun and Moon are united in the same zodiac sign, your mind is at its most lucid. When the sign of the Moon is in the polar sign or (opposite) of your sun sign, conflict happens.

What are the Effects of your Astrological Moon Sign?

Some moon phases are damaging to your decisiveness, irrespective of the sun sign you have. At any rate, the Moon influences astrology on the whole.

The location and phase of the Moon directs the energies of the other facets of Astrology including Sun signs and planetary motions.

The leverage the Moon has can drive certain aspects of your existence in a different way than it otherwise would be.

When we learn about the affect of the Moon Planet signs we can use this information to our advantage.

Your astrological moon sign has an effect on the total portrait of your astrological chart.

Each moon sign shapes our feelings differently depending on your zodiac sign and natural born inclinations.

In a birth chart, the moon stands for our vision and sensitive side, our impulse to nurture, maternal instincts, fertility, pregnancy, delivery, and raising children. For the man it denotes his significant other will be able to bear and take care of children.

The Moon governs the state of our household and particularly disclosing our connection with our mothers.

As the person grows up, the moon then hints about romantic relationships. In a chart, the moon discloses what is required to feel secure.

In a man's chart it hints at a steady girlfriend or marriage. The moon gives an indication of what a person’s parenting manner will be and the relationship with their own children.

To be sure, the moon rules the important women in a man’s chart, or key females in anyone’s horoscope.

The Moon's glyph is the crescent, chosen by the ancients to show a person's soul, complementing the sun’s depiction of spirit or outward expression of personality, the moon shows unforced response.

The Moon rules Cancer the Crab the Crab.


The sign of the Zodiac which the Moon is passing at the moment and the general emotional background associated with it.

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