Planet Signs are a Part of an Astrological Chart

The Sun

All the planets are represented in your chart. Of all planet signs the Sun is one of the most potent.  The Sun is a planet of such strength,  in a birth chart, it stands for ability, creative thinking, and the capacity to lead others.

When Astrology began, humankind thought the planets circled round the Earth.

Nevertheless, astrologers chose to give the Sun a fundamental function, with its bright illumination- a central factor in an astrological chart.

When it comes to the planet signs, The Sun is the first celestial body an astrologist will check.  The Sun exposes fascinating hints as to where one will show their best self in life.

Your Sun sign is linked to the course the Sun took when you were born. Of course, the Sun changes Signs every month.

planet signs the sun

When it comes to planet signs in a horoscope chart, the Sun tells of ones character, feelings/emotions,  natural endowments, and personal identity.  It's what we present to the world, what others know of us.

When it comes to planet signs, the Sun depicts our ability to be  naturally self- sufficient. 

The Sun is the get-up-and-go energy of living, it’s central to accomplishment, it activates confidence.

What are the effects?

The Sun is ordinarily connected with your purpose and persona. The Sun also shows our disposition and mindset on life, our self-assurance and our sense of self-respect.

The Sun addresses your inclinations. The Sun also conducts the directions you go in your life. In addition, the Sun deals with your intentions, resolve, honor and self-assurance.

Hints about an individual’s aspirations are gained by determining where the Sun fits in an astrological chart and how this pertains to other planets.

E.g. if your Sun is in the 10th House, which is the house of popularity and accolades, your career would be important to you in your life.  Your sense of worth would be connected to what you achieve in your work.

The reverse happens if let's say your Natal sign falls in the 4th House,  the main stay of house and household, you would prefer that your life-style and the familial needs far outweigh the accolades of professional pursuits.

The Sun outlines general propensities in an individual.

These commonly known tendencies are so universal they have developed into a type of cliché. You know them, you’ve heard them. Here are some of the ones I have heard:

Libras are wishy-washy.

Pisces are way too emotional.

How about; Gemini's are two faced and Taurus is bull-headed.

Ha, you see?

The Good and The Bad...

The Sun is linked with the id (our basic drives). Once impaired it can indicate a pompous, hoity-toity type person.

As well as a person who's vigilantly suspicious while being obsessively conceited.

The Sun at its best place exemplifies the potentiality of the super ego to command the lower id, and the mastery of the divine spark that produces innovation.

When a person has a well-placed Sun; love, trust, respect and the loftiest principles of the soul are expressed through the person.

Now we understand that the Sun is only the start of planets signs. The sun signs are just the broad strokes, if you will.An astrological interpretation, of a horoscope or natal chart will take the Moon and the rest of the Planets into consideration.

Other attributes unveiled by the Natal or Sun sign are; self-possession, purpose, intensity, liveliness in the confrontation of hardship, and deftness in seizing ones goals.

The location of the Sun in a birth chart points to power; the want of power and dominance, power struggles with people, and whether one earns the esteem or respect of others.

In the Sun you will also see if you or another is observant, mischievous, and original in thoughts, able to be satisfied or joyous, as well as energy, bounce back and endurance.

And lastly, the Sun also rules the male parent, the husband, or sweetheart in a woman's astrological chart; or even an important male figure in one's life.

The Sun's glyph is a circle; it means to signify inexhaustible possibilities brought to a focus symbolized by the dot in the middle.

Leo the Lion is ruled by the Sun.


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