Leo Birthday Rising Sign Table

People with a Leo birthday will find their rising signs here. Look for the date you were born. To the right of that column, check for the nearest hour/minute to the time you were born that is before your birth time not after it.

The astrology sign recorded in the box next to it is your rising sign.

Author's Note***
Other tables say I have a different rising sign? What's up with that? Well, I will attempt to explain that.***

Some may find that the estimated rising signs on the table differ from what they know their sign to be, there may be reasons for that, too.

You have read on our pages that each sign takes up 30 degrees of the zodiac circle. Also, the Earth's angle makes it so the signs don't rise up at the same measurement of time in hours or minutes.

So this means that we have faster and slower rising signs. If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere your sign will claim a (fast = short ascension).

If you were born in the Northern Hemisphere your rising sign will take a(slow=long ascension).

The tables here will take care of any year, the year is not used to calculate rising signs.You should try your best to use a true calculated birth time, if you don't have that an estimated birth time is better than none.

Some Leos may not know the place or the time they were born, a good rectification chart would help. This is when an Ascendant is ascertained by the astrologer, who follows the events in your life.


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