Inclinations of Leo Rising

If you have Leo rising, you're thoughtful, communicative, gracious and generous.

You believe you shouldn't lower yourself to nitpicking, involve yourself in triviality, or be mean-spirited; they are all below you.

It's hard for you to believe that others can be unkind when you are so magnanimous.

You are very appealing to other people; you seem like the life of the party. You are also very funny.

With Leo rising, you see the sunny side of life. You are also a high achiever and self-assured. You will find a great deal of chances to qualify, demonstrate and stick up for yourself.

YOUR MOTTO: Express yourself

Nevertheless, remember as you "express yourself" that, you will find just as many people who look up to you for it, as people who are just haters.

Some people may remark that the first impression you give is - too much, when you hear this you shouldn't underrate the comment or overlook it.

It means that either you are winning them over and that is good, or they find you dictatorial and reeking of pretense.

Don't put too much stock in people who seem to be kissing up to you. You tend to put a lot of stock in what people think of you.

I know you need feedback, because it feeds into your self-worth, but keep in mind that butt kissers are just that- butt kissers, don't let it go to your head.

On the other hand, if you go too long without getting your ego stroked, you may develop a dread of losing.

This fear may present itself as you not living up to your potential. Or it may show in you becoming bitter against the world around you, because you won't see how special you truly are.

So on principle, you do need a certain amount of good feedback and kudos because it helps you to have the cojones to keep reaching for the stars.

You enjoy presentations that scream luxury. When you decorate your home, it's with plush furniture with stately accessories, think; Jessica McClintock (romantic elegance), Vera Wang (clean elegance).

You like designers like: Prada, Diane von Furstenberg, Tom Ford, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren for the kids.

For the ones that can't afford such luxuries, you still find the taste and style in other ways, you find luxe for a bargain and no one would ever know you didn't pay retail.

Money or not, you can still throw a dashingly elegant dinner party.

To less showy people, you may seem pretentious and excessive, but your flashy presentations aren't to show off.

You see things on a big scale and you want the best you can get for your money. Don't worry about detractors, when you think big, big things come.

In any project, you expect to be the leader; you like being the leader. When other people don't see that you’re the one to lead, you become prideful and moody.

Your rising sign is the sign of self-respect and personal worth and you have both of these qualities in spades.

You may be a Leo rising, who deals with self doubt by, needing to progress, dominate and direct people. I find this Leo type  courageous.

Some people who doubt themselves never even try, you on the other hand, give all that you've got; that’s the Lion in you.

You are the king; you need your advisers. This is where you go with your doubts when they show up. Find someone you can share with: an ally, a mate or a counselor.

With Leo rising, you will always seem as if you were born under a lucky star, you are lucky with money, careers, and friends.

You don't work as hard as Taurus or Virgo or Capricorn for that matter; you have most of your achievements come to you through who you know.

You have the chance of ending up famous and/or rich, if those things are what you want.

Many Leos end up with some sort of inheritance when they are older.

Whatever happens, you won't only have the measly social security checks to live on when you are old.

You would make a great motivational coach, you know how to organize a group of people and point them in the direction of success.

You are self-assured and you have the utmost trust in yourself; you can teach others to become more like that.

Leo Rising Physical Build and Face

A note about looks: these characteristics are general. Your physical characteristics may be different because of any First House Planets or Mars' placement.

Leo rising people may have a bedazzling smile with perfect teeth, attractively formed heads, a statuesque or elegant physical structure and full or lush hair that shines.

Find out more about Leo looks.

Leo Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

Look to Uranus, the zodiac sign and House to find out more about your relationships, lovers and friends.

You will find out how to better connect and you will learn how to accomplish detachment without being uninvolved.

The Sun, House and zodiac sign will depict the likeliest fields and areas that you’ll encounter the admiration you desire and feel the fulfillment you need.

The Sun governs Leo; the sun is very important in your chart.

The Sun adds unselfishness, creativity, force, exuberance, bravery, passion and affection.

The Sun also promotes cliquishness, superiority, egotism, disdain, vanity, boastfulness and ostentation.

You should try to be a perpetual ray of light because the Sun is the ruler of your rising sign, be like the sun.

You may learn to do this by listening to your heart and starting from there. Be generous to others. Be proud of others not just yourself. If someone needs encouragement, be there.

This will win you the best of the respect you are after.

When you have Leo rising, you have the sign of Aquarius as your opposite. We call this Aquarius Setting because Aquarius was setting as Leo was rising.

I note Aquarius Setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. Therefore, Aquarius setting tells you that most of your relationships will be peculiar or precarious.

Most your partners will want you to give them a long rope of independence, they will want you to be a little more detached than you would like.

This isn't all bad because it will give more of a balance to the way you handle your relationships.


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