Taurus Rising Disposition

As a Taurus rising, you have a quiet way about you. You have a charming manner. Sexual pleasures have a significant value to you.

Your sign has something that I thoroughly admire, patience. You end up with a lot of successes because you are driven to see each project to its end.

You never force your views on others, but after you have considered something and made up your mind, no one can push his or her opinion on you either.

Your beliefs are strong and your mind is stubborn.

Speaking of stubborn, most people at first meeting have no idea how obstinate you can really be.

If they were to pay attention, they could study the hints:

*You eat the same thing most mornings.
*You like to wear a certain color.
*You may buy the same cologne, perfume or personal hygiene products each and every time.

You may find that you have an undue reputation for being lazy, this happens with people who don't have one iota of how hard you work everyday.

People see you enjoying the fruits of your labor or relaxing at home, but don't understand how many hours you have put in to afford these things.

A stable life is very crucial to you, you don't gamble on things that would mess with that.

Life's Soundtrack and Beauty for the Eyes

Music and visual artworks are two things that you highly enjoy. You are one of those people that have a soundtrack to their lives. You hear certain song and it brings you right back to...

If someone were to look at your CD/mp3 collection, he or she could probably learn a lot about you. At every stage in your life, there is probably a song.

You may have an artistic bent no matter what your profession is.

Taurus rising people have a talent for writing, making homes look nice, or making music. Some of you are lucky to have a profession in the arts.

You have a very good understanding for everything that has to do with designing; lines, shapes, style and colors. You are good at putting things together in a way that ends up looking very stylish.

You like to look at beautiful and sexy people indeed, nature has been very kind to you too.

Even if you are average looking, you are sure to have a sexy way about you. It is most likely though that being a Taurus rising you are gorgeous.

Risk What you Value

As a Taurus rising, you like being in nature it relaxes you and you like to be at work because it brings another thing that you like, money.

At some point in life, you have to decide what is more important, enjoying life or making more money? Something has to give, even a little.

Here is a prime example of how the status of the world affects you.

You love the earth, maybe it's because of you’re an Earth sign. The current "green" movement appeals to you. You believe that we do things that affect the Earth, yet those same things are very convenient to you.

You would like to go green completely, but how many hours of work would you have to work to bring in the type of money you would need to remodel your house environmentally? That is your question.

The most enlightening thing that you will ever go through in life will be when you are faced with becoming a sell out. Some Taureans sell out and some don't, either way it's an important decision.

Where will you encounter this decision? Either in a relationship or a career or both.

On a career level:

You may have to decide to leave a job you love for one you can't stand although you have the skills to do it, all for a bigger paycheck.

On a romance level:

You may not continue to date someone you like and have chemistry with because he or she is not ambitious enough nor will they ever make enough money.

You may find someone you like just enough and you have no passion for. However, you really love their ambition, lifestyle and finances; to you they are just good on paper.

You can't help it, just by being a Taurus you will face these sell out don't sell out questions many times in your life.

YOUR MOTTO: Time is Money

Living your life with money on your mind, and your mind on your money is expensive for your soul. At the end of the day, you have nothing left for your spirit.

I know that in the end you want to be able to afford a beautiful home, a beautiful car and a beautiful bank account all for your beautiful family. However, what does all this cost you?

Time. Time to enjoy the people in that family. Time to enjoy the friends that would come to the house to relax and be with you. Time to relax alone in nature thinking on the true meaning of all things.

If you keep your mind on making money and you don't find a way to divide your time equally, you end up having all the material things that you could ever want, but your life will not be a happy one.

Some things are not equal you have to choose. Least of all give up a little money to relax in nature and recharge.


Taurus is the zodiac sign of money and possessions, both are highly significant to you.

You dwell on your financial security:

Will you be homeless? Starving? Old and dependent on social security's measly payments? What will you do about the mortgage if you lose your job?

Out of all the other Signs except for Capricorn you should not worry about such things. You probably have an emergency fund to cover your emergency fund. You have stocks, bonds and mutual funds in addition to your 401 k.

If you are in your 20's you are probably worried because you are just starting out, but not to worry, Taureans tend to amass a lot of wealth as they age in years.

Speaking of amassing wealth, you also accumulate material possessions, that's the good thing.

The bad thing is that you are jealous with your things. You have to realize that things get used to the point of breaking. Things are lost or stolen.

Taurus Rising Body Image

A note about physical aspects: these attributes may not pertain to you because of the First House Planets or Mars' position.

Your looks fall into one of 2 distinguishing categories:
A stout body with a short thickset neck. A mop of curls on your head.

The other has more delicate facial features with full lips.

Even with average looks, you still have something about you that oozes sexy to the opposite sex.

Read more about looks.

In either of the Taurus rising types, you may have great eyes and un-blemished skin. Getting older brings on extra pounds.

Find out a little more on Taurus/Taurus rising looks.

Taurus Rising : Planets and Zodiac Signs that Matter

Venus governs Taurus and it's very strong in your chart.

Venus imparts beauty, sociability, pleasure, artistry, attraction and grace. Venus also promotes vanity, excess, glibness and possessiveness.

The planet Pluto, zodiac sign and House tells more regarding your relationships, lovers and friends and it will tell you how you can connect on a deeper level.

When you have Taurus rising you have the sign of Scorpio as your opposite. We call this Scorpio Setting because Scorpio was setting as Taurus was rising.

I note Scorpio Setting to you because, the setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Therefore, Scorpio Setting tells you that the relationships you attract when it comes to lovers and friends are there to teach you about what kind of people you want around you and who to let go.

Another thing to know is that Scorpio is the sign of death, some relationships will die and some will rise from the ashes of destruction and become something different. No matter what, relationships are very intense for you.


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