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Leo sign with Aries rising

Leo/Aries rising is in a natural melding here. If this person thinks things through before acting they will have great success in life.

If they go to extremes and follow every whim they may contend with many a trouble. This person is exuberant, outgoing and positive.

Leo as the sun sign endows them with purpose and tenacity, these help to dull some of that Aries capriciousness and impatience.

A Leo sign person has many aspirations, this will be heightened and supported by the Aries rising sign, making Leo successful.

This person is noble-minded. They show themselves to be examples of wisdom and ethics.

This person likes to have fun. They like to do things that gives them pleasure, and then do them again. This person is highly sexed.

In all things they find delightful, a Leo/Aries rising needs to exercise discernment and caution. These situations are the ones where they get into the most trouble, moderation is key.

This means:

No mixing business with pleasure.

No going out all night partying then sleeping late into the morning.

No cheating on your lover.

No drugging, over eating, smoking and drinking to relieve stress.

No illicit business dealings.

Everything has it's time. Leo/Aries shouldn't let anything come between they're work and responsibilities.

Leo/Aries has to remember that they're wise and ethical. If Leo/Aries channels their energies in the right ways, they'll have luck.

If Leo/Aries goes with what feels good at the moment, they'll experience reversals of progress and turmoil in relationships.

Leo sign with Taurus rising

A Leo/ Taurus rising combination isn't great. This combination brings out some of the negative features of both signs, namely, stinginess and conceit.

The emotions will not be easily expressed no matter how much the Leo/Taurus deeply loves another.

Taurus rising will add an extra layer of self-respect to Leo as well as a stronger need to be in charge.

Not only will this Leo sign be ambitious, but Taurus rising will give them purpose. Taurus rising makes this Leo sign hard-headed, and they may need to control that.

Leo sign with Gemini rising

When people meet you for the first time you seem more open minded than you may actually be. If you have good looks you will use it to charm other people, but you will stay mentally aloof.

You don't have a problem going up and introducing yourself to men or women, whereas other Leos wait for a person to come to them first.

Leo/Gemini rising combines the elements of Fire and Air. This produces a person who is ambitious, exuberant, intelligent and impressive.

You prove to be an asset to those you love and care about. You would make a great teacher.

Leo as your Sun sign is potent enough to keep the fickle trait of Gemini at bay and Leo keeps you focused.

Leo sign with Cancer rising

A Leo/Cancer rising needs to be front and center.

It won't be so easy to see this at first meeting. If you really observe a Leo/Cancer, their need to be liked will be apparent.

Leo/Cancer rising is quick witted, imaginative, empathetic and perceptive. Leo/Cancer rising can become fixated on things.

Leo/Cancer is open minded... when they agree with you . They are highly adaptable and they know how to keep their cool.

Leo/Cancer rising shouldn't gamble on hunches, especially with their money, they lose more than they win.

Leo/Cancer shouldn't mull over decisions for too long. When making decisions Leo/Cancer should go with their head rather than their heart.

Leo/Cancer rising has to take care when handling finances, they need to think of the long-run instead of instant gratification.

If the Moon/Cancer is well placed or in a good position, Leo/Cancer rising will do well in enterprise. If the aspects aren't good, they may spend more than they take in.

Leo sign with Leo rising

This is a double Leo, no facade there. They do the same thing whether they're with others they know or don't know.

Leo is governed by the Sun, they're strong and they have a strong personal magnetism.

With a Leo/Leo you get double the fun-lover, double the liveliness and a person who is absolutely impossible to brush off.

In a group of people you can easily pick out a Leo sign and a Leo sign loves to be seen. Leo sign requires deference.

Leos are full of life and they're loving. However, you shouldn't mistake yourself and take them for chumps.

Leos usually have something that catches your eye; a nice forehead or a prominent one. Long, lush, or thick hair that reminds you of a lions mane, or nicely groomed facial hair.

A Leo either intimidates others or they excite them.

There is one thing about a Leo sign that Leo hides from everyone; Leos have a need to out-do everyone. Leo is afraid of being called fake.

Once Leo knows that you consider them the real deal, there is nothing else that makes them afraid of relating to you if they want.

If Leo doesn't care to involve themselves with someone, that person's words will never hurt them; call them a snob all day and tell them they're vain and egotistical and Leo won't care.

If Leo considers someone a friend they never want to hear that they're conceited and narcissistic, it hurts them because with friends Leo is loyal, jovial and amusing.

Leos like to take on different persona’s, life is a stage. Leos don't like boring people who take themselves too seriously.

Leo sign with Virgo rising

Leo/Virgo rising is not the most comfortable combination.

The Leo/Virgo pairing brings about a person who enjoys being in charge and "helping" by telling you what to do in the "proper' way. He or She is a proud (Leo) know it all (Virgo).

If you want to get something out of the Leo/Virgo , be "Dumb like a fox".

Leo/Virgo's like to give speeches about what they know better than you; to get what you want, just pacify that need, even if you already know better than them.

It wouldn't be far fetched to find a Leo/Virgo proofreading your work completely forgetting that you have a Degree in English. Just smile and think of all the nice privileges this tedious appeasement will get you.

Even with a Virgo rising there will be something Leo about this person.

Leo is a strong zodiac sign, rarely overpowered by another zodiac sign. This Leo will still be Leo the Lion, Virgo rising only makes this Leo less showy and less intimidating with new people.

A Leo/Virgo rising will not be with someone who tries to tie them up or down. Leo loves his or her freedom and Virgo is one of the bachelor Signs, the other is Sagittarius.

Impetuosity is a big part of Leo. While Leo will still retain their enterprising, vitality and ambitious aims, Virgo rising also makes them critical.

Since Leo is impulsive and impatient, when mixed with Virgo rising, this Leo isn't above critiquing people who lack the ability to do things in the correct manner.

Leo/Virgo mix brings about a person who is petulant and moody, bringing trouble to their relationships with partners, friends and co-workers.

The Leo pride will be heightened here, Leo should take control of this so that they don't become conceited in romantic situations or arrogant in general.

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