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Leo sign with Libra rising

Leo/Libra rising is a favorable combination.

The Leo sign energy goes well with the Libra energy. Leo as a Sun sign is forceful enough to void the Libra inclination to go along to get along.

Leo/Libra rising get's excited about something, starts doing it and leaves it unfinished.

Why? Oh because; it's not going well, it's not going fast enough, or he/she changed his/her mind.

Libra Sun signs aren't quick to make decisions or stick with them; Leo Sun signs are impulsive but decisive.

Interestingly, when you pair Libra rising with the Leo sign, you get a person who is decisive, but discerning, especially in choosing romantic partners.

A Leo/Libra will always aim to please.

A Libra is a genteel person. If you are trying to decide on dating a Leo/Libra rising, know that they will be especially amenable to sharing themselves with you and making you happy.

One warning; Leo/Libra is sensitive to critical words, so much so, you will literally see them flinch.

Try not to intentionally hurt them with harsh words or deeds. A Leo/Libra's thoughtfulness and love is never ending and it's over-flowing.

She or He is endlessly considerate with everyone, but especially with her/his amour.

A Love affair with a Leo/Libra is "Is smooth, like butt-ah".

A Leo/Libra will definitely impress you.

A Leo/Libra rising is a "make you melt like chocolate" romantic.

Your love affair will be polished, so smooth it almost seems scripted.

A Leo/Libra is a natural at affection and generosity.

Leo sign with Scorpio rising

Leo is charming on his/her own, but mix in Scorpio and they become a Chick or Man magnet.

If you are involved with a Leo/Scorpio, they may believe that between the two of you, they're the Star or the Diva and you aren't.

They're in charge and you aren't. Even, if you don't agree, when it comes to things you can take or leave, humour them; in other words, choose your battles.

Both Leo and Scorpio have power. Leo and Scorpio also like to use that force to control people and things.

Scorpio gives Leo a seriousness that other Leos won't have. This person likes to be in control and is serious about that. This one could use some toning down.

Scorpios like their privacy; Leos like to show off.

This combo gives you a "Look at me, yes please do," One minute and a "What are you looking at?", the next.

Combing their Leo sign with a Scorpio rising makes this person extra passionate, extra aggressive and extra self-confident; all that wrapped with a ribbon of impatience.

This Leo/Scorpio rising likes to take immediate action.

A Leo/Scorpio will get the most trouble from their penchant to manipulate others; though they may deny said, manipulation.

Leo/Scorpio will have problems when they are closed-minded and exacting with others.

With a Leo/Scorpio rising, issues are either black or white, yes or no... There can be no; ifs and(s), but(s) or grey- in between(s).

Leo/Scorpio rising is so forceful in seeking the truth that they seem to go to extremes. It's not what they mean to do at all, they just want the truth and no coloring of the truth.

So, take this as a warning, if you betray a Leo/Scorpio be careful, they will come after you with all they've got.

A Leo/Scorpio rising will need to be prudent when selecting a lover/romantic partner, if not, troubles won't be far along.

Scorpio rising will accentuate Leo's audacity and need to be in charge. This Leo won't be intimidated and won't abide any person or situation that tries to obstruct and control them.

If Leo/Scorpio becomes disdainful with others or acts conceited because of their place of leadership, they may find the support (that got them there), suddenly turns on them.

Leo sign with Sagittarius rising

The combination of Leo sign with Sagittarius is favorable. This is a mixture of Fire and Fire, aspects are in Trine.

Leo/Sagittarius rising is a complete mixture of a giver who is also an optimist.

Leo and Sagittarius are passionate and exuberant.

You can't repress them; they're personalities don't adapt to yours, you have to align with them.

Leo/Sagittarius suffers from delusions of grandeur.

Suffice it to say, that Leos and Sagittarians aren't trivial nor do they have little personalities.

They can't even comprehend the concept of staying within limits.

As for the concept of circumspection or precaution a Leo/Sagittarius rising doesn't understand this either.

Leo/Sagittarius rising relies on their sense of self-respect and idealistic perfections.

Leo/ Sagittarius rising is always moving from one intellectual or physical adventure to another.

A Leo/Sagittarius rising can become self-indulgent (Leo) and on a hunch (Sagittarius) go after things without examining if it's a good thing to do or a bad thing to do.

Being this way invites let downs and reversals.

Troubles come to a Leo/Sagittarius rising when they act flighty, petulant and self-indulgent.

If they allow these personality traits to rule them, they will be unhappy and will make others unhappy too.

Leo/Sagittarius should be able to accomplish whatever they want.

They may become distinguished in their chosen career as long as they're smart about it.

Leo/Sagittarius may be a gambler or disposed to taking chances.

If Jupiter is in a good placement they don't have to worry about losing.

Leo/Sagittarius loves fervently and they fall in love rapidly, they want the equivalent returned.

Not everyone Leo/Sagittarius decides to love will feel the same or as strongly as they do.

Leo/Sagittarius has to be careful choosing the person to give their love to.

Leo sign with Capricorn Rising

Leo's think that pomp and circumstance is great, while Capricorn is disgusted by pretentiousness.

You would make a Leo/Capricorn Lady or Gentleman happy with you, if you got them a gift from a high end store with a high end cost.

Leo always dresses in a stately manner and Capricorn wishes to be thought of as intelligent in all matters.

Leo and Capricorn have the same sense of duty and the same patrician view of the humanity.

This makes these values even stronger in Leo/Capricorn.

They both see a common value in being in a high position. Leo/Capricorn will feel even stronger about this.

They both like to be respected. Leo/Capricorn will place respect as one of their top ways to be treated.

Make them aware of your respect for them by asking their input on style and fashion or asking for advice on business and finance.

Ask them for advice, you don't always have to take it, asking is enough.

Leos and Capricorns perpetually endeavor to reach higher heights and to never let others down.

Leo and Capricorn are often chided for being too rigid and too ambitious for power; yes, aspiration is a good thing, but it can be a double-edged sword.

Naturally, Leos and Capricorns are at odds, they aren't alike except for what I have mentioned already.

Leo/Capricorn rising seems to be a loner and often people mistakenly think they are unfriendly.

Leo/Capricorn rising has the qualities of temperance and disengagement.

However, when you get to know them you will find them to be gallant or courteous and full of warmth.

Since the Sun sign is Leo, they can't help but be generous and affectionate.

If Planet Saturn is in the first degrees of Leo in the birth-chart and Capricorn rising is found to be in the last degrees in the birth-chart, inner struggles will be accentuated.

The fact is, Capricorn rising will be in direct opposition to it's native ruler Saturn.

Although this person is born a Leo, their life will be influenced by Saturn.

Postponements, defeats, vexations and other interferences will be common occurrences.

Leo/Capricorn will also have Saturn's beneficial influences of; focus, tenacity and the fortitude to contend with those disturbances.

Leo/Capricorn has the assistance of Leo's durability that will make them confident and strong enough to take the lead and handle obligations.

Leo/Capricorn finds it easy to become friends with people of power and those people become helpful allies to Leo/Capricorn.

Leo sign with Aquarius rising

While Leo's like to be the best; Aquarians would like to be considered unique.

Aquarius is cerebral while Leo is animated.

Leo/Aquarius rising is dedicated, collected and resolute.

A Leo/Aquarius personality at different times is a mixture of profoundness, ease, coolness, relentlessness, wrath, brilliance and romantic ardor.

A Leo born person no matter what rising sign will receive elevation from people in high places all through life.

Leo/Aquarians can be pretty amusing to be with.

More restrained astrology signs like Capricorn would see Leo/Aquarius as way too showy.

Others may consider Leo/Aquarians to be a little bizarre.

Occasionally, Leo/Aquarius' conduct can be horrific, and it can be like a car crash that you don't want to see, but can't help watching.

Leo/Aquarians have a lot of thoughts or ideas and they follow through on them.

Some of these ideas may be quirky or weird. When you hear them, try and dissuade Leo/Aquarius from taking action, but do it in a sly manner.

A Leo/Aquarius rising can be unbending and covetous of their singularity and humanist opinions, regardless of how fallible those opinions may be.

A Leo/Aquarius rising is concerned with what is happening with the world.

Leo/Aquarius has a disposition well suited to running a commercial enterprise or managing a business for someone else.

Leo/Aquarius rising is proud to show their close friends and family their exuberant love for them.

A Leo/Aquarius rising doesn't adjust to things easily and they can be inflexible in their views. These two traits are a plus when you're in a relationship with them.

This is why...

Barring any bad love Aspects in the person's birth-chart, a Leo/Aquarius rising once committed to you with their heart, will find it hard to cheat on you or leave you.

It takes to much to change their minds about anything. No play thing or Hot hunk is going to turn their head and make them drop their pants easily. You don't need a piece of paper or a ring with this one.

Leo/Aquarius needs to find the equilibrium between wanting a full life with a partner that they love and wanting to be free on their own with no entanglements, so they may focus on doing good for the world.

The main perils for a Leo/Aquarius descends from the intensity of their ire/temper or sexual/romantic passions.

Leo sign with Pisces rising

A Leo sign/Pisces has a good mix of Sun and Rising sign.

Side by side next to a Leo, Pisces doesn't seem as strong.

They're both kind and they like to stand up for people in need.

Leo sign has a lot of energy, so much that it can void out the usually indolent disposition in Pisces.

This Leo sign will not be affected by the Pisces shyness that you would look for in anyone who is a Pisces, you meet for the first time.

Normally, Pisces holds back and is timid, whether they know you or just met you.

In romance, a Pisces is usually hard to get and hard to understand. This is not the case for a Leo sign with a Pisces rising.

If you want to get to know this Leo/Pisces rising in a romantic way, the Pisces reticence will not stop this Leo from letting you in.

All you have to do is show them the usual things and be the usual kind of person that Leos find attractive.

Leo sign/Pisces rising is self-assured and ambitious.

Leo will be able to make good use of the visionary dreamer quality in Pisces by melding it with their Leo drive to succeed, doing this brings a productive and accomplished life.

As long as the Pisces rising's doubt isn't indulged, Leo can deal with any problems they find themselves in.

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