What is Your Gemini Sign Personality?

Gemini sign with Aries rising

Gemini is carefree and mercurial.

Gemini seems like they don't know if they're coming or going. Soon, Aries will take over and they finally figure out what they think and what they want.

In most considerations, Aries responds in an unpredictable way, rarely will they be apathetic.

When you watch Gemini/Aries, it's like you're seeing freedom personified.

They're intemperate and grand in their opinions and activities.

Gemini/Aries rising needs to keep their love of debate or arguments in check.

If they don't, it gets out of control especially in their love relationships.

Just like Aries/Gemini, Gemini/Aries needs to control their penchant to look for something new, losing interest in what they have. Not to mention, trying to live out the cliché "Variety is the spice of life".

Gemini sign with Taurus rising

Gemini/Taurus rising is a reasonably advantageous placement. This Gemini is still lively and exciting, the Taurean reticence isn't a factor.

Taurus's discretion and pragmatic style will help to dull Gemini's need for constant variety.

The influence of Taurus over this Gemini's emotional life is outstanding; because of this influence, love affairs and friendships become important to Gemini.

In essence, the Gemini need for change in relationships is quelled by the Taurus's need for stability and Taurus's composure is livened up by the Gemini Sun.

Gemini sign with Gemini rising

You're a Gemini/Gemini. What does it mean?

It means your inside thinking matches your outside attitude and actions. What you seem is what you are, no mystery there.

One to one or in a group you're always the same. New acquaintance or old friend, you behave the same.

As a Gemini sign you're active, restless and mentally adaptable.

If you remember the 80's song Karma chameleon by Culture club, this title would certainly describe you.

You're voracious in your need for more knowledge, more new people, more talking.

You're so focused on moving from one experience to a new one, and one love to a new one, that you never get deeply involved.

When you're talking with someone and they make you uncomfortable with what they're saying, you will make jokes to lighten the mood, for yourself.

Another instance that you do this, is when you don't take whatever that person is talking about seriously, you'll make jokes and change to force a subject change.

People may be hurt by this, but you won't think twice about it.

You got them to stop talking, and that's what you wanted.

Gemini sign with Cancer rising

A Gemini/Cancer is conflicted and torn between two Signs.

Gemini/Cancer is creative, capricious and a little manic.

In a Gemini/Cancer rising, there is a special mix of autonomy with a good helping of sympathy for others.

In many ways, Gemini/Cancer rising will struggle between the need to help others and the need to mind their own business.

A Gemini sign/Cancer rising, places family in an important place in general, but may like some family members more than others.

Usually these are the ones who share their knowledge with them and the ones who are more communicative with them.

The special people in a Gemini/Cancer's life will experience Cancer's warmth and protection.

If you're dating a Cancer/Gemini and you want to know if you're special to them.

You need a test, here's one:

Make plans with them for an evening in the following week, at least 6 or 7 days away. Then wait..

If Gemini/Cancer rising calls you and tells you that they had to hang out with (insert name), because they may not get a chance to do (insert activity) again.

Then you should know how special you are.

At least they called, because a Gemini/Gemini wouldn't call at all.

Gemini sign with Leo rising

Gemini Sun with a Leo rising is a mix of Hot Fire and Air... Is it me, or did you put that together too and got Hot Air?... I digress.

A Gemini/Leo Male is a flirt and can chat your pants off, if your not careful; a Female Gemini/Leo is a snake charmer, *wink*

This Gemini sign has a stately air about them.

Gemini/Leo wants people to like and notice them.

A Gemini/Leo likes to be in control and has a good amount of self-respect.

Gemini/Leo can be boastful one minute, respectful next, and then feigning absolute timidity when complimented.

At first, Gemini/Leo rising seems pushy and a bit of a snob. Even so, some people may find it charming. Once you get to know Gemini, their Sun sign will reveal that Gemini is more detached and intellectual, not conceited.

Gemini Sun likes to laugh at themselves, situations and life. A Gemini/Leo is probably funny and easy to laugh.

Gemini/ Leo rising knows how to mange other people; they know how to help others put their best foot forward.

Gemini/Leo gets so excited about something new they show such a deep interest. But, Gemini Sun is quick and restless. Gemini is able to take the next step and move on.

This quality is good if Gemini/Leo is trying to court you. If they aren't interested in a love affair with you, but you are interested in a romance with them, then… this quality could be bad.

A Gemini/Leo has an inherent abhorrence for restriction, even when it isn't clearly evident that they feel this way.

Being restricted fires up their desires for freedom. In relationships, Gemini/Leo can't abide someone who is incompatible and will try to free themselves.

A Gemini/Leo rising is clever in the things they do and say.

Sometimes, they over-dramatize or use hyperbole to tell how annoyed they are; doing this tends to annoy people around them.

Gemini/Leo needs to try to be more delicate in some things they say and do to others.

Through their own efforts and through their network of friends and associates, Gemini/Leo has the potential to make all their dreams come true.

Gemini sign with Virgo rising

Mercury governs both Gemini and Virgo.

Communication and organization are their tools.

However similar these two Signs are in terms of Planet, they have many differences and this brings internal conflict.

Gemini/Virgo rising fares better than Virgo/Gemini rising.

Constantly talking Gemini, mixed with anecdotal Virgo, produces a person with an abnormally big mental lexicon.

Gemini/Virgo rising seems shy, they use diffidence as a defense.

Gemini/Virgo has a neat style of dressing.

Virgo rising gives strength to the Gemini sign.

This Gemini is less impulsive and more pragmatic. Virgo keeps Gemini from going off half cocked in pursuit of half baked ideas.

Gemini/Virgo processes things mentally, but once you get to know them, they are more fun and less flaky then they seemed at first.

Virgo rising makes Gemini dutiful and effective. Gemini/Virgo will keep their promises and not get distracted; that is, if they listen to their better Virgin angel.

Virgo rising keeps Gemini from following their urge to find someone new when the going gets tough or when they're just plain bored with their current love; Virgo will force them to stop and think; "is this practical?"

At times, Virgo makes this Gemini sign crankier than other Gems.

This will happen when they have decided to not go after something that isn't practical.

Maybe Gemini/Virgo's partner should quietly smile when this happens because, Virgo rising has stopped Gemini from doing something that may have hurt their relationship.

Communicating is important to a Gemini/Virgo.

How does that translate to relationships?

  1. You can tell if a Gemini/Virgo is interested in you by how much they seek you out. If they aren't calling or answering your calls, Gemini/Virgo isn't interested.

Here is another way communication makes an impact on Gemini/Virgo:

  1. Now let's say you're upset with your Gemini/Virgo partner. You want to let them know and affect their future behaviour. Just give them the cold shoulder; don't talk, and see what happens.

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