What Gemini Sign Personality Mix Do you Have?

Gemini sign with Libra rising

Mixing Gemini and Libra creates the ultimate smooth operator.

If you aren't careful you could be hustled.

This Sun sign/Rising sign combination is adept at getting you to do what they want by thanking you in advance.

You, feel so good about being appreciated, you do what you're told.

Unless you're even stealthier than Gemini sign/Libra, you wouldn't catch on; except now you know the secret.

Relax and watch them work, Gemini/Libra's manipulation is always graceful in its implementation; let's just hope it's for good reasons.

These two (Gemini and Libra) are part of the Air element. With an Air sign comes communication skills, interpersonal skills and intellect.

Gemini sign/Libra rising is good at getting people together and knowing how to manage them.

In fact, Gemini/Libra would probably be a good matchmaker for their friends.

Gemini/Libra's delicacy allows them to say harsh things in a way that harmony is maintained.

A Gemini sign/Libra rising should be sure before they commit to a relationship. There is a danger of them getting bored and changing their mind.

Gemini sign with Scorpio rising

Gemini sign and Scorpio sign creates an offbeat mind-set with a paradoxical persona.

Gemini/Scorpio can forget something that was important for them to do, but they'll remember offenses for years.

For example, they may forget the birthdays of people they love, but will never forget when you hurt them.

How do you contend with that?

Simply be ready for this mercurial type of retentiveness.

The bright side is:

If Gemini sign/Scorpio only dwells on half of the "You did me wrong" cases, you've made out like a bandit.

Imagine if this person was a straight up Scorpio/Scorpio.

Gemini has a knack for pinpointing the exact way to say what is wrong; Scorpio has a knack for pinpointing what is wrong with the picture and telling you.

What these two Signs have in common is a knack for maneuvering people well.

Another thing that Gemini and Scorpio have in common is being capable of throwing others off their game, albeit, in different ways.

Gemini and Scorpio aren't similar otherwise, but this person should learn to use the gifts of these zodiac signs to their benefit; if not,  they'll be conflicted.

A Gemini/Scorpio rising will hear your secrets and may tell others, if your not close.

I say this because Gemini's like to gossip.

Trying to get to know a Gemini/Scorpio rising you are attracted to won't be easy, at first.

They'll play with your mind.

Use big words to test your smarts.

Be mysterious and hard to get.

Once they agree to a friendship/romance:

They give you rules about calling.

All these things are part of a test to see if your worth it.

Once you're in and are allowed to get to know Gemini/Scorpio it will be like night and day. They'll become understanding, adaptable, witty and fun to be with.

They'll be naturally informal with you, so informal they may not always say please and thank you, it's not bad manners; Gemini/Scorpio is just comfortable with you, now.

Gemini sign with Sagittarius rising

Gemini/Sagittarius rising are in exact opposition.

The Gemini sign propensity to change their minds and the Sagittarius proclivity to move and change makes for a person who's motto should be:

"Something new".

Even if you see Gemini/Sagittarius sitting or standing in place, don't be fooled, their mind is racing.

What am I saying?

Only someone oblivious wouldn't notice something so obvious in a Gemini/Saggy.

It's all in their eyes.

If you're romantically involved with a Gemini/Sagittarius, they may be thinking:

  1. "Will this work? I wonder if I need to start dating another person."
  2. "Is He/She the one?"
  3. "What if the sex goes bad?"
  4. "What if She wants me for my money?"
  5. "What if this romantic guy changes on me?"

and so on, and so on...

To be sure, someone you love having these thoughts is pretty disconcerting.

Gemini/Sagittarians are fidgety in mind and body. Not to mention, that Gemini's love change and Sagittarians love their freedom.

Do not ever try to tie them to you or make them settle down in traditional ways.

If they bring it up great. If they don't talk about commitment and forever,  don't push it.

You have to make sure that Gemini/Sagittarius believes you to be the "best" friend that they can't do without.

You must think of a relationship with them like it's an adventure.

Gemini/Sagittarius can play devil's advocate on any subject.

They can be objective.

They can indeed step into someone's shoes thus understanding them better, but that doesn't mean it's of any influence.

They'll still chose to do whatever they want to do.

Being easily adaptable makes Gemini/Sagittarius capable of learning a slew of things, they're smart. Sagittarius rising's luck protects Gemini from themselves and makes them fortunate.

Gemini sign with Capricorn rising

The harmony between Gemini sign (Air) and Capricorn rising (Earth), is all right.

Capricorn has a natural business mind. Gemini sometimes forgets where they put their mind.

Gemini has a problem planning their next step to their goal. Capricorn is always thinking about the next step to their goal.

When it comes to talking to a Capricorn you have to use phrases like:

  1. "In the future" or "The future plans are".

When it comes to speaking to Gemini used words like:

  1. Right now" or "At this moment".

What do you say to a Gemini sign/Capricorn?

You say:

  1. "In the future I want however, right now I need".

Gemini/Capricorns are enterprising and inquisitive.

Gemini/Capricorns will try anything.

Capricorns are somber, careful, pragmatic, discreet, aloof, broody and frugal.

Capricorn keeps their business to themselves, and it's none of yours.

A Gemini/Capricorn rising keeps most people at the casual level, not many will pass through that.

It's hard to get past the superficiality to a deeper connection with them because they don't seem to have much to say.

Gemini is nervous and restless, Capricorn wants to deal with only serious things.

A Gemini/Capricorn rising should try hard not to envy of other people their successes.

They should try to not be leery of too many questions from people they just met, although, they may feel this way sometimes.

Lastly, they shouldn't let the Capricorn caution sign stop them from being their true Gemini sign selves.

A more positive use of the Capricorn rising by a Gemini would be as a tool to help them focus their inventive intellect to achieve success.

Gemini/Capricorn is extremely intelligent and pragmatic.

Gemini/Capricorn's shouldn't let timidity and misgivings hinder their progress in anything they wish to do.

Gemini/Capricorn should have a strong ability to focus, if their Mercury and Saturn Planets are well situated.

If Mercury and Saturn are not in a good placement, Gemini/Capricorn should do their best to avoid becoming a grasping, calculating and corruptible human being, Sorry.

Gemini sign with Aquarius rising

With this combination you find a master communicator.

They'll be able to convince you of anything.

Gemini/Aquarius rising probably has a unique style of dressing. They seem a little out there, but they have something about them that draws others in.

Gemini and Aquarius are both Air signs or cerebral zodiac signs, these Signs are in harmony.

Depending on where Saturn is this person may be brainy and virtuous or cold and morally bankrupt.

There is a redeemer, should Saturn be afflicted in a chart; a well placed Uranus.

Gemini/Aquarius rising will deal with irritations, hold ups and annoying problems.

On the other hand they'll be mentally strong, tolerant and earnest.

This person is imaginative (a boon or a bane) depending on how they exercise it.

They can be or could be focused when they want to.

Gemini/Aquarius should be careful of crossing the line from sensibly cautious to suspecting everything and everyone, doing the latter could impede their progress.

Gemini is so mercurial you never know where they stand; Aquarius is so flexible, you'll never figure out where they stand.

On top of that the Gemini/Aquarius memory isn't that good.

When you call up to ask a Gemini/Aquarius about your next date, they'll make plans with you.

However, prepare yourself for the call that says:

  1. "May I take a rain check? I had other plans that can't be changed after all."


The call after you have been stood up that explains:

  1. "Last night? I totally forgot, I'll make it up to you."

The only way to cope with this is to have a sense of humor and become more adaptable and unpredictable than even Gemini/Aquarius themselves.

Gemini sign with Pisces rising

This combination isn't terribly harmonious; it's Air and Water.

Having a Gemini Sun lover means, their attention is easily taken away from you.


He or She was on the way to meet you, but something came up, something more diverting.

His or Her Pisces side is compassionate and perceptive and won't want a fight ... Instead of calling to cancel, hearing your gripes or asking for a rain check, they postpone and blow you off.

Here's the scenario and how to deal with it:

Gemini asks you for a date, you agree on time and date. It's great, you're excited and you get ready and wait for him or your ready to go pick her up and you call her.

You wait and wait.

Then try calling him or you call her several times; either way, you get voice mail.

You start to get a little bothered, then a lot bothered, because you know you got stood up.

You decide to forget it and you get undressed or decide to meet up with your friends.

Somehow you know they'll call you back when...it's too late.

You get the call, and you know that Gemini likes to chat.

In short measure You should casually mention:

  1. "You did remember that we had plans the other night, right?"

Then you add:

  1. "I actually waited for you."


  1. "I called you several times."

Of course they'll try to slip in the excuse...Blah... Blah...Blah...

The you say:

  1. "You know, it's great to hear your voice but I have to go now. We would have been able to speak longer if you had kept our date last night."

When Gemini starts to protest, you say:

  1. "It's not that I'm upset about it, it's just that, I waited a long time before I finally gave up on you. I just found something else to do."

There, you got 'em, you just hit the Pisces sympathy button.
This will turn the excuses into humbled:

  1. "Please forgive Me's"And "What can I do to make it ups"

At this time, you have a sly smile on your face while wondering what to do next? Don't wait take them up on that offer straight away, but only if you still want to see them again.

Gemini sign/Pisces rising can go through a cycle of hyperactivity to almost seeming tranquilized.

Here is a description or analogy to explain what I mean;


Picture a glass of carbonated soda. When you pour it it's bubbly and if you fill it to the top and move your face close to the liquid it may even tickle your nose.

Now, tranquilized:

Picture that same glass of soda after a day, sitting out on your table. Try it, it may be a little flat and stale right? And if left longer? completely flat.

If you're involved with a Gemini/Pisces rising there are two things you should keep an eye on.

Too many changes can have an affect on this Gemini's relationships, marriage or dating life. Relatives have a problem sticking their nose in Gemini's romantic business and that can bring trouble.


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