Temperament of Gemini Rising

Gemini rising? You may be skittish, responsive to stimulation, quick witted and irritable.

You like meeting people. You like traveling.

You have dramatic skills so; you can escalate or fire up any event, situation, or activity.

You are good at mimicking others.

A single detail distracts you, and you don’t see the big picture.

A fine education is crucial to you. If you are not interested in learning the cause may be severe self-doubt.

You like to relate to a person by having gabfests. Words are full of power. You have a special gift for verbalizing your opinion of the world through your wit, you articulate precisely what you have in mind.

You are so intelligently humorous; you slyly murder people with words. You also enjoy having an audience.

We all know that the world can be a hard place and you choose to laugh your way through the bad things. In your mind, we should all learn to laugh at things that can happen, laughing helps to diffuse pain.

You stay occupied, if it's not your career than it's your hobby. You enjoy puzzles, word games, books, magazines, and informative websites. You enjoy anything that diverts or engages the intellect.

The Gemini rising personality has a coldness (not mean) to it.

Although you enjoy being around others and you are friendly, you mostly relate to other people on a mental plane rather than an emotional one.

Naturally, you dissect relationships, feelings and facts.

Gemini rising people manipulate others so well they can rise in position very quickly.

Every situation in your life works out or falls by the wayside, depending on your; networking skills, social status or intellectual powers.

You have a propensity to develop swollen-head syndrome, after all, you are smarter than everyone else is.

Do people say that you never sit down? Do people say you can't keep still?

You are fidgety, always looking to catch the next thing, huh? The problem is, you need variety and constant change, or you can't be happy.

There is always some new thing up the road that is sure to be the one that makes you happy. If someone or something wants to stop you from going after that experience, you become resentful.

You can sometimes give the impression of being a party Girl or a good time Boy. The cause of this may be one or all of these:

  • *People may think you talk too much.

  • *People may notice that you go from this to that without finishing what you started.

  • *They may wrongly think that you never have a serious thought.

On top of being thought of as only wanting a good time, people may wonder if you are trying to deceive them or maybe you are a little unbalanced.

You are inquisitive by nature; it makes you exciting to be with.

You can adjust your views to get along with many people. The problem is, you adapt so well one person may truly believe you share their views and another who has a different view believes the same.

In the end, they will both think you are double-dealing, duplicitous, double-tongued or two faced.

The truth is, the extent of your so-called double-dealing may just be that you are "that good" at being diplomatic. Ever thought of running for office? Just saying...

Anyway, if you have Planets and zodiac signs in your 8th House, and Scorpio is there, or maybe a dramatic Pluto in your Chart, this may conceal something more sinister and dark.

In that case, duplicitous may be a nice characterization of you.

Gemini is the zodiac sign that lives 2 sides of the same coin everyday.

You can feel fulfilled and disgruntled at the same time.

You can feel euphoric and distressed at the same time.

We all can go to these extremes these days, but as a Gemini rising, you have particular grounds for feeling unhappy or distressed.

Many of you would make great thespians, news reporters, and authors. In fact, show business would bring a good deal of success for you.

YOUR MOTTO:Living by my wits and looking for a change

Body and Countenance

A note about appearances: any First House Planets or Mars’ placement will influence your physical characteristics.

As a Gemini rising, you are inclined to have sharp facial features, eyes that twinkle when you laugh, a quick smile, elegant arms, refined hands. You retain your youthful agility and looks even as you get older.

You usually have a slight build. When it comes to the male sex, being so slim may concern you so much that it prompts you to put on pounds any way you can.

Read more about looks/physical appearance.

Gemini Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

In your chart the Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon signs will show what zodiac resources you have that will help you deal with life.

Look to the status of Jupiter in your chart by zodiac sign and in what house, it will show additional information about your relationships and the most sensible ways to connect.

Mercury in a zodiac sign in whatever House is crucial when you are a Gemini Rising.

Mercury governs Gemini and it's a very important planet in your chart. Mercury adds ingenuity, strong mental capacity, ability to learn foreign tongues, deft in communication whether it’s verbal or written, and a keen sense.

Mercury also promotes acrimony, egotism, irony, snobbery and disorderliness.

When you have Gemini rising, you have the Sign of Sagittarius as your opposite. We call this Sagittarius Setting because Sagittarius was setting as Gemini was rising.

I note Sagittarius setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Therefore, Sagittarius setting tells you that your best partner is someone who is talkative and well informed. Someone capable of seeing the big picture, who can understand emotional significance.


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