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Virgo sign with Aries rising

This combination doesn't link up well. Aries rising makes Virgo testy and prone to doing impulsive things, out of nowhere.

This Virgo will be prone to argue and criticize, these characteristics will hurt work-life, home-life and romantic relations.

Virgo will experience times of sadness and struggle.

Sometimes, Virgo will be envious and bitter towards people who seem serene, happy and unhurried, people unlike Him or Her.

This Virgo sign still relates to others in a cerebral way.

Aries rising makes Virgo a go getter, taking ideas into action quickly.

The funny thing is, while a Virgo/Virgo rising would enjoy taking time to deal with detailed, mundane things over and over, Virgo/Aries rising will be impatient with such things.

Nonetheless, Virgo/Aries rising needs to curb their impatience or they'll suffer needless mistakes in their relationships.

Having a Virgo Sun sign does give them an innate sense of precaution and observation.

There's a risk of Virgo assuming things that may not be true and a tendency to bicker with others.

Virgo sign with Taurus rising

Taurus and Virgo correspond well together, because they're Earth signs.

Virgo engages on a mental plane; Taurus wants to know someone better before they develop emotions for them.

If you're a Virgo sign with Taurus rising you can be unemotional with others.

You'll want to be sure (Taurus) that the person is as close to perfect (Virgo) as you can get.

You may go through times of sadness and difficulties.

Occasionally, it's because others go back on their promises to you or they behave unfairly towards you. At other times, you'll come to sadness and difficulty because you're too critical, bothersome or a basic pain in the ass.

Even so, with the Taurus rising you'll have a pragmatic side that should help you smooth things over.

If you're involved with a Virgo/ Taurus rising, you should know that they're sensitive. They'll respond in kind if you treat them cruelly.

What's peculiar about the Virgo/Taurus rising's thin skin is, they think nothing of criticizing or being cruel to you, even if it hurts your feelings.

To them that's different, they're only helping you, to correct you.

Virgo sign with Gemini rising

Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules information, organizing, arrangement and channels of communication.

No matter how alike these Star signs may seem, they have fundamental differences in how they express themselves and this brings inner struggles.

This is funny since Mercury governs both these signs, you’d think it would be more positive.

A Virgo/Gemini rising, asks a lot of questions when they meet a person for the first time. Later, they cross-reference (Virgo) what was said (Gemini) and files it away(Virgo).

Virgo/Gemini rising thinks quickly and most of the time, that's good.

It becomes a bad quality because Virgo/ Gemini rising is always ready to judge. What comes out of their mouths when criticizing people will have them forever suffering from "foot in mouth syndrome."

Virgo will feel sorry for this but sometimes, sorry isn't enough, when they've gone too far.

Virgo sign/Gemini rising is strong and pragmatic.

Virgo won't be overcome by Gemini's fidgety and fickle tendencies. Gemini rising will however, cause Virgo, -who is one of the (bachelor zodiac signs- the other is Sagittarius),cut ties and run for freedom.

This won't make sense to others since Virgo is a stable and conventional zodiac sign.

Virgo sign with Cancer rising

The Virgo/Cancer rising' s approach in personal matters is pragmatic, almost isolating. Virgo/Cancer rising puts a lot of value in perfect exertion and perfect work.

They repay those who are pragmatic and work hard in search of perfect execution.

Occasionally, Virgo/Cancer will become annoyed with people or things they've lost control of. They'll begin to nit pick, while using biting words that hurt others.

After they're done criticizing the person and/or problem, they start criticizing themselves for becoming irritated in the first place.


Seems to me that a lot of the things that irritate Virgos, other people take in stride, these are just routine irritants that we all deal with. To a Virgo sign, it's the end of the world.

Virgo/Cancer rising probably does or did well in school. They'll use that knowledge to do well in their working career.

Virgo/Cancer rising will probably do a lot of traveling in relation to work, a few of those trips will however, be solely for vacations.

Virgo/Cancer is focused and ambitious, but in their love life, they're timid and find it hard to say how they feel.

The good news is that this affliction only affects Virgo/Cancer's early dating years. Once matured and experienced, they'll be a more suave in the romance department.

Virgo sign with Leo rising

A Virgo/Leo rising will love being noticed and they want complements, but in a more low-key manner than a Leo Sun sign would.

These are the type of complements that they would appreciate: Being told how young they look for their age. They dress fashionably. They're smart or intelligent.

A Virgo/Leo has a quick intellect, is reliable and honest. They'll make decisions in a pragmatic way. This Virgo requires things to be methodical and safe, especially when it comes to their money.

At times, things happen that throw off plans and this is when Virgo/Leo becomes nit-picky, easily annoyed and critical.

When Virgo/Leo is in this mood they take it out on their partner, this has the effect of turning the partner off and chipping away the bond that they've developed.

Relationships will be one of the most perplexing issues in Virgo/Leo's life. When conflicts develop, their natural instinct is to dig their head in the sand. Conflict brings the emotional drama out in the open and they don't want to deal with it.

They think pragmatically, there is too much to do, they can take care of it later, it's not important. Well, if Virgo/Leo wants to have another person sharing their life, the relationship is important.

The best thing Virgo/Leo can do is to let their feelings out, but in a controlled way. They should keep their thoughts controlled and try not to criticize.

When Virgo/Leo communicates with their partner, they can clear the air and get on with all the other things they need to do, without dreading and worrying (Virgo) about all the drama that will explode later on.

A Virgo/Leo rising still needs to duck out your life to revitalize themselves and be alone.

Virgo sign with Virgo rising

A double Virgo exhibits no variance in their personality whether you just met them or have known them for a long time.

This person is thoroughly a Virgo sign. They have a keen intellect that sifts through data and improves upon it.

A Virgo/Virgo is intelligent, jumpy and watches everything.

At times, a Virgo/Virgo male or female may act like an uncivilized and fussy lunatic, this will garner lots of criticism from others.

Virgo/Virgo's seek perfection even more than usual. They like to be in control. A Virgo/Virgo isn't ambitious and that is a little sad because they're practical and precise, these are skills that could possibly net them higher pay...

If a Virgo/Virgo male is one of several men pursuing you he might just be the front runner.

A Virgo/Virgo prefers clarity in communication, that goes for you, not for them.

In a relationship with a Virgo/Virgo, clear communication from you may turn on you, giving Virgo a heads up that you are no longer happy.

Virgos aren't known for needing to be in relationships, they aren't Libras.

You telling Virgo clearly that you aren't happy and thinking that the two of you should rethink your relationship may give them an out and they'll break up with you first.

Virgo/Virgo does have a wild side... Virgo/Virgo is wound pretty tightly and they make a big effort to control their natural urges to go wild. I find that eventually, Virgos cut loose of that and lose control. The trigger, is usually a weariness of being so controlled.

These wild and out of control behaviors lead Virgo to scandal or even living a double life; most of this will center on and affect romantic relationships.

If you're involved with a Virgo/Virgo or a Virgo sun sign for that matter, you're probably more free with your wild side.

Virgos tend to be attracted to outgoing, free spirits that have a bit of a tempestuous side to them.

The best thing to do with your Virgo Lover is to help them unleash that wild Virgo side from time to time; give them permission to let go and let flow.

Otherwise they keep it all in their heads and you may find your sweet, honest and pure Virgo cheating on you. You may find yourself thinking, I don't know this person. Shocking.

Don't worry though , they'll feel incredibly guilty afterward.


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