Virgo sign -Ascendant Sign Combination

Virgo sign with Libra rising

A Virgo sign/Libra rising isn't the most harmonious pairing.

Virgos criticize almost everything; even when happy they think something could be more perfect.

If you don't have manners stay far...far...away from a Virgo/Libra rising because you'll be criticized.

Virgo/Libra rising casts a saintly but unobtainable persona...

Normally a Virgo shows a lack of attention to others and a nit picky type of demeanor, but Libra gives them a layer of delicacy that curbs their tendency to hurt others with these traits.

Libra gives Virgo a pensive side, especially in love relationships.

These Virgos need time alone to think about how things are going.

A partner that is a giver is a good match for a Virgo/Libra rising; exploiters and takers will make them suffer.

A Virgo/Libra rising's cultivated and beguiling grin shouldn't be believed, because the Virgo Sun's scheme is to keep their freedom, which is most crucial to them.

Libra rising makes this Virgo seem polished and sensual with discriminating tastes.

However, you won't get that far in courting or seducing them because, underneath that charming manner, the Virgo sign is apt to be suspicious and find no one to be "perfect" enough for them.

This results in a person who is always jumping from one romantic inclination to another.

A Virgo/Libra rising is cautious when deciding to be close with another person.

They like to befriend only the truest and most trustworthy people. A Virgo never forgets to watch their own backs.

They'll examine you and once you're approved, that's when you'll see the nit picky and unkind Virgo Sun that is hidden beneath the Libra rising, this may be fine with you or it may turn you off.

Virgo sign with Scorpio rising

There isn't much difference between a Virgo/Scorpio's outward self and inner being.

A Virgo/Scorpio person's character is branded by two signs of the zodiac that have self-restraint and highly-developed intellects.

This Virgo will easily get others to do what they want.

Since Virgos have a controlling manner and don't know how to execute control, having the ultimate persuading powers of Scorpio makes it happen.

When it comes to Virgo and Scorpio, Virgo is Scorpio "light".

A Virgo/Scorpio will utilize penetrating and harshly sarcastic words to spite you or expose you as a fake/liar.

Virgo/Scorpio is careful, clever and intuitive.

Don't try to keep secrets from this person because it will hardly work.

When you happen to do something by mistake or on purpose that you know will upset the Virgo/Scorpio, fess up, apologize and make up for it, don't lie or hide it.

This Virgo gets their gusto from Scorpio rising, Virgo has places to go and people to see...

They don't have the time to waste.

Virgos are always thinking about the next step, with a Scorpio rising this one isn't as over-anxious as other Virgos.

Scorpio rising helps Virgo find order in a more astute way.

Virgo sign with Sagittarius rising

Virgo/Sagittarius rising isn't the most auspicious combination.

Virgos and Sagittarians clash; a Virgo/Sagittarius rising will always seem contrary.

Virgos and Sagittarians don't usually understand each other unless they work at it.

Virgo sign is a Mutable Earth sign; Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, this means that they're both adaptable to any circumstance.

Virgo/Sagittarius rising may dress in cosmopolitan styles or modern chic.

Virgo is timid, controlled and likes to examine everything.
Sagittarius is open and blunt in communication.

This combination can make for a pestering and tiresome individual although, they never see themselves that way.

A Virgo/Sagittarian can see your faults from a mile away, they even pick up on the ones you try to hide.

Because of the Sagittarian influence, a Virgo/Saggy won't be shy about telling you what they think is wrong with you either.

When you first meet a Virgo sign/Sagittarius, or if you know them and you're watching as they meet someone for the first time, you will see Virgo show a personality that seems outgoing, worldly and open-minded.

Virgo will use their Sagittarius ascendant mask because they know that their inner Sun self is abrasively critical and it may turn others off.

Virgo shouldn't hide all their Virgo traits because, they have a modesty that Sagittarius doesn't have.

You may be wondering how to get around this critical eye and big mouth; you can't.

The only thing you can do is to stand up for yourself, tell them they're wrong when they are and agree when they're right, maybe that will keep them quiet.

If you want their sympathy, you have to explain to them the art of diplomacy or in other words, tell them they can get more bees with honey rather than vinegar.

Virgo sign with Capricorn Rising

Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs and for the most part, similar.

In this instance, it doesn't matter what the Sun sign/Rising sign combo is or which zodiac sign has the most power over this person, they'll be humble and true-hearted.

Virgo is one of the Mutable signs, this makes them adaptable and quick thinkers.

Virgo/Capricorn's are sedate, drab, solemn and staid.

Virgo sign/Capricorn's are deliberate and restrained.

When you first meet a Virgo/Capricorn, they may strike you as being discourteous and distant.

Virgo/Capricorn may give off a vibe of nobility if you admire people like that or a vibe of snobbishness if you don't.

Virgo/Capricorn worries about things that can disturb their plans.

When it comes to work, Virgo is always updating their skills. This can be used to their benefit in other ways, keep reading.

Virgo/Capricorns are traditional, in money and sex.

Virgo sign/Capricorns are traditional about saving money and not wasting it.

They aren't pure traditionalists, they love all denominations especially hundreds.

Virgo/Capricorn is traditional when they make love.

The one good point is since Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs Virgo/Capricorn relishes sex.

Virgo/Capricorn is so traditional in bed that you may get bored.

I know this is unkind, but there is some truth in it.

They aren't this way because they won't try, they just don't know how to be spontaneous; especially when it comes to sex.

Get a book and point out some of the less kinky, positions and ask sweetly, to try it.

Don't ever bombard them with new toys and games because you'll freak them out and they'll refuse to give it a try.

Virgos like to learn and a Virgo/Capricorn will be diligent. One last thing about sex, Capricorn's tend to get better at things as they age so, the paragraphs about sex may not apply to your lover if they're 35 or older, if it does, sorry.

Virgo sign with Aquarius rising

Virgos and Aquarians tend to connect to other people in a mental way.

It's not easy to learn about the inner workings of a Virgo/Aquarius.

If you're meeting them for the first time and depending on what kind of day they're having, you'll meet one or the other of these two Virgo/Aquarians:

The first

Virgo/Aquarius may seem, happy go lucky ( Aquarius) and unusual (Aquarius).

They'll keep it all superficial because, underneath that carefree seeming Aquarius rising, lies the Virgo suspicion and doubt about all things.

The second one

You may come across the one that needs to trust you first (Virgo sign) and needs their space (Aquarius).

They will come off as snobby, unpleasant and critical when you first meet them.

Virgo believes their criticism is honest; Aquarius believes

he/she is honest.

A person with this Rising sign/ Sun sign combo will tell it to you straight with no chaser.

This Virgo still seeks perfection, but is open to radical independent thought.

If you're unique or a rebel in any way, this Virgo sign will like you.

In romance, Virgo/Aquarius risings don't like to share their feelings.

Sometimes, they'll tell you what they think they're feeling emotionally.

The good news is, Virgo/Aquarius will be more emotional than Aquarius/Virgo sign and will try to show with their actions how they feel every day.

Virgo is a loner in most things, unlike a Libra who finds balance in pairs.

Virgo does things slowly and methodically.

You want a date with a Virgo sign?

It will take a while, want to get married? Ditto.

Virgo/Aquarius will always be there to help if you're one of the chosen who deserves it.

How do you deserve help? Well, the first help you get is free, it will come by communicated criticism.

If Virgo sees that you have applied yourself, they'll go on helping you.

Virgo/Aquarius risings would rather have their nose in a book than watching the news, the news depresses them.

This Virgo, needs to try harder to keep the moodiness at bay. While they're at it they should work hard to quell the inclination to be too timid, too unsure and too unemotional.

Virgo sign with Pisces rising

Virgo with Pisces is a perplexing combination.

When Virgo/Pisces rising are combined there is inherent conflict at play.

Certain inclinations will be brought to the forefront, whether it's for good or for bad will depend on what Sign is leading (Sun) or has more force.

Virgo is the opposite of Pisces, but sometimes they do complement on another.

Virgo likes to be methodical; Pisces likes to be original.

Virgo likes to be pragmatic about life; Pisces likes to dream about life.

Virgo and Pisces do have self-delusion, adaptability and timidity in common.

Sometimes you'll get your way with Virgo/Pisces by being perceptive; at other times you'll have to be more rational.

Here's the catch; it's hard to recognize when to be which way, as opposed to the other way.

Virgo/Pisces rising seems ambiguous, yet sometimes, delightfully sweet and kind.

Virgo/Pisces rising wants information to sift through, explanations as to why this is like that; they look for reasons behind everything.

This Virgo won't be such a welcome mat to most people, even though they seem like they would be because of Pisces rising.

Virgo/Pisces rising never misses an opportunity to make another person feel comfortable, if they like you.

They'll have the gift of being able to meld their personality with another person's, this comes from the Pisces rising.

Yet, they're still Virgo and will be able to disconnect at will.

Virgos like to go off alone and be by themselves, they like to protect their peace and routines.

Virgo/Pisces rising appears oblivious, but people shouldn't mistake that.

Virgo/Pisces doesn't miss a thing and they can always spot weaknesses; they know what buttons to push to get what they want.

Pisces rising will enhance the power of self-reflection in this Virgo mixed with Virgo's need to be perfect it will cause Virgo to be even more self-critical.


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