Libra Sign Personality with Rising Sign

Libra sign with Aries rising

Libra/Aries rising mix isn't so good. The Aries impetuosity is added to Libra's indolence, love of pleasure and preferences towards the good things in life.

Mixing these two signs can lead to trouble and unpleasant situations.

Libra's preference to do things that are fun and avoid things that are not, will be heightened.

Libra/Aries will need to exercise self-control.

If Libra/Aries makes the wrong choice when looking to have fun they may find trouble.

Libra/Aries should resist any inclinations to take the easy way out. This way, every decision they make in any of these situations will be thoroughly thought out.

Aries rising gives a boost to Libra making them mentally and physically active.

Another situation where Libra/Aries needs to have the right judgment is with their friends.

Libra being the sign of partnerships, likes to have many friends.

Some people aren't the best kinds of people to be friends with and will lead you astray. Libra is amiable and Libra's don't like to be stressed and don't like being confronted.

Aries rising makes Libra more independent, but it's not enough to stop Libra from giving in to their friends. Libra needs to be careful and not go along just to get along.

Libra/Aries can use circumspection or discernment to weigh their decisions, any one of these will do.

Libra runs the risk of taking up with the wrong romantic partner more often than not because, they choose their partners for the wrong reasons.

Libra with Taurus rising

Libra/Taurus rising is a strong placement. Libra sign subdues some of the modesty of Taurus.

This is a good placement for artistic talent.

Their instincts are strong and they should use them to their benefit.

A Libra  likes fairness, justice and balance, a Taurus is stubborn and sensitive.

If you're treating a Libra/Taurus rising in a way that leads them to believe you're being unjust, they'll stubbornly assert their independence doing things they wouldn't normally do, just to prove a point.

Taurus rising gives Libra more of a need to take charge, especially in the handling of the money in relationships.

Libra/Taurus rising has strong emotions and would rather be in a relationship than alone.

If you're romantically involved with a Libra/ Taurus rising, you should know, they're sensitive and their feelings get easily bruised.

Libra sign with Gemini rising

This Libra/Gemini rising combination is slightly odd and elusive.

Libra/Gemini rising is an excellent combination for someone artistic or someone who writes.

If you're a Libra with Gemini rising, you may have a unique way in dressing.

Libra sign and Gemini are Air signs; socializing, communication and reasoning skills are key with them. They're always full of jokes.

At first, you give an impression of being happy and positive, the perfect person to invite to social gatherings.

Oddly, there is a layer of resistance between other people and you.

Being a Libra with Gemini rising, you'll be perceptive and sympathetic about what happens to other people. It will be easy for you to put yourself in their shoes.

However, others will not always be as sympathetic to your plight.

When the shoe is on the other foot and you need others to be understanding, no one seems to be there. It will be hard for you to make people realize how dejected and unfortunate this makes you feel. To others, you always seem to be so happy.

Libra sign with Cancer rising

Libra/Cancer rising, you have excellent morals and your will power is stronger than most.

On occasion, you may be hard to please, you won't find it easy to make a quick or a lasting decision.

When major issues arise, your power of intuition will assist you and you'll make decisions and follow through with action when others would hesitate.

Libra sign/Cancer rising means that your mature years will be significant and full of activity.

Naturally, that depends on how much effort you've put into your life during your younger years.

Your feelings are tender and they're easily hurt.

Libra/Cancer, you shouldn't take things personally; better yet, learn to laugh at yourself a little, people won't get to you.

This will be the best way of bringing about a relaxing of tension when emotional upsets occur or when circumstances seem to be exceptionally difficult.

Libra/Cancer rising doesn't like doing housework, as much as they love a lovely comfortable home.

They prefer to do things that appease their aesthetic side or things that are intellectual, like reading books. Housekeeping just leaves a Libra sign/Cancer depleted.

When the Moon is in Cancer, pay close attention to things having to do with properties you may own (residential) and your own home life, they may be impacted in a strong way.

Sometimes, during a Cancer Moon, you may go through changes in those situations.

Those changes will depend on your decisions( your fault) and things that just happen (s... happens).

Libra sign with Leo rising

As a Libra/Leo rising, you sure make an impact.

You love being everything to everyone.

You like to make others happy.

You're naturally warm and benevolent.

You have good intuition.

When you listen to it and let it influence your decisions, things work out way better than you thought they would.

Don't let struggles between your intellect and intuition keep you so frozen that you can't make a decision.

You should be mindful of your Leo rising proclivity to be impatient.

This impatience will affect you when things aren't working out or when other people don't support your aspirations. Don't get demoralized and give up or lose faith in yourself.

You have tender feelings and sometimes they get hurt by things other people may say to you. To retain your equilibrium you shouldn't take harsh words of others seriously.

In romance you aren't exactly shy, but, you do exhibit a graciousness in the way you explore possibilities.

Libra sign with Virgo rising

Libra/Virgo rising placement is a better combination than a Virgo/Libra. Libra is a sign that can harmonize with Virgos explosive and Mercurial nature.

A Libra sign/Virgo rising will seem saint like and inaccessible...

Libra is sociable and this buffers the tough critical side of Virgo rising.

A Libra/Virgo rising person will show more diplomacy in conveying their thoughts and feelings than a Virgo/Libra rising.

Virgo rising (being suspicious with new people), will give Libra a better handle in making decisions on who they can trust.

This Libra will not be in a rush to make friends or people please.

A Libra with a Virgo rising, has the balance that all Libras need in their personalities to make their lives productive.

If you're not gifted with finesse, they'll quietly think you're rude; learn to be diplomatic or steer clear of a Libra/Virgo rising.


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