Libra sign Plus Ascendant Meanings

Libra sign with Libra rising

This Libra is the same inside and out, with new people or well known ones.

This Libra has the benefit of having their Rising sign in Libra.

Libra is at home in Venus.

Venus is love and beauty.

Venus makes Libra upbeat, sweet and sociable.

Libra/Libra likes to be impartial.The core of Libra works like a scale, as different options show up, Libra swerves from one option to another, seemingly without end.

The reason for that is, Libra can ascertain the benefits of each option.

Libra will always choose to wait before making a decision, this is good sometimes, but what happens when they need to make a decision, fast?

Libra is full of shades and subtleties.

Surely, you can't say that Libra is an uncomplicated person pursuing uncomplicated things.

Still , you can't help but love Libra/Libra.

Venus bestows a fine mix of autonomy and unity in Libra/Libra.

Venus needs to be part of a couple and in love, this is emphasized in Libra sign/Libra rising.

Actually this need in Libra should be pursued because when coupled up, Libra gains a lot.

When Libra decides to look for a partner, Libra should be sensible.

When a Libra is finally coupled up, they aren't adverse to going all the way to marriage. Libra is naturally a loyal mate.

Libra is such an appealingly clever diplomatic flirt. Whether male or female when talking to them you feel like they're trying to seduce you, people just can't help, but to like them.

If you want to seduce Libra, get on that scale with Libra.

Reflect Libra back to themselves, make it mutual. Do that Libra tango.

Libra comes close? You get close.
Libra smiles? You smile back.
Libra touches? You touch.
Merge with Libra, harmonize. You get the picture.

Once you're in a relationship with Libra, you must always make equilibrium and serenity the hallmarks of your relationship.

If you happen to be a Fire sign or Water sign involved with Libra, you'll have to work arduously to keep that Fire temper or Watery emotionality, in check.

The good thing about having a conflict in a relationship with Libra is that they always try to resolve things in a way that gets both of you what you want.

At times, you may find that Libra/Libra is contradictory.

This will not feel beneficial your partnership. Libra will find the fights that arise from their inconsistent ways, too dramatic and may prefer to leave the relationship at some point.

As long as you don't deal with Libra's inconsistencies in a drama filled way.

Your marriage or long term relationship is safe , Libra has made a commitment and will find it hard to leave you.

Libra sign with Scorpio rising

A Libra/Scorpio is a contrary combination.

Libra sign/Scorpio rising will behave passionately or distantly, depending on what reaction they want from you.

However, when it comes to family and friends Libra/Scorpio will always show their Suns sign attributes of cheerfulness and kindness.

The Scorpio rising persistence makes Libra more willing to work things out when misunderstandings occur, when normally any kind of drama would make Libra turn away.

Libra has a smooth way in handling people; Scorpio has strong persuasion skills. When you mix a Libra sign with Scorpio, you can never quite tell if they're manipulating you or if you are choosing to do something because you want to do it.

This is when to watch out:

  1. They'll display perfect manners, disarming you with their Lady like or Gentlemanly behavior.
  2. They'll ask for your views on things, setting you up to tell you what they think your views should be.
  3. Libra/Scorpio will be real thoughtful, so they don't get in trouble with you for doing something else that was wrong.

They'll use mental booby traps, getting you to spill the beans on what you're up to.

They'll use a "confide in me, I understand" demeanor to get you to leak secrets.

If they're suspicious that you have done something wrong be ready for the P.I.

Now do you see? You can't get anything over a person who has a PhD in the manipulation/persuasion arts.

Libra/Scorpio rising will be totally involved in a romance/love affair with you.

The question is, how will Libra/Scorpio show this commitment?

Will it be, guileless and affectionate? Or will it be exacting and passionate ?

Well, that will depend on what sign is in the power seat.

This person will love the game of courtship, they charm you with words without laying a hand on you (Libra) and switch to filling you with passion leaving you aching (Scorpio).

You better get ready for cold showers because this Libra will take their slow time in romancing you and they'll have fun doing it.

Libra longs for a life of equilibrium and looks for a mate that balances them out. Scorpio rising gives this Libra a more pronounced desire to pursue a mate.

A Libra/Scorpio rising is a Libra, (always ready for a relationship).

A Scorpio, is (ruled by passion), they may get into a serious relationship too soon; at least too soon to know if they have true compatibility.

This rush to love brings the most problems and this is when Libra/Scorpio sees how different and incompatible your dispositions are.

That's when they realize, your relationship isn't going to work.

If you are starting out with Libra/Scorpio in a romance, make them go slow on purpose.

Libra sign with Sagittarius rising

Libra and Sagittarius in two separate people is a well-matched pair.

However, when you find these two signs in one person... Ah... there's the rub...Actually, it's not that bad.

As far as the compatibility goes except for what was noted above, Sagittarius and Libra complement one another.

Two zodiac signs that most other signs find the most delightful are Libras and Sagittarians.

Libra's are honest, accommodating and they make great friends. Sagittarians are fun, outspoken, positive and they're generous friends.

Libra is a social creature and Sagittarius rising makes them even more so.

Sagittarius rising will make this Libra sign less inclined to take the easy way out and more inclined to stand their ground.

Even though Libra will still be there for those in need, Sagittarius rising will make Libra more able to say no when they want to say no.

If Libra/Sagittarius finds they have someone in their lives who takes advantage of their generosity and trust, they may forgive that person but, they won't forget.

Sagittarius (Masculine sign) gives this person a stronger identity, this means Libra will make more decisive and faster decisions than other Libras.

Sagittarius gives this Libra sign an independent streak and a spontaneous manner.

Although the Libra inclination to partner up is still strong, this Libra won't have a problem being alone, if they have to be.

Libra will be more of an adventurer because of Sagittarius rising.

This is where the trouble comes in with this combination:

A Libra sign is someone with a light diplomatic touch; Sagittarius, doesn't think about being soft and easy, they tell it straight and you may choke on it.

Libra has a talent for perception. When a Libra/Sagittarian wants to say something to you, it may hit you right where it hurts.

Libra zooms in on your flaw and the Sagittarius in them will burn you by verbalizing it.

You'll surely want to slap them when it happens, you may even want to talk about them in bad terms to others, don't.

Libra/Sagittarius is well liked by other people, you'll find no sympathy.

Libra sign with Capricorn rising

Here you find an intermingling of Cardinal (Libra), Cardinal (Capricorn) Earth (Capricorn) and Air (Libra).

This person is smart and pragmatic. This Libra sign is dynamic and ambitious.

You'll find graciousness, attentiveness and subtlety underscored in a Libra/Capricorn.

Libra is the zodiac sign of refinement; things that are tasteful and people who are graceful.

If you're courteous and thoughtful Libra will like you right away. Capricorn will like you if you're tasteful and polished.

These Libras are the smooth operators who know how maneuver everything and everyone in a way that it works out for all.

These Libras are patient and they can take a lot of difficulty.

These are the ones that say "well, tomorrow’s a new day."

Don't scream at them or get dramatic on them, it will not help.

Libra/Capricorn rising will experience inner conflict, they'll be affected by many occurrences of troubles, postponements, letdowns, impediments and upsets.

To deal with these struggles Libra/Capricorn has focus, fortitude and tenacity.

Libra/Capricorn rising is fair-minded and responsible. Their reputation is important to them and it is good.

Even if something is routine and tedious, you can count on them to do the job. This person works hard and plays hard.

Let's talk marriage or permanent romantic commitment.

For a Libra/Capricorn this will surely happen. The question is when and how?

It may not happen until later in life for many Libra/Capricorn's.

It may be a May/December, cougar/cub, older man/younger girl type of marriage.

Or, it may be a partnership of opposite socioeconomic classes.

When it comes to their partners, Libra's heart is true and responsible.

Capricorn rising will make Libra unemotional and detached,this can lead them to be oblivious to your disillusionment.

Libra/Capricorn show their love by; taking care of you, the kids, your home, the bills, cars and everything else you may need and they'll never complain.

You should remember that when you feel that they aren't kissing and holding you enough.

Libra sign with Aquarius rising

Libra and Aquarius is a mix of faithfulness, determination, reliability, responsibility and fairness.

They're natural comedians, doing or saying things that get you laughing even without meaning to.

Libra has an extremely educated mind and a graceful manner; Aquarius is eccentric.

When integrated, this combo leads to an imaginative mind.

He or she likes things to be fair and it's important to them.

Libra/Aquarians like the notion that the world can always become a better place to live.

Libra and Aquarius are Air signs, who this person is, what this individual does and what they say is always in harmony.

Libra is appealing to all and is perceptive; Aquarius is a pal and is perceptive.

Libra/Aquarius rising gets the "real you" right away,they'll make you feel understood and that goes a long way in gaining your affection.

Libra is a people pleaser, because of this, they can never get over the unhappiness of someone in their life.

Libra/Aquarius experiences a good deal of luck from relationships.

This man or woman may be interested in older mates. Libra/Aquarius gets along best with people who are older than them.

You may find that your Libra/Aquarius has an ex that is still hanging around, who is constantly trying to aggravate Libra.

It's best to tell your Libra to stay far from this person and don't even try to make things better, they'll feel better.

Libra sign with Pisces rising

A Libran/Pisces is courteous, suave, calming, wish-washy and intriguing.

Pisces rising prompts Libra to sacrifice what they want or need for another, hoping that things will work out for the best.

Most of the time they'll find that martyrdom doesn't pay as well as it should.

Pisces rising will make Libra a little more autonomous than other Libras.

Pisces makes this Libra sign stronger and not as susceptible to the control and meddling of other people.

Libra sign/Pisces will have a strong desire for a relationship or marriage, they want a companion.

Libra sign/Pisces rising will put a lot of energy into their personal love life, their partners and close relationships.

Libra/Pisces rising treats their partner in ways that make them easy to love and be happy with.

Libra/Pisces still needs to be careful who they choose to make their love partner, so that they don't give so much, they feel used.

Libra is, The scales and needs to feel balanced, harmony is an important factor of their lives.

This person doesn't like drama or anything that reeks of drama.

You'll never utter the words, " Honey, don't have conniption." or the like to a Libra/Pisces.

Luckily, this implies Libra sign/Pisces won't bicker about your flaws, if you don't cause a fight with them and get all "dramatic".


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