The Inclinations of Libra Rising

With a Libra rising, you are captivating, refined, selective, and calm.

You're sociable and you find it delightful to be with other people. You love parties, joyous occasions, and having a good time.

You have an amiable disposition. You're optimistic of your future, even as your hopes are dashed.

Naturally, no one can stay this way day in and day out, but allowing other people to admonish and deter you will only leave you feeling dispirited.

Your sense of style and tastes will be very important to you.

You happily jump into things that promise to be exhilarating. The problem arises when you lose your persistence and abandon ship.

As a Libra rising, you dread taking chances.

Another problem comes when you can't make up your mind or you do make up your mind and then second guess yourself and change it again.

You seem above it all, this distance in your character is hard for other people to understand, but you will always be aloof. Even with this quality, you still manage to get along well with others.

The Balance of Relationships and Balance your Life

Libra is the Scales and it doesn't take much to shift the Scales.

Another thing balance does for you is, it sustains you.

Even if you have Planets and Zodiac signs that point to your character being fiercely independent or autonomous, Libra rising gives you an inner desire that manifests in you trying to find a balancing force.

It's as if you have an inner seesaw and you always have a need for someone else to be on the other end. It helps you to find out who you are by experiencing who someone else is. Through another person, you find out what you are made of.

Specifically, you can also find that this search for balance manifests in you interjecting a little sarcasm in an otherwise boring as rocks, get together.

The other side of this same coin would be you toning down the crazy lunatic in the group by sobering them up with graveness. when no one else steps up.

Balancing can be a mere position of you playing devils advocate. Balance is also your motive for trying to bring harmony in a social setting.

When it comes to politics and society to the lowest degree you have an opinion, at best you identify with a group, Liberal or Conservative.

You should strive to be active in saying what you think and not just wait for one side to convince you.

If not you will seem like a fence sitter who has no thoughts on anything at best or a person who is a fake because every person gets a different opinion from you, at worst.

In reality, you haven't made up your mind; you're just repeating points from each side that you have heard.specifically, playing devils advocate.

When it comes to shopping, you should make certain that the wonderful object you like is equally worth the price.

When it comes to dating, don't just judge the book by its lovely/sexy cover you may not like what you learn.

YOUR MOTTO: Two are better than one

Libra rising points you toward your fate and fortune. Destiny will naturally pair you up many times in your life. Even when you are without a romantic partner, you will have a close buddy or girlfriend to give you balance.

You always have a witness to your life; you never walk alone.

In your life, you find yourself in positions that jeopardize your serenity and equilibrium; going through this will help you acquire finesse.

Disagreement makes the most powerful impact on you. Because of this, you learn to use the gentle touch with people - particularly your romantic partner.

If you were born under Libra rising, having a husband/wife, soul mate or partner or all three is very important to you.

Holding onto and sustaining relationships is very important to you.

Once married, Libra rising people tend to gain a lot materially.

When it comes to children you don't have too many, but you love them rotten.

A certain partner, lover or close friend may bring a lot of luck to you.

Libra Rising and Appearance

A note about physical aspects: these attributes may not pertain to you because of the First House Planets or Mars' position.

You’re good looking. You have elegant and proportionate facial features and a brilliant smile. Your physical structure is usually average for men and curvaceous for women.

Read more about Libra's looks.

Libra Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

Your Sun sign; Moon sign, Venus, Mercury and Mars signs will show how you stand up and make your opinion known.

If you happen to have one or more of these in Libra:

(Venus, Moon, Mercury, Sun, or Mars) Then,  there will be one relationship pairing that will be major in your life.

Mars, zodiac sign and the House they are in will uncover more about lovers, mates, and romantic entanglements. There you will see your style of connecting and the way you assert your self.

The planet Venus governs Libra, it's very important in your chart.

Venus adds good looks, appeal, social skills, a loving character, a taste for artistry, harmonious sounds, and ornamentation.

Venus also promotes spinelessness, possessiveness, shallowness, indolence and co- dependence.

Venus, the zodiac sign and the House will point to where you might find a balance inside yourself without needing someone to counteract you.

You may also discover where astrologically you might find that romantic partner for your seesaw. You could also uncover more about your aesthetic style.

When you have Libra rising you have the Sign of Aries as your opposite. We call this Aries Setting because, Aries was setting as Libra was rising.

I note Aries setting to you because, the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Aries setting tells you that you appeal to aggressive mates. After a while, you do one of two things, you find it suitable and stay, or you see it as unstable, get fed up with it and stand up for yourself and what you want.


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