Review Pisces Sign with Rising Combinations

Pisces sign with Aries rising

A Pisces sign/Aries combination isn't beneficial.

Aries rising makes you brave, adventurous and ambitious.

There may be a preponderance of troubles and problems in your life.

If Mars and Saturn Aspects are favorable troubles may be less and easily fixed.

You'll go through many changes in situations of life, one moment you're up and the next you're down.

You'll have to deal with people who are cruel and hostile towards you.

You'll stand up for yourself and others when you find injustice.

You're someone who feels obligated to give of yourself to others, even when you know you may not get thanked.

As a Pisces sign/Aries rising you have to contend with authoritarianism, limitations and preconceptions.

Even though Aries rising makes you brave and Pisces Sun makes you fight for the underdog; many times you'll find that when you rail against injustices, it is to your... detriment.

Consequently, you should attempt to choose your battles carefully, don't let the other Aries trait (hotheadedness), make you put up your fists before you think things through.

You should avoid being swayed by what other people say and do. You should always figure out what makes the best sense in every way, before you choose to act.

Pisces Sun makes you emotional and able to fool yourself. Aries rising makes you enamored of passion and to quick to jump into things.

When choosing a romantic partner, you should think about who makes sense being in your life.

Pisces sign with Taurus rising

This combination is of benefit to Pisces because otherwise, Pisces would be in the clouds most of the time. Taurus rising will give Pisces a realistic point of view in life.

Connecting Pisces with Taurus gets either:

A lackluster individual who has no vision, or an individual so ingenious that He/She can make real their aspirations.

This Pisces sign will be temperamental or moody, still capable of getting down in the dumps one hour and then suddenly, the skies are clear, the next. The issue is, how fast will this Pisces sign get out of that slump.

This is a situation that often happens with a Pisces/Taurus:

Let's say, you did something or said something to Pisces/Taurus.

Pisces will jump to the most hurtful conclusion and become sad. Once things are cleared up and their Taurus rising takes over, Pisces will come back to earth and Pisces will be all right with the world again.

This Pisces sign/Taurus rising has more of a chance at becoming financially secure than other Pisceans. Financial security is something Pisces will want to do for themselves.

Pisces signs and Taurus signs are searching for their perfect mate, their kindred soul.

Pisces people want romanticism; Pisces wants someone who can interpret their romantic thoughts. If you can do it, a Pisces Sun will think you're their soul mate.

Taurus zodiac signs are seeking somebody exactly like them; in experiences, in what matters,in behavior, in attitudes, in fashions, trends and style and familial love ... a matching soul.

If you show that you're precisely those things, Taurus will envision you as their a earthly, match.

Pisces sign with Gemini rising

Pisces sign/Gemini rising will find it hard to keep from changing their mind time and time again. Pisces will find it hard to reign in their overactive Gemini imagination.

Many times Pisces will feel like they're suffering because people just don't understand them, most of the time that isn't true, Pisces just sees it this way.

Occasionally, the Gemini rising discontentment and ambivalence will over-power Pisces.

Pisces sign/Gemini will get carried away becoming overwhelmed by illogical thinking.

Pisces sign with Cancer rising

A Pisces/Cancer rising combination suggests a love of travel abroad, perhaps living overseas for a period of time.

A Pisces/Cancer rising combination indicates luck.

This combination tells of interests in the mystical, philosophic and spiritual subjects.

Pisces/Cancer rising likes to bask in luxury and enjoy delightful experiences. Pisces/Cancer rising isn't stingy, they like to share all these experiences with their friends and sweethearts.

Pisces/Cancer rising is happiest when they get to do what they want, when they want.

Pisces/Cancer rising doesn't take well to being told what to do.

Occasionally, Pisces/Cancer rising are baffled and hurt because some people are unkind when they've tried to treat these people with kindness.

What Pisces/Cancer rising needs to do is, find an equilibrium between complete confidence in others and distrust of them.

Pisces/Cancer rising needs to find an equilibrium between unselfishness and excessive self protection.

Once Pisces/Cancer finds this proportion they'll be better off.

Pisces sign with Leo rising

Pisces/Leo is a favorable fusing of Sun and Rising sign.

A Pisces Sun sign would never be called strong as a first description.

A Pisces is sensitive to unkind comments.

A Pisces will be hurt if you ignore them.

Leo rising places a hard shell around the normal Pisces sensitivity, making Pisces/Leo able to stand and look you in the eye with their head held high, like a regal Leo.

Leo rising makes Pisces fearless, willing to do what needs to be done.

This Pisces won't run when things get tough nor will they sit there and do nothing, waiting for someone to fix everything. Leo rising is the Fire that is lit in Pisces getting this Water sign boiling; not languishing like other Pisceans.

Pisces will still like to be catered to, but in a Leo kind of way.

No cheap romance for this Pisces/Leo Female, she will want to be taken out, wined and dined at the hottest places. You have to show her off, this Pisces female isn't shy.

If you're trying to win a Pisces/Leo Male and he takes you out, you should dress like you're special. You should behave in a high class manner... almost Royal.

As a Pisces this person may still get down in the dumps and/or give into depression, even with a Leo rising. Pisces shouldn't give into sadness and melancholy as they naturally want to, it can take hold of them and all the confidence that Leo gives them will disappear.

Pisces/Leo has a calm intensity about them.

They'll keep their cool even if they're crying inside. They're patient and understanding of other peoples faults and flaws.

Pisces sign with Virgo rising

When Pisces and Virgo are merged there's a built-in struggle.

Pisces and Virgo are mutable, diffident and self-deceptive, these are the only traits they share.

This mix will be a clash of the unemotional with the emotional.

Pisces acts from an imaginative point of view; Virgo acts from a calculated point of view.

Certain traits will be conveyed, whether these tendencies are beneficial or unfavorable will hinge on what sign of the zodiac is directing or has more power (Sun sign).

Virgo rising will make Pisces more pragmatic. Sometimes, people will knowingly or unknowingly do or say things that hurt this Pisces' feelings.

Emotional tensions can overwhelm rational thinking in Pisces bringing up a struggle with the Virgo pragmatism, for control.

When this Pisces is hurt the Virgo trait to criticize will come out and Pisces will say things to provoke and put people down. The usual Pisces understanding won't be there.

Sometimes, it can help for a Pisces/Virgo to put down on paper how they feel, instead of lashing out verbally.

Virgo rising will give Pisces a sense of direction.

Pisces/Virgo rising is giving and not ambitious for things that most people are ambitious for.

Pisces/Virgo rising will like sifting through information.

Pisces/Virgo wants explanations on why something is the way it is. Pisces/Virgo looks for reasons behind everything.

There is a possibility that Pisces/Virgo rising will consort with people who are seedy or sleazy.

Pisces/Virgo may involve themselves in situations that could lead to scandal.

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