Pisces Rising Temperament

As a Pisces rising, you have an active imagination.

You may be talented artistically, if not you at least have a great love for art.

You like to entertain and be social. You are warm with your friends and lovers. You are good to people.

You love romance. You like all the good things in life: food, clothes, fine dining, traveling, fine champagne, wines and liquors.

You like eras gone by; you appreciate the way people lived, the way people dressed, the music, the furnishings.

You may even think aloud how much you feel you should have been born in a particular time.

YOUR MOTTO: Sentimental yet Temperamental

You like to keep things that have a sentimental meaning for you. You have tender feelings, sad stories move you.

Lost animals, mistreated animals, lost children, and unhappy human beings make you sad. Personally, when a friend is sad you are sad.

You always choose to believe that life can be perfect even though we all know that a perfect life is impossible.

You're seemingly laid-back and progressive; you live and let live.

However, you shouldn't let this noble propensity lead you to weakling status.

You can have a laissez faire attitude but you must always come out your laid-back character and stand up for what you believe in.

People around can tell that there is an essence of melancholy that is with you at all times.

As a Pisces rising you tend to think that life's illusions always gets the best of you and it makes you feel pitiful.

Your personality is changeable; you are moody. At times, you become distressed and worried. Your imagination runs wild and you let them fill you with dread.

At home, you tend to be absent- minded and thoughtless with your things; you tend to lose or misplace things.

Yet when it comes to your job, you are mindful, under control and resourceful. You would do great in the publishing world particularly writing, you would also do well in the travel field.

As a Pisces rising you may move a lot before you find a place that you love enough to call home.

Pisces Rising :Obscured Lines

You sometimes take up with people who have no real understanding of boundaries or they don’t respect boundaries.

You can encounter these types of people in all areas of your life: friendships, love affairs, career or just socializing.

If you have no sense of where your limits are, how are you supposed to enforce them? If other people don't clearly see where the line is they will cross the line and you will always be taken advantage of.

Of course, putting yourself last may seem like the kind thing to do, but why not be kind to yourself and set some limits with other people.

If you don't learn to set limits, instead of feeling merciful you may feel like a martyr.

Fortunately, this is not going to happen every time you are kind to someone, but know that part of your Pisces rising journey is to separate yourself from other people and learn that everyone’s problem can’t become your problem too.

In other words, when you do find yourself suffering because you tried to help someone, you have a lesson to learn.

Yes, your first inclination is to help and you should, but you have to judge wisely who to help and who you need to just leave alone.

When you decide to help, know when to say I have done all I can, I am sorry.

Pisces Rising from the Water

As a Pisces rising, you will have times that you feel so mired in confusion that it’s more like drowning.

When you feel like this, it is time for you to find another human being that will be there for you, someone to be your rock.

At other times, you may feel lost, you may feel that things have dried up or you feel like you are in a muddy rut.

What you should do is go to the water. Go and sit next to the water or dive in and bathe.

You may notice that it cleans things away or that it clears your mind. You will be able to think. You will feel like you can breathe again.

When you have Pisces rising, your dreams may have something to tell you. Always try to remember your dreams, especially dreams that involve water.

The Visage of Pisces Rising

Note about how you look: any First House Planets or Mars’ placement may make a difference in your looks.

You probably have wavy head of hair. You should have nice feet. You tend to have sexy lips and bright eyes.

Read more about looks.

Pisces Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

Mercury, zodiac sign and the House they are in will expose more regarding the way you associate with love interests and the caliber of love affairs you have.

Neptune governs Pisces it is very important in your chart.

The status of Neptune, zodiac sign and House will disclose more concerning how your imagination can pep you up and urge you on.

You will also discover how things that you can't or refuse to see can deceive you.

Neptune contributes strong intuition, an interest in mysterious things/occult arts.

Neptune also imparts creativeness, sympathy, vision and sensibility.

Neptune equally promotes indecision, negligence, irritation, self-deceit and disorder.

When you have an ascendant in Pisces, you have the sign of Virgo as your opposite.

We call this Virgo Setting because Virgo was setting as Pisces was rising.

I note Virgo setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Virgo setting tells you that you’ll appeal to mates who are selective and facilitating.

Having such a person as a love interest will either teach you to be and give you a sharper direction with your life or will make you attempt to subvert and neutralize this person for trying to change you.


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