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Sagittarius Astrological Signs, Looks, Physical Features, Style and other Idiosyncrasies

November 23rd to December 21st

There are 2 physical types for this astrological sign:

One is heavyset and they become chubbier as age sets in
Is shorter in height.
Has wide shoulders.
This one is more rough, unrefined and jolly.

The other is powerful and lean in body.
Is tall and is very noticeable because of their height.
This one is more quiet and discriminating.


Sagittarius has an oval face that is shaped nicely.

The nose has good proportions.

Their eyes are open, genuine and they tell everything.

Sagittarian eyes are full of merriment; the eyes are shinny and happy, yet they're quick to notice everything that is going on around them.

Sagittarius typically has brunette hair that when in light a golden brown to reddish brown tint can be detected.


The motions of their body are agile and energetic.

The femur or thigh bone is uniquely but typically long.


Sagittarius Ascendant People

Men born under Sagittarius rising can grow taller than men that are Gemini rising.

Sagittarius rising men have big feet and big hands.


Sagittarius man

He has a lean body or a chubby body.

He has a nice butt.

He is tall or short.

His legs are long especially the thigh.

The forehead is wide.

His hair may start to recede at some point.

His eyes are sunny.

He  has a button nose.

He has a nice happy mouth.

Sagittarius woman

She has great legs and a nice butt.

She has a long waist.

Her body is a nice one.

She may have lighter hair.

She has a button nose.

Her eyebrows are slight.

Her mouth is genial.


The Sagittarian has a candid way of living, they don't attempt to conceal anything.

The truest Sagittarius is fidgety and not able to stay motionless.

Sagittarius is very self-assured.

Sagittarius ignores established rules in most things.

Most Sagittarians are elegant, and it's a calm refinement they have in their style.

But, the funny thing about Sagittarians is that all of a sudden there is a certain want of elegance of body that approaches awkwardness.

They may be walking so gracefully and a tiny little rock will drop them to the ground.

Note****I can attest to this, I am a Sag. Well, look at horses? How much care do horse riders/owners have to take to make sure their horses don't trip? I googled "Are horses clumsy?"  and got over 1,000,000 responses. Ha!****

Sagittarius has a lot of energy and their health is usually fine.  The only things that will effect them is: overuse of their natural energy will fry their nerves.

Sagittarius needs to sleep well and eat well because once sick it takes weeks to get better.

Capricorn  Astrological Signs, Looks, Physical Features, Style and other Idiosyncrasies

 December 22nd to January 20th

Capricorn is a hard sign to distinguish physically. This is your most typical way to figure one out.
The hair is glossy, flat and or silky.

Capricorn is one of the most melancholy astrological signs. They can mostly look burdened. That said a lot of them are full of life and loquacious.


They're usually good-looking or handsome.

They usually have quite attractive eyes, they are very communicative.

They have round shaped eyes.

The skin color is usually olive and easily tans.


Capricorn always looks good, they have their own style.


Capricorn Ascendant People

These people may have a smaller chest area.

They might be short and lean.

The neck is slender.

The hair is dark and soft.

The face is sallow and pale.

The eyesight may be feeble and the eyes smallish.


Capricorn man

He has a lean and resilient body.

The stature is short to medium tall.

His eyes are rounded.

He wears an almost permanent somewhat concerned look on his face,
especially if Saturn is impaired.

Capricorn woman

She has curves.

She may have flat hair.

Her facial features are strong.

She also wears melancholy on her face, this happens particularly when there is an  affliction in Saturn.


Gloomy moods for too long will affect their health.

Aquarius  Astrological Signs, Looks, Physical Features, Style and other Idiosyncrasies

January 21st to February 19th

The truest Aquarius is the  most eminent form of manhood and womankind.
Consequently this is extremely uncommon to find, since the physical versions created by the interjection of  whatever Planets are so dissimilar that Aquarius  is frequently hard to pick out from just their looks.

For example, Saturn governs Aquarius so they sometime wear the same mask of gloom that you'll see on the Capricorn face.

Aquarius as a sign has a lot of androgyny in the looks department.


Aquarius has distinct facial features.

The eyes are unafraid but genial. The eyes are bright and healthy.

The eyelashes hang down, so the women need the eyelash curlers.

The brow is square shaped.

They have very nice skin.


They are typically tall.

They move in an easygoing way, nice and easy.

They tend to look pensive because of the head droop.


The physique is an example of a female or male body.

Aquarius man

He may have a curious womanly body features or form.

His arms are long, they may be svelte and feminine.

His top lip is usually thin.

He has smallish ears.

His may become gray-haired before age sets in.

Aquarius woman

She may have a body that is boy like, but slender.

She has a charming mouth.

Her breasts are small.

She has nice legs.

Her face is candid.


In innate quality of Aquarius is looking ennobled.

When an Aquarius turns profile you should see a noble profile.

Aquarius is generally haughty and formal.

You will find that the Aquarians that are indolent in exercise  and thoughtless in how they treat their body are the ones with bad skin and bad health overall.

The sound of the voice is typically soft.

They don't express mirth out loud as much as they smile.

Pisces Astrological Signs, Looks, Physical Features, Style and other Idiosyncrasies

February 20th to March 20th

Pisces Fishes come in 2 physical packages.

The one:

Has imperfect posture.
Has shoulders are rounded rather than squared.
Is sleepy-eyed Has a full face.

The other:

Has a good and upright posture.
Has eyes that are penetrative and alive.
Has a square shaped face and jaw.
Walks with ease.


The facial features are pliant and fluid and has character.

They may have dimples.

A lot of Pisceans have light colored eyes, especially blue.
They sometimes have eyes that are melancholy.

They may have big ears.
The nose may look big or flat.
The hair is satiny and healthy.

The skin stays young looking past the time for wrinkles.
The skin color is pale to medium in shade.
The skin usually feels and looks delicate.


Generally, Pisces people are short.

They are usually squishy and hardy.

They have bigger feet and they turn in almost a bow legged look.

Pisces people walk like a fish would on their fins, picture it:
They walk taking short steps, shifting their weight from one foot to the other foot.


Pisces man

Physically he is elegant, lean and had nice posture.

He has the tendency to age before what would be considered a normal time.

Pisces woman

She has a womanly physique.

She is big breasted.

Her thighs and legs are stocky.

Her skin is silky and her skin is delicate.

Her eyebrows are full.

Her eyes tell of her feelings.


Pisces is a refined person.

When Pisces is at ease, you can see it in their face because their whole face is animated.

The body of a Pisces is not as naturally strong as other astrological signs, bodily health is fairly fragile.

It is hard to recuperate once Pisces had fallen ill or has been physically stressed.
If Pisces eats a balanced diet, exercises and gets enough sleep, they should remain healthy.

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