Review your Aquarius Sign with Ascendant Sign Combination

Aquarius sign with Aries rising

Aquarius is Sextile to Aries, therefore, harmonious.

Aquarius/Aries rising is a nice blend of a fearless intellect and courageous energy.

Aquarius will restrain some of the impetuousness and haste of Aries rising.

An Aquarius sign should be able to channel their Aries risings natural energy, precisely.

It would be beneficial for this person to fuse the pragmatism of Aquarius with the idealistic qualities of Aries.

Aquarius/Aries’ imagination is heightened.

It should be easy for Aquarius sign/Aries to make friends and connections.

If Aquarius/Aries wants to live their dreams, everything will hinge on their efforts, initiative, networking skills and ability to build genuine friendships.

There's a fundamental level of ingenuity in Aquarius/Aries, if used more often, it should have a good effect on their commercial enterprises, career, finances and social life.

In relationships, Aries won't have such a propensity to get involved in situations that bring jealousy and conflict.

Aquarius sign with Taurus rising

Aquarius/Taurus rising is a favorable combination.

A Taurus rising does make Aquarius seem closed off because they don't talk much; it's hard for them to share with you at first.

An Aquarius sign is a modern thinker. Some of their philosophies may not be easily understood by others, in fact, some people may find these ideas weird.

To avoid feeling lonesome and misunderstood Aquarius/Taurus should make an attempt to adjust their thoughts to their companion's.

Aquarius with Taurus rising won't seem as environmentally aware or keen to save the world as other Aquarians.

They may feel these thing are important but expression will be in a quieter manner, one that takes their financial safety into consideration.

This Aquarian puts more value in having a stable home than other Aquarians.

Taurus rising will make this Aquarian more emotional than others, feelings will play an important part in their lives.

This person is sincere in their affections and isn't inclined to cheat.

They will be afraid to trust others affections.

They are sensitive and will easily feel sad and will easily hurt.

Many of the dreams and wishes they have in their lives will center on relationships.

Relationships will make a great impact on Aquarius/Taurus, if things are good in their love life, everything's good; if things are bad, everything's bad.

Aquarius sign with Gemini rising

Aquarians are whimsical, they don't like to be pinned down; Gemini is erratic, you can't pin them down.

Aquarius aims the natural Gemini energy towards a planned goal.

Aquarius is a strong enough Sun sign that it keeps in check the natural Gemini urge to dart from one thing to another and the restless need for variety.

An Aquarius/Gemini rising will be polite, respectful, open and keen to allow others their independence.

An Aquarius/Gemini rising is inspired and has an appealing way of expressing it.

Aquarius/Gemini rising instinctively knows how to empathize with others.

Aquarius sign/Gemini rising would probably do well in Writing or Astrology, if they tried to learn and practice it.

Aquarius/Gemini may be interested in technological gadgets; the latest phones, the latest TV’s and audio systems.

They probably watch the science channel and see the science fiction movies.

They may read scientific and technological news and books. They may even like techno-music (Sub genres and Fusion genres).


Aquarius sign with Cancer rising

Aquarius/Cancer rising is principled, self contained and valued by others for their duteous character.

Aquarius sign/Cancer rising will step up and take control when no one will.

Aquarius/Cancer rising tends to have a fatalistic point of view.

Thoughts like:

" Whatever is going to happen will happen, no matter how much I try."

" I am just not good at anything."

" I am so unlucky."

An Aquarius/Cancer rising should push aside thoughts like these, if allowed to fester, they may let progress slip away.

An Aquarius/Cancer rising is adaptable, imaginative and captivating.

At times, they feel an equal and opposite desire to be lazy and to pursue power.

If Aquarius/Cancer rising judges situations wisely and objectively, it shouldn't be difficult for them to arrive at the pragmatic answers to their troubles.

Aquarius/Cancer rising may receive an insurance settlement, money left in a Will or another unanticipated financial gain.

If the Moon is within good aspects, Aquarius/Cancer rising may marry into money, make more money or get into a commercial partnership that becomes very profitable.

If the Moon is in a detrimental placement, then a marriage partner or business partner may be the person Aquarius/Cancer loses, thus, the financial gain.

Aquarius sign with Leo rising

Leo and Aquarius sit on opposite sides of the zodiac circle, there is conflict here.

The word disheartened is not in your vocabulary.

As an Aquarius/Leo rising you seem extroverted and confident.

You'll be equally concerned with your well being and the well being of the world.

As an Aquarius/ Leo rising you love your freedom.

You're perceptive and imaginative, which makes you a great adviser.

A note about giving out advice, before you give someone advice, make certain your advisee isn't going to use it to hurt another or to be self-serving; you can always refuse to advise them.

When you experience hard troubles in your romantic relationships, you struggle between leaving or staying to work it out.

Whenever you feel like this, you should purposely use your Aquarian cool hotheadedness instead of letting Leo take over, this way, you reach the right decision.

Aquarius sign with Virgo rising

This Aquarius/Virgo combo is not beneficial, it brings inner conflict.

Aquarius and Virgo relate in an intellectual manner.

A sense of perfection mixed with pragmatism should be a good thing right? not here.

Combining Aquarius/Virgo rising brings about a person who's perception is colored with suspicion.

This Aquarius has a strong eye for what is wrong, they look for flaws and frailty in other people.

This is the person that is always saying this person or that one is a con or is trying to take advantage.

This tendency can be detrimental in friendships and love relationships.

Virgo rising will make this Aquarius sign more likely to be stubborn.

Aquarius/Virgo rising will be good at getting other people to do what they want.

It's difficult to understand an Aquarius/Virgo's thoughts and feelings.

Aquarius/Virgo's don't wish to let their emotions show, they choose to say what's in their heads, not hearts.

Aquarius/Virgo rising won't be as aware of their feelings as a Virgo/Aquarius.

Aquarius/Virgo rising is willing to show more love to the world in general than to one person in particular.

That's great for the world but what about the lover they have at home?

Don't expect to have any long drawn "my secret hopes and dreams, this will bond us" kind of conversations with Aquarius/Virgo rising.


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