Aquarius Rising Tendencies

As an Aquarius rising you are imaginative. You are a virtual artist in the way you can paint a picture with your words.

You are beguiling with your charm yet levelheaded too.

You would make a great leader.

As an Aquarius rising you have a unique look.

You are imaginative in the way you dress and you believe that you're a trendsetter.

You think in future tense; in the future, there is always something waiting for you to grab hold of.

Your biggest hope for humanity would be peace and happiness; you are so noble-minded. You want to see the best in everyone. The future for the world is always brighter in your mind.

Aquarius rising people are easy to be friends with. They are honest about who they are. Aquarian ascendants are naturally inclined to tell you the truth. They are also amusing to be with.

You aren't very patient with other people’s small faults; to show your impatience you make wry comments that are actually funny even if they burn a little.

Your mind is sharp and you use it to figure out where everyone's button is, then you make comments with your acerbic tongue to push those buttons.

Aquarius rising, you are a walking contradiction. You love being a homebody and you love to go out. You are outgoing and you are sullen.

You can be amiable but then again you can be hostile. You can think in technical terms and you can think aesthetically too. You love to be around people and you would rather be alone.

You are impartial in your judgments and you allow other people to think and do what they like, but you can be rigid in your views.

Your fixed opinions appear when you encounter someone whose ideas don't match up to your idealistic ones; almost no one can change your mind if it is set.

You probably get very disturbed when other people approach you strongly with a difference of opinion; you know it's not leading to anywhere good or harmonious.

You may seem like a modern, changeable and lenient person to other people, but in time, they’ll see that you're as bull-headed as a Taurus when it comes down to what you think, and what you think about things run towards the unconventional.

Most people do one of 3 things:

*Go with the way things are.

*Rail against the way things are.


*Try to alter the way things are.

You on the other hand, want to re- create everything to match your lofty ideals.

YOUR MOTTO: Living life separate but equally

The words independence and equivalence have particular meanings to you.

You tend to live by them in a way. However, you have to understand that not everyone holds these words so dear. Some people in the world don't have equal rights and they want it.

Some folks think we should go back to what used to be, in rights and freedom.

Some people think that the rights some people have right now, are enough and we shouldn't go further.

Moreover, some people like you, believe as a human race we could do better, there is always HOPE.

Aquarius Rising: Money, Work, Opportunities and Love

You may be in for some legacy money at some point, just watch out for probate, lawyers and other things that may make the amount less than you thought it would be.

As an Aquarius, rising you could be famous, with no effort...for 15 minutes that is. Just like that, you can be the king of the world one minute then a lowly pauper the next, and all of it takes you by surprise.

Remember when lady luck smiles she has a frown that can come to her face just as quickly.

You never make as much money as you really want, but you do live well by the time you are in your 40's.

You have a good set of networking associates that you can call to help you out career wise and tons of friends that are there for you emotionally too.

Aquarius rising, you tend to be gung ho about projects at the start, but you soon lose steam. It's because just as quickly as something takes your interest you tire of it.

In the love department, you shouldn't be surprised if you find your mate for life very early in your life and live happily, forever after... you know the story.

Aquarius Rising Physical Frame and Looks

A note about physical characteristics: You may have some of these features and you may not, it depends on any First House Planets or Mars' positioning in your chart.

In the looks department, Aquarius rising people can have a nice sized forehead.

Your eyes rove but they sure are dreamy. You are slim and tall. You have nice facial bone structure.

Read more about looks.

Aquarius Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

The Sun, zodiac sign and the House they are in will disclose more concerning the way you should try to connect to another person and what your relationships will look like in general.

Uranus governs Aquarius and it is very important in your chart.

Uranus, zodiac sign and the House they are in will point to how easy or how hard it will be for you to express your autonomy.

You will also learn how you should establish and formulate your futuristic imagination.

Uranus imparts self-reliance, a loathing for limits, geniality, skillfulness, progressive views and unconventionality.

Uranus also promotes resistance, quirkiness, contradiction, inconsideration and haphazardness.

When you have Aquarius rising you have the sign of Leo as your opposite.

We call this Leo Setting, because Leo was setting as Aquarius was rising.

I note Leo setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Leo is a counteracting answer to your "chill" type of personality.

You draw in fiery or even volatile affairs.  And in those relationships, you're confronted with situations that go right through that cool persona you have; most of the time, going right through to your heart.

When you find your lover getting too emotional, you are able to do or say something that really backs them off and they turn away from you.

For a moment you are relieved, you wanted to cool the relationship down.

Nonetheless, you should avoid using this wicked talent of yours too much; for one day, you may not be able to get that person to become passionate about you again.

Your lover may just move on from you for good.


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