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Aquarius sign with Libra rising

Aquarius is friendly and intuitive; Libra is likable, they fit perfectly.

Aquarius/Libra people figure out who You are as soon as they meet you, they understand you and this makes you love them from the start.

Aquarius/Libra comfortable expressing themselves.

Aquarius/Libra's have strong opinions and you never know how they'll present them.

Will they be electric, friendly or magnetic? Will they be argumentative, explosive or disagreeable? Well at least you know whatever it is, you'll not miss it.

Aquarian/Libra will have productive friendships and relationships.

Aquarius/Libra's are naturally funny, they do hilarious things without meaning to, that make others chuckle.

Aquarius/Libra will need to pick their friends and lovers carefully so they don't end up in too many conflicts.

Although Aquarius/Libra won't be as ambitious as a Capricorn, they'll have hopes for the future. Aquarius/Libra will do what needs to be done to fulfill those hopes.

Aquarius sign with Scorpio rising

Aquarius/Scorpio rising is sort of a strange blend.

Your Aquarius sign overrules Scorpio's limitation, you won't keep your thoughts and feelings about things or people to yourself.

On one hand you'll have a heightened need to verbalize how you feel and this helps to keep you happier.

On the other hand, you can be stubborn, narrow-minded and biased about your sentiments and this will surely mess with your relationships with others.

If you let Scorpio's sexual influence take hold of you, you may have relationships that are of a fleeting and physical in nature with people you would never want to date.

Aquarius seems to be a go-with-the-flow type, but Aquarius is just as uncompromising as Scorpio.

Don't ask Aquarius/Scorpio about politics, politicians, government or societal and moral issues, if you don't want to hear an earful.

Aquarius isn't timid about their deep views and those views will be passionate.

Aquarius/Scorpio moves in numerous social circles, but they don't trust Government or the Feds.

The only times they even think of politics is to object to whatever Politicos are doing... that figures.

Aquarius sign with Sagittarius rising

The combination of Aquarius and Sagittarius is favorable.

Candor is a trait that Aquarius and Sagittarius share.

Independence is a need that Aquarius and Sagittarius share.

You will find an Aquarius/Sagittarius rising to be independent and outspoken.

In a romance with an Aquarius/Sagittarius , the closer you get to them physically and mentally the farther they are from you in feelings.

It almost seems that your absence makes their heart grow fonder.

Sagittarius is a Mutable/adaptable or flexible zodiac sign; Aquarius is a Fixed zodiac sign, this person will have moments of complete and unexplainable stubbornness.

Sagittarius rising is an excellent rising for an Aquarian to have, it brings lucky chances.

Aquarius/Sagittarius has a sense of responsibility and self-assurance without being conventional.


Aquarius sign with Capricorn rising

Merging Aquarius sign and Capricorn produces an individual who is unemotional but friendly.

Saturn is recognized as the Planet of "destiny". Accordingly, Saturn contributes times of difficulty, limitations, vexation and trouble in your life.

Saturn also gives a lasting resolve that you somehow find deep within when experiencing troubles, in the end, you get through it.

Finally, when you do learn Saturn’s lessons you're rewarded with what you wanted all along.

Aquarius sign has a need to do humanitarian works.

Aquarians are gifted with open-minded mentalities.

You're profoundly intrigued by the variances in individuals you meet.

You're never stunned or offended by the odd people, weird thinking or scandalous issues.

You are protective of your freedom.

You can be forceful and you have the ability to dominate other people.

You are ambitious.

The preceding three qualities lead you to feel lonesome and isolated, which lead to you feeling gloomy and sad.

The lesson here is to try and develop more concern for others and what they need and want.

With this combination, sympathy towards other peoples feelings won't come second nature, but you do have strength of character and the will to succeed.

A melding of Aquarius sign and Capricorn should bring you a life of success, if the character traits of good intellect and pragmatism are properly trained and utilized.

To achieve success you'll need three things; diplomacy, self-will and tenacity. However, in your plans you have to leave room for inevitable reversals that Saturn brings to your life.

Aquarius sign with Aquarius rising

What an exciting disposition!

Aquarius/Aquarius rising is an effective placement.

You are a double Aquarius sign, what people see is what they get.

Saturn {co-ruler} at birth and Rising, deepens qualities of selflessness and idealistic leanings.

Uranus {ruler} governs; freedom lovers, masterminds, fanatics and revolutionists.

As an Aquarius sign you're endowed with these characteristics; some of them help you in your search for an ideal life.

You are a survivor and you are gutsy.

You have a scientific type of intellect.

You prefer to relate to other people as a whole, not one on one.

Whether you're being sweet or a annoying, you're rather difficult to understand.

You have characteristics that make you appear off-the-wall and serious at the same time.

You start with a hunch and then you use your head to strategize.

To others looking in, it may seem that you have an unusual way of going about things.

No matter what happens, you still stay on a neutral level not getting too personal and not taking anything personal.

You understand the rules of life, fate and development.

You hardly ever feel dejected like Capricorn/Capricorn.

You make friends easily, if you choose them sensibly, you'll have a group of trusted people on your side, when problems come.

You are able to bear the euphoric and demoralizing parts of life in the right way, always maintaining perspective. You have real goals and the determination to go after them.

With an Aquarius/Aquarius you'll have many obligations placed on your shoulders and you are happy to have them.

Aquarius/Aquarius is a beneficial placement if you want to pursue; Educational activities, Writing, Publishing or Artistic creations.

Aquarius sign with Pisces rising

Aquarius is a kooky renegade. Pisces people can be hard to read.
An Aquarius/Pisces is adept at reading people.

Aquarius/Pisces rising always seems to be somewhere else, this is natural to an Aquarius and Pisces personality.

Aquarius is a Positive/Masculine Star sign; Pisces is a Negative/Feminine Star sign.

The Aquarian influence may be slightly diminished by Pisces.

An Aquarius/Pisces is emotionally open, pliant and tender.

An Aquarius/Pisces is honorable.

Aquarius/Pisces rising is trustworthy.

An Aquarius/Pisces expects people to do the best that they can and when they fall short Aquarius/Pisces is sympathetic to their human failings.

An Aquarius/Pisces rising is inspired to think out of the box in all things.

They have a knack for coming up with fresh ideas.

Aquarius/Pisces is an avid...everything. This leads other people to think Aquarius/Pisces is a jack of all trades and master of none. However, when they choose to be, they can be more determined to achieve than other people think.

Aquarius and Pisces are late winter zodiac signs, they’re waiting for that nicer day, that dream in the future.

Aquarius looks to the promise of the future while Pisces waits with an anxious yet excited spirit.

This eye towards the future should explain why Aquarius/Pisces is idealistic in their belief that the world can be a better place.

This also explains why Aquarius/Pisceans have no time or inclination to deal with the mundane things of life.

Aquarians have lots of friends; their friends aren't just buddies, they come in categories.

*There are partners in crime- for fun

*There are intellectual friends- to achieve goals,

*There are activist comrades- to save the world.

Pisces is drawn to the absurd and mystical.

An Aquarius/Pisces may have one more category of friends, spiritual ones- to discuss the intangible things-(the Soul, why are we here, is there a God).


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