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Cancer sign with Aries rising

Cancer with Aries rising isn't the easiest Sun sign/Rising sign combo. It will bring many obstacles and hang ups of personal goals and personal relationships.

Cancer/Aries is highly emotional, dealing with them isn't easy.

Sometimes household responsibilities will hinder Cancer/Aries rising's independence.

This will cause them to rebel. In a marriage this may show up as Him/Her not coming right home from work or cheating.

If the relationship is not something as binding and hard to get out of as marriage, this person could end up leaving you if they feel tied to a ball and chain.

For Cancer/Aries, holding back sudden flare-ups of temper especially when involvements of a domestic or romantic are involved isn't easy.

Yes, Cancer/Aries is moody but, persistent.

Cancer sign with Taurus rising

Cancer and Taurus are alike... Cancer is conservative; Taurus is conservative. Cancer is caring; Taurus is caring. Cancer likes the home; Taurus likes the home.

Cancer sign does well with a Taurus rising. This person has a nice mix of pragmatism and kindness.

If you would like to date a Cancer/Taurus and you push for control of the relationship or push for a commitment too soon, Cancer/Taurus might be quick to safeguard themselves by avoiding you.

It is not because they're afraid, He or She just hasn't decided if they want you... yet. The good news is that once Cancer/Taurus has bonded with you, they'll be just as tenaciously protective of you.

Cancer/Taurus will help anyone, but will not be taken advantage of. Cancer/Taurus feels deeply, but is in control of their emotions. They face whatever they need to face and they don't run away; this goes for situations having to do with everything, they're upstanding.

Cancer/Taurus rising women are especially maternal with their lovers; Cancer/Taurus rising males convey the sympathy, affection and protection of a father to their lovers.

Cancer sign with Gemini rising

A Cancer/Gemini rising won't be as timid with new people or around others. They won't be as quick to hide from people.

They'll show more charm, liveliness and sense of wonder.

Let's say you're dating a Cancer/Gemini rising and you want to see who's important, you or their friends. You need a test.

Here's one:

Call them up, spur of the moment on a Saturday, (early evening). Ask them to come over for dinner and a movie at your place. Leave a message if you don't get them on the phone.

A Cancer sign with Gemini rising will consider it and say yes, or call you back and say yes.

Cancer/Gemini will give you first choice. To Cancer/Gemini it may be nice to go hang out with friends, but your little unit of two has become a family to Cancer and they won't put that in jeopardy.

If they say no they can't come over, or they treat you like a Gemini sign with Cancer rising you have not sealed the deal yet, keep trying or cut them loose.

No matter what happens when they call, consider yourself lucky because, a Gemini/Gemini wouldn't even bother to call or answer your call.

Cancer sign with Cancer rising

You're double Cancer sign, what a person sees is what he or she gets when it comes to you.

You're timid, but you aren't using that as a cover for anything.

When you feel afraid.. you'll retreat. When you feel exposed you'll disappear... When you're vulnerable.. you'll defend. In all these situations you'll seek to hide form whatever thing or person that is making you uncomfortable.

When you love, you love hard. You'll protect, defend and give so much attention and affection. It can almost be too much. You take hold of a person you love and they become such a part of you that it's almost like you want to crawl into their soul.

No matter how possessive you can be, your love is still a sweet and captivating thing.

You're super sensitive to hurts and slights. You're moody or temperamental.

Cancer sign with Leo rising

Since this person has a Leo rising, they will still delight in dramatic things, although they may not be the one putting on the show most of the time.

Because of Cancer's shyness, they prefer to sit back quietly and watch someone else be spectacular, even if in the back of their mind they're thinking to themselves, (so and so has nothing on me).

Cancer/Leo tries to make people they care for proud of them, this is important.

If you're dating a Cancer/Leo rising, you shouldn't fret about taking Him or Her to meet your parents, they'll try hard to make your family comfortable with them.

In fact when a Cancer/Leo rising meets anyone for the first time, they're warm, self-confident and funny. Even if that self confidence is just on the surface.

Cancer/Leo rising is more sensitive than people would consider them to be.

In a romantic relationship with Cancer/Leo rising you'll find them to be tender, warm and patient. Although at times, they'll be stubborn about their rules on the right ways to behave, it may irk you a little.

Cancer loves to be home; Leo loves to be loved.

To show love to a Cancer sign, make them feel cozy by being thoughtful. To show love to a Leo you have to use flattery and stroke their pride.

Some of the central elements in dealing with a Cancer energy person will be their sensitivity, nimble intellect and intensity level.

Sometimes, this Cancer will struggle between reasonable thinking and emotional excitement. Therefore, Cancer should try to hold back on making hasty and emotional decisions.

They need to calm down and think, especially if the decisions will affect things or people they hold dear.

A Cancer/Leo rising will give the impression that their home is their castle, you better not make them uncomfortable when you're there. If they're at your place, you should make them feel like they're Royalty visiting, in your castle.

Cancers holds the family unit and their home close to their hearts. Even if a Cancer hasn't found the person they can build a family with, they should make themselves a home.

Doing this should go a long way in giving them some happiness and a feeling of stability.

Cancer sign with Virgo rising

Cancer/Virgo rising is a beneficial combination. Earth and Water combines easily.

Cancer is sensitive and Virgo is polite when mixed this person is intuitive and humble. With the Cancerian perceptiveness and the Virgo critical eye, you won't get away with much.

Thank the Heavens that this one is too mild-mannered to say what they're really thinking. Besides they may just be afraid to, why?

Well, you may tell them where to put, wouldn't you? By doing that you may hurt their Cancerian feelings and then they would be, sad.

Cancer/Virgo rising classifies, files away, directs, and examines things. they're occupied with effectiveness and flawlessness- perfection.

Others will like how kind, modest, circumspect and sensible they can be. However, their kindness shouldn't be mistaken for weakness.

When this person feels that they have been wronged or things are really difficult for them, they're capable of playing emotional games and head games.

Cancer still has the propensity to get quite emotional, but Virgo brings a pragmatic energy that helps to stabilize Cancer.

Cancer/Virgo rising is a good placement for love of family and family issues.

If you want to persuade a Cancer/Virgo rising start with the home or family for that is an issue that is close to their hearts.

Word of advice? make sure what you're trying to persuade them to do is not something that takes advantage of their weak spot (family and home life).

Family life and business life are never at odds in a Cancer/Virgos life, they have their priorities straight.


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