Cancer Sign with Rising sign Meanings


Cancer sign with Libra rising

Cancer sign/Libra rising isn't the most comfortable combination. As sometimes, circumstances will seem to be counteractive. There will be friction between the sociable Libra side and the home loving Cancer side.

When you mix Cancer's indirect manner with Libra's delicacy you get a person who is good at reassuring others.

If you're the type that likes the truth in a bitter flavor, you'll not get that served here.

Let's say you meet your Cancerian/Libra's best friend and you wonder if they like you because you sensed a chill coming from the best friend.

You ask Cancer/Libra:

"Do you really think He/She liked me?"

Cancer sign/Libra will just say,

"Of course She or He does".

Or they'll say:

"Oh, He or She is always like that when they meet someone for the first time".

You wanted a straight answer didn't you? Not possible, try again.

This person will really want a relationship, more than a usual Cancer because of Libra rising.

If you're in a relationship with a Cancer sign/Libra, you shouldn't be too much of a fighter, don't be pushy.

Normally, Libra's disposition is to give in to get along, however, you have a Cancer sign/Libra on your hands. They'll appreciate a peaceful home with you, but don't tell them what to do.

Although, Cancer/Libra rising will hold the home front as an important priority, they won't like doing house work.

If you live with a Cancer/Libra rising man or woman don't expect nor try to force them to do house work... too much of it at least...

If you're bold enough, suggest hiring people to do the mundane house work; in this subject they'll be amenable to paying someone to do the dirty work.

Cancer sign with Scorpio rising

Cancer and Scorpio is a harmoniousness combination; Water likes more Water.

Cancer and Scorpio together is mystifying to other people.

Cancer/Scorpio won't be ruled by anyone, but they don't confront people with that fact.

Cancer and Scorpio are full of contempt for braggers and fools.

A Cancer sign/Scorpio rising is sensible and clear-sighted.

When Cancer/Scorpio makes up their mind to do something they do it.

Sometimes, Cancer/Scorpio's feelings and temper will be so boiling hot that they say things they regret.

A Cancerian/Scorpio is perceptive and sensitive and they have the gift of healing.

People dealing with problems tend to zoom in on a Cancer/Scorpio. However, Cancerian/Scorpio loves their privacy.

Let's say you need a Cancer/Scorpio's help or need to be consoled by them. As your telling them your problems, you notice a quick look cross their face that says; get me out of here.

You should then say:

"You're sweet to listen to my problems, if you need to go it's OK".

You have just given them an out, if they stay, then you can go ahead and tell your story.

If a Cancer sign/Scorpio accepts you into their heart, they'll show you that Cancer love, affection and care.

When you want a Cancer you better be sure you want their love, because, once a Cancer gets a hold of you they won't easily let go.

A Cancer sign/Scorpio will be jealous of any new male or female that seems to be competition for them.

In a romantic relationship with a Cancer/Scorpio, arguments and conflicts only happen when outside influences interfere, not because Cancer/ Scorpio is spoiling for a fight.

Cancer/Scorpio really needs to keep a tight hold on the neck of that green-eyed monster.

In fact, another time a partner or lover needs to watch the jealous streak is when they're turning Cancer/Scorpio down sexually. They will think you're fooling around.

It would be wise for a Cancer/Scorpio to be discerning, thoughtful and careful when selecting a business partner, sexual partner, dating partner or life partner, if not, there will be many troubles that could have been avoided.

Cancer sign with Sagittarius rising

This Cancer/Sagittarius rising combination is generally beneficial, but Cancer sign (Water) and Sagittarius sign (Fire) don't always agree, and this divergence can bring troubles.

The Sagittarian influence brings outspokenness. A complication is that Cancers like to avoid things; while Sagittarians like to deal with them head on.

You get a person who shocks you sometimes by being so outspoken that it hurts.

At other times, they won't even talk about it, and if you push them to confront the problem they'll just avoid you.

Cancer/Sagittarius is temperamental owing to their Cancer sign emotionality and their Sagittarian fiery temper, it comes and goes.

Cancer/Sagittarius is doubly generous, you may never figure out if it's just you or if they're like this with everyone.

This Cancer man may seem like a Sag

when your around other people; chatty, flirty and gregarious.

This Cancer is a gypsy or at least aspires to be one.

Take a good look, Cancer Lady may even dress like a gypsy; long dresses, bangle bracelets, many rings on her fingers.

Or, Cancer may not dress like a gypsy, but may have the gypsy wanderlust.

The Sagittarian influence gives a love of travel. Sagittarians love hotel rooms more than their own bedrooms. Their passport is always ready to go.

When you combine Cancer with Sagittarius you get a person who loves to travel but whose favorite part is coming home.

A Sagittarian with a Cancer rising may have a home that is like a sanctuary--it's relaxing for them. Even so, they may not spend a lot of time at home.

When the people at home and the home in general are calm and stable, Cancer/Sagittarius will be motivated to make things even better.

Cancer sign with Capricorn rising

Cancer and Capricorn require the same amount of tranquility.

They don't fuss and they keep their lives as sacred as they can.

The home is an important asset to both Cancer and Capricorn.

That's as far as the similarities go with these two.

Cancer and Capricorn are on opposite ends of the zodiac circle. A Cancer sign/Capricorn person will most likely feel pulled in two directions.

At first sight, Cancer with a Capricorn rising seems somber and irritated. They have a self-depreciating humor that may be funny or alarming depending on who's listening.

A Cancer sign/Capricorn rising will be wary of anyone who seems to butt in to their personal business; they save their personal stuff  for people inside their circle.

A Cancer/Capricorn rising will be quiet and casual when they feel safe, but if they feel that you're a threat to them, their family or friend, expect revenge.

The mix of Cancer and Capricorn makes a person who likes security.

If you're trying to work hard to have a nice home for your Cancer/Capricorn Lady and she gets into a mood about your workaholic ways, telling you that you never take her out.

This is how you nip the complaining in the bud. Tell her:

" Fine. We can go out to a really romantic and expensive place and then go dancing and have champagne. I could even take you to Nieman Marcus and give you a shopping spree.

Then you add:

"While I can take you out twice a month and do those things, You need to promise that you'll start looking for a place that you would like in a less expensive, less secure area in town".

Or some variation of that.

That should shut her up quick, why?

Well, her (Capricorn) side is mindful of the necessity of working hard to afford a nice home and her (Cancer) side wants that too.

The most effective method is to invoke her safety issues and her preference of having an exclusive zip code.

Saturn is recognized as the Planet of fortune.

Saturn is the taskmaster usually making trouble, testing you, badgering you and at the least causing delays-- holding you up before you can move on.

However, Saturn isn't all bad. In doing all those things, Saturn helps you develop critical thinking, focus, endurance and persistence.

Saturn prompts a person to develop skills needed to compete with all the trouble in life, as a result the character becomes strong.

In a Cancer/Capricorn rising's life, Saturn's influence will be felt in matters of money and work.

Cancer (Moon) with Capricorn(Saturn) gives much to deal with.

As Cancer/Capricorn gets older they develop into a responsible person who is tender, mysterious and good at reading other people.

Certain positional Aspects in a Cancer/Capricorn's chart will make a difference in their personality, which may be significant.

When a Cancer/Capricorn rising is going through problems they should watch their inclination to be irritable, egotistical and indifferent.

Cancer/Capricorn rising, should never let the problems of keeping a home, (money) come between them and their partner.

Although, Cancer/Capricorn rising is a dutiful person, when looking for a job they shouldn't take on too much responsibility.

They do better at jobs that have structured and routine duties.

Cancer/Capricorn rising has a latent psychic ability that should be trained.

Cancer sign with Aquarius rising

First the not so bad news:

You're interesting on one hand and difficult on the other.

You're infused with two dissimilar and hard to understand zodiac signs. On one side, your are sentimental on the other, futuristic.

Your choices in jobs may be of the strange and interesting kind.

You're highly imaginative. The question is, whether you're a productive visionary or a fantastical dreamer.

Cancer/Aquarius rising you should choose your intimate friends and lovers carefully. Some people are emotional vampires and will suck up all the Aquarian life force out of you, while disturbing your inner sanctuary.

The trait strongest in your Cancer/Aquarius combination is your love for tranquility.

Since you have a Cancer Sun: (Cancer is covetous of their serenity and sanctuary --inner balance and home)-- you don't invite drama, in people or situations.

Now for the difficult news:

The Cancer/Aquarius rising combination doesn't make for the most strongest nor the most responsible person.

You long for things you don't have and forget to appreciate what you do.

You might have a hedonistic attitude.

You can be petulant.

You may be inclined to place your own welfare before others.

As you try to reach for your higher ambitions you often fall short.

You need more self awareness if you have any hope of addressing your astrological flaws.

If not, you may be characterized as gloomy, hypocritical and contemptuous by people who know you.

The Uranus placement (specifically) in your chart may alter your description a bit.

Other Planets and Signs in your chart may ameliorate the negative characteristics found here.

One thing to remember is that reading and learning about our astro signs we are only provided with the circumstances that they bring, the stars aren't entirely fatalistic.

It is up to us and what we do with the cards we are dealt, astrologically.

Cancer sign with Pisces rising

This Cancer and Pisces combination is harmonious.

Cancer and Pisces are Water signs. The Water element induces productivity, empathy and the protective qualities in this person.

Jupiter is Exalted here, it gives them generosity of character and a high self esteem.

Cancer/Pisceans are delightful to be around.

Cancer/Pisces can see the big picture or end product and keep going, as opposed to starting and changing course to start something else.

Cancer/Pisces has a deep admiration for rites and observances.

Cancer/Pisceans can be evasive, tight-lipped and mystifying.

The main problem is that you can never tell how they feel. Tread lightly.

Cancer/Pisces have a weird way of knowing what you're thinking. Communicating silently can be a wonderful thing when it comes to loving a Cancer/Pisces.

They know what you need and you don't have to say a word.

For example:

You had a hard day at work you have a tension headache and your shoulders are heavy of all the days frustrations.

Here comes Cancer/Pisces placing their hands on your shoulders to give you a nice massage that you didn't ask for out-loud. So empathetic, so perceptive.

Don't worry you don't have a perfect person here, there is a catch; Cancer/Pisceans like to jump to conclusions, a lot.

Oh yes, they can read your mind and hear what your thinking (weird).

Sometimes, they think they're reading your mind and they come up with things you never thought at all.

Do you recall how attentive and kind Cancer/Pisces can be? Always keep that in your mind when they jump to conclusions.

Just grin and bear it when Cancer/Pisces is pissed because they have determined that you don't appreciate them.

You could do worse.


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