Sagittarius Sun sign and Rising Sign Combinations

Sagittarius Sun sign with Aries Rising Sign

Sagittarius Sun sign/Aries rising is a good combo to have in spite of their need for diversity, escapades and their tendency towards impatience.

Sagittarius sign mixed with Aries rising elicits more of a need for autonomy. Even if this person has a spirit of cooperation within them, their patience only goes so far.

A Sagittarius/Aries combo has a heightened intellectual and physical vitality. Add to that, a bravery that helps them get up when life knocks them down.

A Sagittarius Sun sign tries hard, but at times will say the wrong things.

Aries tries hard, but has no impulse control.

They're both low on patience. This leads to times when they set things in motion that they cannot take back easily, they try to correct it but can't. Being hasty gets them into trouble.

Sagittarius the Archer is a zodiac sign most often connected to spirituality, foreign people and lands, travel and world affairs. A Sagittarius/Aries combo suggests an Adventurer or a Philanthropist.

Sagittarius/Aries shows their best colors in emergencies or when confronted with a deadline, they're miracle workers. When they have to deal with the dreary day to day, mundane routines...ooh, that's torturous for them.

If something requires too much thought and is too hard Sagittarius/Aries would rather not even do whatever it is. If it's unglamorous, they'll pass.

If you're involved with this Sagittarius, you can be sure that underneath the wild Aries shell there is a cultivated, worldly and idealistic person waiting to teach you what they know.

When it comes to dating situations Sagittarius/Aries will rebel if you come on too desperately or make moves that are too fast. Actually, Sagittarius/Aries will rebel against anything or anyone that threatens their freedom.


Sagittarius Sun sign with Taurus Rising

Sagittarius/Taurus rising is a comparatively positive combination.

Taurus rising aids this person in money matters and commercial enterprise.

The Sagittarian energies are channeled in a more productive way.

It is essential that a Sagittarius/Taurus have a calm and serene home life to come back to after traveling.

Sagittarius Sun sign/Taurus rising is a renegade when it comes to conventionality.

Sagittarius/Taurus rising has good character, a good heart and genuine sympathy for other human beings.

Sagittarius Sun sign/Taurus rising needs to be cautious of people who take advantage of their kindness and trust.

Sagittarius/Taurus will experience times when things just don't go the way they want or things may take a long time to bring in the good results they're waiting for.

At those times they may need to stick it out and work harder eventually, things should end the way they want it to.

Sagittarius Sun sign with Gemini Rising

Sagittarius/Gemini rising combination is a better match up than Gemini/Sagittarius rising.

You're a quick, creative thinker. Gemini rising urges you into action, so that something productive comes from your creative ideas. You have to make sure you don't follow your Gemini rising impulses without planning what to do next.

You may be someone who doesn't feel at ease following organized religion or established ideas.

You may choose to do things and say things that are unconventional.

You may be attracted to spiritual practices that differ from your upbringing; non denominational practices or spiritual practices that are out of the mainstream of society.

Once you follow the attraction you have to leave your familial religion, you realize the deeper meaning of faith and spiritualism, thus breaking ties to your former religious dogma.


Sagittarius Sun sign with Cancer Rising

Sagittarius/Cancer rising is fairly beneficial.

Sagittarius/Cancer rising can accomplish many things they set their minds to.

If they keep their inner balance, problems can be fixed more readily and troubles in relationships can be amended.

Sagittarius/Cancer rising can examine and estimate the changing circumstances of life, as they live it; this is beneficial.

If Sagittarius doesn't use their natural Cancer reflection, things won't always end well.

If Sagittarius/Cancer rising uses the combined traits of both Signs like; the agile mind, wisdom, vitality, pensiveness and bravery; things will end in the best ways possible.

The Sagittarius essence is hot and animated; Cancer is emotional and timid.

When the home life isn't stable and happy, Sagittarius/Cancer will act out emotionally.

Sagittarius Sun sign with Leo Rising

Sagittarians and Leo's are unrestrained and fiery. You can't keep them down. Their temperaments don't conform to yours, your temperament has to align with theirs.

Sagittarians and Leos aren't modest, they have big personalities.

Sagittarians and Leos can't abide confinement. Sagittarians and Leos color outside the lines.

Sagittarius/Leo wants to be brilliant.

A Sagittarius/Leo rising is more dependable and steadfast than other Sagittarians.

As for caution or forethought a Sagittarius/Leo rising doesn't get those things either, capricious as they are.

A Sagittarius/Leo rising has a vital force and a passion that sees them through different situations successfully.

Occasionally, Sagittarius/Leo abruptly changes, becomes stubborn and does what they want no matter what anyone says.

Sagittarius/Leo is insightful, energetic and beguiling.

There is a constant struggle going on inside Sagittarius/Leo that urges them to take chances and accomplishment something.

Sometimes they're quick to gamble on "feelings" they get with no thought to pragmatism; most times this gambling leads them to fools gold.

When they're careless, flighty or petty they make others around them suffer and they'll feel pitiful.


Sagittarius Sun sign with Virgo Rising

Sagittarius will be more pragmatic because of the Virgo rising. Virgo will curb the Sagittarian tendency to be impetuous. Virgo rising will tone down the Sagittarian habit of saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Sagittarius/Virgo rising will feel even more conflicted than a Virgo/Sagittarius rising.

Mentally, a person with Virgo/Sag doesn't know which personality to be when you first meet them, in Sagittarius/Virgo rising this is much more severe.

A Sagittarius/Virgo rising will miss nothing, you can't fool them.

Sagittarius/Virgo rising has an inner censuring mechanism put there by Virgo, but sometimes, Sagittarius's fiery impulsiveness will get through.

A Sagittarius/Virgo rising will make hasty (Sagittarius) and opinionated (Virgo) comments about someone they have just met, and think nothing of it.

A Sagittarius is the conventional sign of religion or spirituality. A Sagittarius/Virgo rising is one of those people who will get into a religious debate with anyone even if they just met you.

They may even use religion as a point to critique someone, whether Sagittarius/Virgo believes in religion or not.

Sagittarius/Virgo rising has a good head for business and would make a great executive.


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