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Sagittarius sun sign with Libra rising

Sagittarius/Libra rising is a good combination to have. Two zodiac signs that other Signs find the most delightful are Libras and Sagittarians.

Sagittarians are jolly, straight-shooters and positive. Libra's are guileless, obliging and they make outstanding friends. These two Signs are friendly.

A Sagittarian chooses their friends wisely, friendships are more positive and cooperative. Libra rising ensures that friendships will more authentic and not superficial.

The happy-go-lucky quality in Sagittarius will be more structured, instead of being positive no matter what happens, Sagittarius will become more positive as they experience success.

Libra's stabilizing influence will make Sagittarius more apt to see things through.

Libra rising makes a good impression on Sagittarius giving them a desire to partner up or get married. If a Sagittarius lets their rising sign lead them they'll see how productive and conducive to happiness a marriage can be.

This Sagittarius sun sign, more than others, is open to losing some of their freedom for love, however, they'll want to be the one who's in charge.

If you're partnered with a Sagittarius/Libra and unless it's important for you to be in charge, let Sagittarius/Libra have their way.

If you want a true commitment with Sagittarius/Libra and you're not prepared to be the more submissive partner. Prepare to fight your ground or at least make things a win/win.

Sagittarius sun sign/Scorpio rising

This Sun sign/Rising sign combination is a beneficial one.

Scorpio helps to make Sagittarius more liberal and the Sagittarius sun sign cancels out some of the reticence and mystery that is natural to Scorpio.

This Sagittarius will fight for their friends, family, lovers and sometimes, virtual strangers.

Scorpio rising places a hand of steel inside this sunny yellow colored glove; watch out all who try to take advantage of a Sagittarian/Scorpio's loved ones.

This person will definitely be a risk taker and is willing to gamble. He or she should exercise the natural inclination given to them by Scorpio to contain themselves by being more discriminating.

Scorpio rising accentuates the natural Sagittarian energy. Scorpio gives this energy more focus to do things that help to progress their life.

Sagittarius needs to be free in what they believe and do; Scorpio rising will intensify this need making Sagittarius/Scorpio apt to get obsessed with keeping their independence.

Sagittarians need change, new things I.E; a new job, a new place, a new lover.

Scorpio rising will intensify this need. Sometimes finding something new can be refreshing and sometimes, they regret going after a new lover, moving to a new place or quitting their old job for a new one.

Thankfully, Scorpio makes them stop and think about what they really need.

They may find that all they needed was a new way of relating to their lover or a new way to do their current job or new furniture for their home.

Sagittarius Sun sign with Sagittarius rising

You're a double Sagittarius sun sign. You're the same coming or going; with new people and old ones; in public or private. What others see is what they get.

You're a Fire/ Mutable sign.

You'll be more rebellious than other Sagittarians.

As a Sagittarius sun sign/Sagittarius rising you'll be even more outgoing than other Sagittarians.

You're wild and free and if anyone thinks you subdued, they're dead wrong.

Patience is not a virtue you posses.

As a Sagittarius sun sign you're gracious, perceptive and idealistic.

You like people around you to be polite and cultured.

As a Sagittarian you have a positive outlook and the inner strength to reach any goal you place for yourself.

Having your sun sign in Sagittarius along with your rising in Sagittarius makes you doubly lucky and doubly fortunate.

You encounter more than your fair share of chances and if you take these opportunities and use them well, who knows what you can achieve.

You tend to relate to others in a smooth, collaborative way. Yet, most people misunderstand this about you and label you a patronizing social snob.

You won't abide anything or anyone that is no longer interesting enough.

If you get caught up in situations that seem difficult, you just as soon, stop in your tracks and walk away from it.

In no time at all, you'll find something else to be interested in, and your hopes will spring eternal, again.

Sagittarians like to remain in motion, do new things, meet new people (especially foreign) , travel ( especially to foreign speaking countries), learn, think about the things they learn ,spout philosophies about those things they learn and after all that, they like to come around and tell everyone about their hypothesis...

Wow...that was a mouthful.


Sagittarius sun sign with Capricorn rising

This is an intermix of Archer's temerity and the Goat's sedateness.

These two zodiac signs seem dissimilar. Even so, they've some things in common.

Both are driven and perceptive. Both are profoundly interested in what's happening in the world we live in.

Sagittarius is a visionary always thinking in future terms and big pictures; Capricorn is into the details, the ins and out's of an issue.

Sagittarius is interested in global travel, civilization of the world ,world governments, humanism and the spiritualism of the world.

Capricorn looks at all those things with the question; what does that have to do with me?

Sagittarius is a Jupiter/all encompassing/let's get together kind of a thinker. Capricorn is a Saturn/ be responsible/everyone has their place and work to do/pull your own weight and all things should be well, kind of thinker.

Saturn delays and holds us up. Saturn governs Capricorn. Jupiter is benevolent and generous. Jupiter governs Sagittarius.

Sagittarius sun sign is Mutable; Capricorn is Cardinal.

It seems with this mix, Sagittarius still overpowers and will still be active and not as static as their rising sign urges them to be.

The catch is, the need to take action will always be regulated by other people and situations outside themselves.

Capricorn rising will help Sagittarius be more pragmatic. The Capricorn rising being governed by Saturn will always stop Sagittarius for a second and make them doubt their course of action.

Capricorn rising makes Sagittarius seem uninvolved and distant when they first meet people or when out in public. When others get to know Sagittarius/Capricorn rising, they find them affectionate, kind and sociable.

One thing Sagittarius sun sign/Capricorn rising needs to watch out for is the Sagittarian predilection to believe everyone is good, when there are people who mean to use them.

Capricorn rising will impart feelings of anxiousness and vexations while bringing hassles that come even though Sagittarius did everything right.

Sagittarius may start to feel that it doesn't matter what they do, things are just not in the cards.

However, Capricorn will make Sagittarius mentally strong and determined; when combined with the Sagittarian vision things could turn out well for them in the end.

Sagittarius is fun to be with, it's a good thing that they're naturally friendly, it takes the sting out of things they say sometimes.

Their Capricorn side will still be mortified when something slips out of their mouth and will try to clear it up right away.

You should cut this person some slack, they are probably harder on themselves than you are.

Sagittarius Sun sign with Aquarius rising

Sagittarius/Aquarius rising is a fair combination.

Freedom is word that describes how Sagittarians and Aquarians like to live. Integrity a character trait you'll find in Sagittarius and Aquarius.

When you mix Sagittarius and Aquarius freedom comes first and candidness comes second.

Sagittarius is a Mutable/adaptable or flexible zodiac sign; Aquarius a Fixed or stubborn zodiac sign, this person will have moments of complete and unexplainable stubbornness, when normally they seem mentally fluid.

In a love affair with a Sagittarius/Aquarian, the closer you get to them physically and mentally the farther they are from you in feelings.

It almost seems that your absence makes their heart grow fonder.

Let's say you're dating Sag/Aquarius and you get along great, you have fun together and the sex is great.

You think you can go the distance and you try to approach the subject, but when you do the Sagittarius sun sign/Aquarian gets spooked and soon after you sense a difference. What?

You ask them: "What is wrong, why have you changed?"

They answer: " I haven't changed."


You always believed this person to be honest with you, good or bad. What's the deal?

This is the deal:

When the freedom of a Sagittarius sun sign/Aquarian is threatened they can out-manipulate a Scorpio ; they can talk themselves out from between a rock and a hard place better than a Gemini; they can be stealthier than a Pisces.

What do you do now?

Leave them alone, don't mention that you want to be exclusive or want to get married (to them) or anything that makes them freak about their freedom. Or, you can let things be and go with the flow.

Sagittarius Sun sign with Pisces rising

A Sagittarian/Pisces mix is a double Mutable intermingling.

Sagittarius is a Positive/Masculine sign; Pisces is a Negative/ Feminine sign.

This mix of Sagittarius hot temper with Pisces' moodiness brings about temper tantrums often, and you may never know when they're coming.

Sagittarian/Pisces person will probably exhibit a curious dichotomy in their personality. The innate autonomy conveyed by Sagittarius will struggle with the pliability of Pisces.

Sagittarius sun sign/ Pisces is decidedly noble-minded and profoundly interested in anything foreign and exotic.

Sagittarius sun sign/ Pisces is not able to understand the mundane facets of life.

Sagittarius/ Pisces is changeable and can adapt to anyone in a social atmosphere, irrespective of that individuals personality.

Sagittarius/ Pisces has a look that seems languid and expressionless.

Underneath that appearance however, Sagittarius bestows a conduct that is charmingly persuasive and assertive once a new person gets to know them.

Sagittarius/ Pisces is brazen and can be ready for war, but only close friends and family know this about them. Compared to other Sagittarians they aren't as tough and a tad more vulnerable.

Sagittarius engages with people and this gives their life meaning. Sagittarius is committed to whatever end they're trying to reach.

Pisces on the other hand chooses to be preoccupied with themselves, focusing solely on what they hold as crucial to themselves.

Pisces therefore becomes entirely resistant to anything that happens outside of themselves.

A Sagittarius sun sign/Pisces, will never be accused of being selfish or unloving.

After I... (fill in the blank), is one of the set words you'll hear a Sagittarius/Piscean utter the most.

This is taken as an absolute truth by people who are promised whatever Sagittarius/Pisces is promising to do; and often it never happens.

Because of this the Sagittarian/Pisces is thought of as " all talk no action".

Yes, people may consider them fickle and too changeable, but these faults are quickly forgiven and forgotten because of their sophisticated charm.

When it comes to love, romance and sex however, Sagittarius/Pisces is all action. Sagittarius/Pisces would have been in their element during the free love/summer of love 60's.

The Sagittarius sun sign/Piscean is ultra-sex-y and open-minded in this matter.

Most probably, you would rather have them be much more closed-minded than they are about sex.

Inner conflict will bring many trifles in a relationship with Sagittarius/Pisces.

If your lover is a Sagittarius sun sign/Pisces give them plenty of time to be free and alone and don't try too obviously to tie them down, they'll be happy to stay with you.


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