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Aries Sign with Aries Rising

Aries/Aries rising has strong views, if you don't agree with them, watch out.

Don't ever try to deceive an Aries/Aries rising, it will irritate them since their first thought is to be honest and upright with you.

Aries/Aries is decisive and they make precipitous decisions. Most people will think Aries' quick thinking is delightful.

Aries sign/Aries rising men are indeed gentlemanly, they also give tokens of affection for no reason at all.

Sometimes, Aries/Aries rising, can be a little intense in pursuing you if they're interested. Some Aries/Aries end up turning others off by being this way.

Aries' go with their urges, these urges are so strong, they can't help it; if they want to do something on a whim, they do it.

Whatever the result, Aries/Aries' whims usually come from a good place.

Aries is a capricious sign.

The Aries sign is brave in that they do what they believe to be right.

Aries is often dead on target when they say something.

Don't ever try to put Aries sign/Aries in a pigeonhole, don't expect common sentiments or actions from them; they will always prove you wrong.

Aries Sign with Taurus Rising

Aries/Taurus rising makes for a contrary nature.

This person will struggle between the Aries capricious zeal and the Taurus modest pragmatism.

Therefore errors in judgments will happen, particularly involving love and finances. Mostly the results are clashes, troubles, ramifications, and break ups.

When going through changes in circumstance Aries/Taurus will feel emotionally vexed, uneasy and stressed.

When an Aries/Taurus rising meets someone who knocks their socks off, they can't get enough of the new lover, sexually

So, they have mad passionate sex with the person and try in vain to sustain a relationship.

Aries/Taurus and the new lover would be better off having a no strings attached sort of arrangement.

One good thing about this combination is that in a pinch, there will be an odd coalescing of the Aries quick-mindedness and Taurean contemplation that gets them out of it.

Aries mixed with Taurus rising heightens initiative, elicits bravery and will cause risky behavior.

If Aries relies on their Taurus rising's contemplative side they should advance to their goals in a speedier way.

Aries Sign with Gemini Rising

An Aries with Gemini rising is a good mix of Fire and Air. It brings out the natural exuberance and positivism.

As an Aries you want immediate gratification and Gemini's like speedy affairs even more. As an Aries/Gemini, you're the maestro of everything instantaneous.

You listen, remember and verbalize in shorthand.

When you want to say something, you don't beat around the bush; you get to the gist of the matter.

As a real life example; think Twitter. When anyone speaks to you Aries/Gemini they have 140 characters or less.

Because of your Gemini rising, at times, you will deal with anything emotional and intimate in an intellectual manner; if you aren't totally ignoring the situation, that is.

Aries sign and Gemini are impulsive. They also share a laissez-faire attitude.

When people first meet you they think you're very conciliatory or appeasing and communicative.

When they really get to know you they realize that you're more of a; "do what you want because I will do what I want every time", type of person.

Your leadership abilities are strong. The only thing you have to keep in check is your propensity to change things and chase after variety.

Aries Sign with Cancer Rising

The Aries with Cancer combo is not easy.

Cancer rising, makes them timid when something or someone is new to them.

Aries and Cancer are aggressive, but in dissimilar ways.

Cancer rising makes it so Aries seems cautious and caring, but watch the claws come out when someone finally irritates them.

Aries will give off a "don't mess with me I'll bite" vibe. This divergence may frighten off some people.

Aries/Cancer people are simultaneously cautious and rash. Living in this manner might be unbalancing. Living with this kind of personality around you might drive you loony.

Aries/Cancer people impulsively decide to do something and later, feel regret and guilt.

Cancer rising keeps the Aries "Go get'em" attitude in check. Cancer won't let Aries gamble with their life like an Aries sign/Aries rising would.

The Cancer rising restriction of the Aries signs tendency to gamble is of benefit, without Cancer, Aries's risk taking would often come to naught.

Aries/Cancer can be ambiguous and temperamental. Their imagination can run away with them backing up their determination to do something.

Contrarily, their imagination can foil their desire to do something because they may be afraid of the outcome.

Aries Sign with Leo Rising

Aries/Leo rising people are tyrants, perhaps that's a little harsh. OK, Aries/Leo's are self-important.

Above any other personality trait an Aries/Leo rising has, you can't ignore that. If you manage to ignore how important they are, watch out.

The best thing you can do is make sure Aries/Leo rising is happy. What makes Aries/Leo happy is, adulation.

Of course, a normal person can't go day after day, spoon feeding the sustenance of idolization into the mouth of Aries/Leo.

The only thing to do is, fake it in a way that is sincere.

How do you fake adulation or idolization in a sincere way? You do it, ambiguously.

For instance you could say to Aries/Leo:

  1. "Thank God you're here, I can't do anything without you."

  • Lets break it down:
  • "Thank God you're here".
  • Well yes, that could be true once or twice. The, "I can't do anything without you" part? That's faking it.

Or you can try using this when Aries/Leo thinks they just achieved something great:

  1. "Wow, you should be very proud of yourself."

  • Ambiguous isn't it? This statement could mean anything.

Here's one more to use when Aries/Leo is trying to scold you; this may be a bad habit with Aries/Leo's:

  1. "I get where you're coming from."

Aries Sign with Virgo Rising

An Aries sign takes the reins from the beginning.

A Virgo takes the reins away when you mess up.

Your Aries/Virgo rising lover or friend is a mix of take control and soft critiquing. At any rate, once you are involved with an Aries/Virgo they'll try and may succeed at doing everything for you.

Whenever you take the offer of an Aries/Virgo’s help, you always wish you hadn't. What starts out as a romance ends up to be life training class.

How do you get Aries/Virgo rising to stay out of your business? Either be better than them at everything or give them something to do that takes a lot of time and is very complicated, keeping them out of your hair.

At first look, Aries and Virgo are mutually exclusive. However, they do have a mutual characteristic, a keen feel for divergences and inconsistencies.

An Aries/Virgo rising can't be tricked.

Aries has no desire or respect for lip service. Virgo rising makes Aries observant, even noticing the minutest detail.

Aries urges them to break through all obstacles, no matter what. Virgo makes them stick to what works every time.

At the same time that this Aries feels the push to -- do it and get it over with-- it's not perfect, but it's done. The Virgo rising side pulls them to--take every detail into consideration, revise and clean up, do it perfectly.

Aries/Virgo rising seems unemotional, measured, and reticent, but people shouldn't take advantage of that. Aries is still the Ram and will stand up for themselves.

 The impatience of Aries and the critical tongue of Virgo will yield this:

They'll cut with their words surprising the person these words are directed to.

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