Aries Rising Personality

Aries rising is a very substantial rising sign. You like to be the leader even if you are leading just one person.

For instance, if you want to hang out with your friends, you are usually the one who picks the place, the time and the date.

You're a thinker and doer not a watcher. You like to be seen.

You are friendly, sociable, vivacious, caring and magnanimous.

When you are excited about something other people get excited.

You tell the truth and you don't play games.

To some people you can seem aggressive, egotistic and harsh, even if it's not your intention. Still, you appeal to other sociable people.

YOUR MOTTO: Life is a battlefield

If you were born under Aries rising, life to you is a rat race, a battle to the finish; winning in life becomes a familiar feeling, as you grow older.

If you haven't figured it out yet, you probably feel that you can't ever come in second place; it’s first or nothing.

Along the way, you are sure to learn a lot about being a humble winner and not a sore loser.

One of your main lessons will be two sides of the same coin.

Don't argue with your opponent, or the person in charge won't help you. When you lose don't be so ugly about it, learn from it and move on to the next contest, don't forget to congratulate your competition.

Reward yourself when you do win, take the time to revel in it before the next contest. Your first big achievement will be something you think of often.

You will be the winner in many instances in your life.

Since Aries is the start of the zodiac, your sign is the sign of commencements. No matter what it has to do with, at the start you are at your best.

You are exuberant, full of vitality and vigor. However, once you feel you’ve conquered whatever you have started, you move on.

As an Aries rising sign, you can get bored with something fast and hop to something else that has excited you away. You are prone to the shiny ball syndrome.

You may be a pioneer, but if your groove gets stuck in a rut, you will drop the ball that has lost its shine and pick up a new one.

As an Aries rising, if you hate something boy do you hate it; if you like it, you love it.


You will come across people that misunderstand who you are and think you mischievous.

You are not like that at all; you try to explain to them that what’s going on is; you would rather go straight into fixing whatever is wrong. You try to tell them that you are trying to do what you think is best.

You see an obstruction you go at it and try to knock it down, your not afraid of obstacles. However, you will sooner move around whatever is in your way than beat your head against a wall.

You have a distaste for manipulators and liars, fakes, shams, or deceptions. You prefer to lay it on the line and let the chips fall where they may.

As an Aries rising you like things to happen quickly, to your frustration you will find yourself waiting… a lot for other people.

So, you do what anything any self-respecting Aries would do; you go on without them and you lose your back up. Learn some patience or at least practice it.

Aries Rising Physique and Looks

One point that has to do with the looks department; physical characteristics are impacted by any First House Planets or Mars' placement.

Aries rising people will have some, most or all these attributes.

A grin that's contagious. You may have a penetrating gaze with eyes that dash here and there and notice everything.

Golden or red hair tones or skin undertones. You may have a powerful and sinewy physical structure that moves quickly.

Participating in anything athletic is a great way for you to have fun and release stress.

As an Aries you are impetuous and your love of all things speedy causes you to rush in headfirst. You don't look before you leap; you aren't very cautious. therefore,You inclined to stumble, run into things and fall.

You may even experience lacerations and bruises. You must especially protect your head because this is where you get hurt the most.

Find out a bit more about Aries/Aries rising looks.

Aries Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

The planet Venus and the zodiac sign in whatever house will give you more of a clue to what happens in your love affairs, romances and flings.

Mars is your ruling planet and so it is very strong in your chart, it adds self-control, endurance, and a high sex drive. Mars also makes it so you demand accomplishment and acknowledgment.

Mars also makes you prone to mental strain, stress, struggles, stinginess and irritability. You should also watch out for accidents with knives, scissors and fire, all in the kitchen, perhaps?

Look to the status of Mars in your chart by zodiac sign and in what house, it's important, it will show you the best ways to handle life.

When you have Aries rising you have the sign of Libra as your opposite. We call it Libra Setting because, Libra was setting as Aries was rising.

I note Libra setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Therefore, Libra setting tells you that you have a forceful way about you sometimes.

You could do better by being a little more thoughtful with others around you, thus retaining harmoniousness, and a break for you because you don't have to fight your way forward.


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