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Aries sign with Libra Rising

Aries and Libra are contrary. The two sides of this coin goes like this. Aries needs to be the cause of a hullabaloo, as opposed to Libra who needs to be surrounded by serenity and harmony.

Aries on it's own is audacious, aggressive, lacks diplomacy and nuance. Libra is diplomacy, elegance, suaveness and first class personified.

When combined this Aries/Libra rising is conciliatory, laissez-faire (do what you want, I'll do what I want).

He/She is rebellious, sociable, and oblivious to societies codes for what is appropriate.

This Aries is probably torn between their Libra rising sides need to keep the peace by being appealing and abiding and their Aries signs outspokenness and inflexibility in what they want.

Libra's are conciliators; Aries dominates, this does not make for an easygoing integration. Aries is decisive and hates to do something half-way; Libra hesitates and doesn't often put their heart into things.

Your Aries/Libra lover will nurture a peaceful coexistence with you and in the next breath, ruin it all by getting huffy about something.

Yes, going from one extreme point of disquiet to another extreme point of passivity, can be unsettling. Take heart, their mood today maybe reversed tomorrow. You can take that to the bank.

The silver lining is:

Iniquity and fairness matter to both Aries and Libra, Aries takes it personally and passionately while Libra views it fairly and clearly.

Aries sign with Scorpio Rising

  • An Aries is reliable and candid. They believe with their hearts that everyone has the right to:
  • *Be true to themselves.

    *Be truthful about who they are.


    *To always retain their identity no matter what.

Aries/Scorpio rising's are pure heat, warmth and passion. Gutless, will never describe this Guy or Girl. Be aware, Aries/Scorpio has an emotion for every situation they go through.

If you're romantically involved with them, you’ll be on the ride for all of it, from rapturous ecstasy to deepest shame. This person will never be indifferent to anything.

Oh no, temperance is not this person's cup of tea. Aries sign/ Scorpio's passion can be something you pick up from them, like a cold.

Sometimes you are their passion and need to watch out, for you may end up ravished or eaten up and spat out. An Aries may be all fire and passion when they meet you; they want you so bad.

Have fun and glow in the sunny heat of their passion, but don't let yourself fall for it because this person has a Scorpio rising. Scorpio's are wary of relationships, they're choosy with love mates.

If you're involved romantically with an Aries/Scorpio rising and things slow down or they suddenly get cold, blame their Scorpio rising. Read the related pages to the right, to see more Scorpio traits.

When you first meet an Aries/Scorpio rising they can be suspicious and exhibit an astuteness in picking up on your flaws. They can surely identify the proverbial straw, that will break your relationships back, long before it happens.

No matter how crazy for you they seem, Aries/Scorpio rising will not be your love fool. An Aries sign places a high value on themselves, Scorpio is the same, but they are also very protective of their dignity.

Aries/Scorpio's can detect a con from a mile away. So, if there are any people reading this that are out to use a particular Aries/Scorpio and you're trying to find out about them. My advice to you is to be truthful, know what you are getting into.

If you want them,  you better really want them. Aries sign/Scorpio rising will not be the side dish or part of a harem. He will not be used for money or be one of the three men you are dating as in, "a pair and a spare".

Oh no.. Aries/Scorpio will know from the get go...

If you are already in a relationship with an Aries sign/Scorpio rising and you're thinking of stepping out because you're bored, or want to see what's out there or whatever your cowardly excuse is...

  1. He or she already knows what you're thinking.

  2. He or she is already investigating you.

My advice to you is;

Fess up, tell Aries/Scorpio you want to see other people. He or she will respect you for it, but they may also drop you for good. So, be prepared.

Aries sign with Sagittarius Rising

Aries/Sagittarius is full of hot... exuberance. When you're with them it's fast, loose and cheerful. Unfortunately, Sag/Aries people are only interested while the fun is being had.

The Aries and Sagittarius sign have a lot in common.

The Aries in you is energetic, assertive, innovative and autonomous. Life is a perpetual challenge to you and you're never uncertain.

Sagittarius rising makes you spontaneous and sociable. Sagittarius rising makes you more cultivated than other Aries people. Sagittarius make you seem enlightened, discriminating, and a humanitarian.

You like to open up the minds of people around you to teach what you know. Sometimes, you may be a little preachy.

You are a world traveler because of Sagittarius rising. If you can't afford it, you still may have a list of where you would like to go someday. Maybe you just have a collection of travel books or books about other countries and cultures.

Aries sign with Capricorn Rising

The basic mental attitudes of Aries and Capricorn are at odds. The discordance will be most apparent when the impulsive Aries side struggles with pragmatic Capricorn side.

Aries tends to be Utopian; Capricorn tends to be doom and gloom.

The search for Utopia stays with Aries throughout their life no matter what calamities befall them. This is an adorable characteristic that most people treasure and find pleasing in Aries. Although there will be people who see it as "digging head in the sand".

If you're romantically involved with this combo it will be hard going for you. Aries' and Capricorn's cherish their freedom.

They prefer to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Aries/Capricorn will not like having someone to answer to.

With Capricorn in ascendant, this person will be self-contained and kind. Even when confronted this Aries won't be as much of a fighter as other Aries sign people. A Capricorn ascendant will obscure the Aries sign passion, but underneath that cover, Aries is still an exciting ball of fire.

Aries sign with Aquarius Rising

Here are a few things to remember about Aries/Aquarians.

An Aries/Aquarian is a pioneer and a daring trend setter. She or He is always number one. She or He is quick and nimble.

Aries sign/Aquarius rising seldom overstays their welcome, they always leave you wanting more.

If you can't get a hold of your Aries sign/Aquarius rising, He or She is probably out doing something or someone more stimulating.

If you're inclined, the fastest way to find them is to go to the "exciting" places they frequent, or go somewhere that's the newest, hottest place to be.

You may prefer to wait for Aries/Aquarius rising to find you. When they do, they'll regale you on all the exciting must do, must see, things that stole their attention from you.

Unless of course, Aries/Aquarius rising is into someone else, in which case, you may not see them for a while.

Aries/Aquarius isn't really self centered, Nah, maybe a little obsessed with their own wants and needs.

Aries sign with Pisces Rising

Aries people are robust and fit.

They have physical wellness, mental wellness and a healthy ego. They have more than enough self-importance for any one person.

Pisceans are understated almost inconspicuous.

This peculiar mix is more like a multiple personality disorder.

Bad or good? You decide.

The most effective method of managing this split-person is to expect them to change. Here are the clues to when a change is coming.

  1. When they're in Aries mode:

They'll find you and try to be near you in any way. They'll also be more open to you trying to get close to them. The Aries sign side is sweet, kinetic and enrapturing. Ask anyone who really knows them or wait and you'll find out for yourself.

  1. When their Piscean side comes around:

You'll find them to be compliant (open to you) and restrained (you have to do all the work).

What a contrast because their Aries side is so controlling and outgoing.

However, there's still something you can appreciate about the Piscean side of them. See how laid back they can be?

Even with these clues, never presume that you can truly anticipate which side will out.

Unless you get really good at spotting the signs, or become understanding enough to accept the way the are; both of them. Ha-ha.


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