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Scorpio sign with Aries rising

Scorpio/Aries rising is primarily a beneficial combination.

The idealistic and pragmatic sides mix well.

Generally, this combination brings about a person who explores, take chances and tries things out. Only they do those things like a scientist executing a clinical study rather than, a reveler having a good time.

Mixing Scorpio sign and Aries makes for a brave person who's got gumption.

This person is fearless in a contained way, perfectly aimed. The energetic vitality and imagination that Aries and Scorpio's (respectively) have, will be heightened.

When the time comes to, "think quick and do something to fix this", Scorpio/Aries rising will be good at doing what needs to be done.

Aries is fidgety and impetuous, but the Scorpio sign has enough dominance to overcome those traits.

Jealousy and hostility will cause troubles in romantic relationships.

You shouldn't let problems with jealousy (yours or your partners) take hold in your love affairs. You can either, find a way to fix what's wrong, learn to control this behavior or break up.

If not, the green-eyed monster will kill your love affairs over and over again.

Scorpios respect themselves just as much as Aries does except, Scorpio is more protective of their self-respect than Aries.

In dating situations, Scorpio/Aries will seem reticent, it is hard to get them into a relationship with you. Scorpios are exceedingly selective in love.

If you're ever wondering why a romance with Scorpio isn't going smoothly, it's because Scorpio has picked up that you can't be a good match for them, nor them for you.

They picked that up on the first date; Scorpios have perfectly clear sight when it comes to love. They know right away if your relationship won't last, even if they continue to see you.

Scorpios are only like this because they want to make sure that their relationships are rewarding and they want to protect their self-respect.

You'll never find a fool for love in a Scorpio sign/Aries rising, no matter what they choose to let you believe.

Scorpio sign with Taurus rising

Scorpio sign and Taurus are at opposition. Scorpio can be intense, controlling and paradoxical. Taurus is guarded, down-to-earth, shrewd, strong-willed but easygoing.

Only thing that matches between them is their extreme jealous and possessiveness natures.

Scorpio/Taurus's traits will be most apparent when it comes to their material and sexual needs.

Taurus rising heightens the passions of Scorpio and adds another level of restraint to them. Taurus rising causes the inauspicious features of Scorpio to manifest more readily.

If these Scorpionic traits are allowed to go to the extreme to many times, it can bring many upsets and sadness.

Sometimes trouble comes to Scorpio/Taurus because other people misinterpret what they say or do. Other times, problems come to them because other people do things to take advantage of them.

The main troubles in Scorpio/Taurus' life are based in feelings of jealousy or envy within the relationship.

Taurus rising escalates the emotional side of Scorpio. This means that Scorpio needs to apply more discernment in any decisions involving their feelings or someone else's.

As the Stars would have it, the combination of Scorpio with a Taurus rising imparts another layer of willpower.

If practiced in the right way, this should assist Scorpio/Taurus in withstanding excessive Scorpio emotional outbursts and caprices, although, it's easier said than done.

Scorpio sign with Gemini rising

A trait that Scorpio and Gemini share is a talent for manipulating people easily.

Scorpio sign and Gemini also share is the capability to turn the tables on their opponent, although they have different methods of doing that.

Scorpio has a talent for knowing exactly what is going on; Gemini has a talent for saying pinpointing the exactly what needs to be said.

A Scorpio/Gemini rising is light, jolly and carefree, but people will still sense a mysterious intensity that they can't truly hide.

Scorpio/ Gemini rising isn't any easier to deal with than the Gemini/Scorpio rising.

This person has vivid ideas, is highly imaginative and learns easily.

This person isn't too open to taking orders or following orders. They tend to be controlling and small-minded when it comes to other people and their ideas.

Sometimes, they'll talk to other people in a cruel and abrasive fashion.

Incidentally, this is an excellent position for a professional critic, although, they may make many enemies.

Other people may think of Scorpio/ Gemini as a sexy person with a sexy way of saying certain words. Their jokes are probably on the risqué side and extremely funny.

A Scorpio/Gemini will hear your secret and will want all the details. As a rule they will not tell your secrets, but there are exceptions:

Make sure you don't betray this Scorpio. Since they have a Gemini rising they may spill your secrets on purpose, just to get back at you.

If you never betray Scorpio/Gemini, they're usually great secret keepers.

Scorpio sign with Cancer rising

Scorpio/Cancer is one of the most mystifying combinations in zodiac signs.

As we know the Crab moves sideways and will bite you if you threaten them. A Scorpion hides under darkness to watch for coming danger and will bite to get away...

Scorpio's and Cancer's are full of contempt for blowhards and jokers.

Scorpio/Cancer is driven and this won't be evident until you see them in action.

If you're involved with a Scorpio/Cancer romantically or not, you shouldn't be afraid of them unless you're up to something.

A Scorpio/Cancer will be really possessive and won't let you go once they have you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

They'll have trouble expressing how they feel and may be timid when young.

A Scorpio/Cancer will find themselves in situations relating to their lover that brings up jealousy. Scorpio/Cancer shouldn't give into jealousy, it will breed bitterness.

The things that can be counted as most important to Scorpio/Cancer involve; education, children, artistry, romance and love.

Scorpio/Cancer should be careful when choosing a person to love.

Another thing Scorpio/Cancer should keep in mind is, to not let their sexual attractions or romantic emotions get out of control.

Scorpio sign with Leo rising

Scorpio/Leo is strong, vital, sometimes, standoffish and reticent.

Leo and Scorpio have power. Leo and Scorpio like to use that force by being in control of people and things.

Scorpio/Leo rising prefers to take the lead, to them they're the only ones who can get the job done right.

Leo rising makes this person delightful and the Scorpio sign makes this person attractive.

If you plan to deceive a Scorpio/Leo rising, do so cautiously because this Scorpio will want revenge.

Scorpio/Leo can be so driven it leads to overworking and over-exertion.

Scorpio/Leo can lose patience with people who are not focused on the goal, Scorpio will become pushy. When Scorpio/Leo is pushy with others they'll fight back and disputes will happen.

Scorpio sign with Virgo rising

There isn't much divergence between a Scorpio/Virgo you have just met and one you have grown to know when it comes to disposition.

A Scorpio/Virgo person's disposition is marked by two star signs that naturally posses temperateness and strong minds.

Being a Scorpio/Virgo Rising is much more positive, than the other way around.

A Scorpio sign/Virgo rising is good at psychoanalyzing people and situations to work out what's really taking place.

No matter the situation, Scorpio/Virgo is deliberate in going after whatever they see as perfect.

Virgo rising makes Scorpio a bit more pragmatic so that whatever Scorpio wants to accomplish attains better results.

Scorpio/Virgo is cunning and perceptive.

A Scorpio/Virgo will apply their mind to the task of uncovering fraud.

Incidentally, this makes them capable of conducting the very same shams, if they ever want to.

If there is anything about yourself that you hide from them, they'll find out. If you do anything that you know will disturb them, tell them and say you're sorry.


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