The Disposition of Scorpio Rising

When you have Scorpio rising, you are driven, formidable, active and strong.

The foundation of your individuality is might and charm.

You are very charming and you can get almost anyone to do what you want, it's hard to tell you no.

You’re a prolific thinker and you seem to have an unlimited reservoir of hints and solutions.

You are ingenious, original, and imaginative.

Someone may look at you and see a calm and collected expression, but underneath that, your thoughts are going a million miles a minute.

You need to figure out the mechanics of things, you analyze, break it down and then you construct it again and it is better.

You are a restrained person and very private.

You are content in being the power behind the throne.

In an aesthetic sense, you have real foresight; your style can set trends.

You like to work alone; you don't like people looking over your shoulder, it makes you nervous and it never turns out right.

You are probably thought of as easy to talk to, but if the person really pays attention they would see that you don't say much, they are doing virtually all of the talking.

You're a quietly observant person, keeping an eye on everything. You file all the things you hear and see to use it in the future.

You emit a warm sexual vibe as well as an effusive vibe.

The Eyes Have It...

You typically have a piercing stare - as if you can see through everything. You are also capable fading into the background but you still send out those strong vibes.

Here's an example:

You could be sitting in the back of the room and you see someone who has taken your interest. You begin to watch them and you do this for quite a long time.

Eventually, they will feel you watching and when they turn to you, they are hit by your eyes. It’s very disconcerting.

Scorpio Rising Emotions

This Sign is the Sign of intimacy, it's the reason you have such a strong intuition, it's why people feel so close to you so fast.

You should also use that perfect intuition to guide you through your relationships, so they may be good for you.

Scorpio rising gives you a short temper, when you are pissed off people know it because your words hurt.

You will use anything that you know or think of the person you are mad at to hurt them. Things that you know they have done that was wrong, their fears and troubles all to win and hurt them back.

This all happens fast, it's your Scorpio temper talking. Although, you mean it in terms of how mad you are; you don't mean it.

You are just passionate in your feelings and you have to express whatever feeling you are feeling. It makes sense, someone has hurt you; you want to hurt them back.

You always feel sorry after you have reviewed all the things you have said and you eventually apologize, but you do not apologize for your feelings.

Although, it's hard for you to do it, other people should know that they should take your apology to heart because, you know what you did and you know what you said.

As a Scorpio rising, you live the word passion. You have a passionate calling, you have passionate sexual desires or passionate professional desires.

YOUR MOTTO: With Passion

Whatever it is that you’re after, you put everything you have into it, and you focus on achieving it. You go all the way, no half-assed attempts for you. You know that you have to be devoted to a goal, or you will not succeed.

With this characteristic, Scorpio rising people wind up doing awe-inspiring things with their lives.


Having your rising sign in Scorpio means there is a high probability that you marry and divorce several times.

With this rising sign, you may have a secret romance at least once in your lifetime.

You are able to or at least, you ought to pull in energy from your partner in a positive way. If you do it in a damaging way, you may be more of an emotional vampire in the way you relate to them.

Failure to realize that you are using your power to soak up a lover’s energy in a bad way could leave you feeling alone.

Another result is that the person is just there with you just to be there. Finally, they may cheat on you.

Secret Sexual Garden

For some reason, Scorpio people like forbidden sex.

In society, the government and the church govern what is deemed taboo or forbidden. This trickles down to general society then to our friends and our neighbors.

Even so, societal opinions don’t influence you. You believe as long as no ones breaking the law or causing anyone pain, everyone should do what they want. It's their choice.

You have probably had forbidden experiences that lasted just one night for several nights or have become part of your sexual preferences (in the closet or out).

These experiences may have had to do with; infidelity, homoeroticism, orgies, bi-sexualism, erotic literature and art, pay for play, cross-dressing, sapphism, taboo sexual fantasies or anything else that is censored or shunned.

You probably entered into these experimentation's just to see what it was like and stopped there, been there done that. Some of you tried something out and the experience opened up a new world. At the very least, you have a taste for light kinky sex.

Scorpio rising people need to have regular release of their sexual energy; relationships with not enough sex do not work for you.

You have a real connection to your sexual self; it makes it easy for you to plug into what other people need and want sexually.

You seem to have a sixth sense about their unfulfilled fantasies and of what they have hidden in their sexual closet.

My Lips are Sealed

Let's say someone has told you a secret, a real dark and dirty one; it's an old bone in his or her closet.

If they were to look at your face, they would never know that you have heard this same secret from someone else. You will never tell. You will just give an understanding nod and they will know that your lips are forever sealed.

I would guess that from the daytime right up to when the sunlight gives way to night, you like to wear dark glasses. This is because you have a strong Scorpio in your chart.

Scorpio's cover their eyes and the cause is the secrets they keep, theirs and everyone else's.

If you are acquaintances with someone or they just met you, it wouldn't be surprising that you keep your sunglasses on when they are talking to you, even when it would be rude not to take them off.

There maybe reasons for that, you are hearing or talking about something sensitive that screams of "closed book" or you don't exactly trust this person yet, not enough anyways for them to see into your soul.

Most of a Scorpio rising person's life is held close to the vest, not many people are allowed to know about them too well, they have too much to lose; therefore, Scorpios must be discerning in whom they trust.

You like privacy and that includes yours and everyone else’s. You like all that having a secret entails.

If anyone has you amongst their friends and they have a secret, you are the one they should tell.

You like secrets, but you hate dishing the dirt. You believe that it is better to keep the secret than to pass it on.

The things you keep secret from others is your self-doubts and your sad feelings, it's probably why you don't feel close to anyone.

It's a double-edged sword because you don't tell other peoples secrets and you don't tell yours either.

Whom do you depend on to tell your troubles? Try to find someone you can slowly tell your secrets to, you shouldn’t carry them around on your own.

Phoenix Rising

In your lifetime, you will have issues surrounding death. You will go through the death of things or people you hold dear and you will have to rise from the ashes and renew yourself.

Sometimes, you may just decide you are in a rut and "kill" a situation or change things.

Every time you go through a hurtful and depressing period, you will change your life. Just as the phoenix rises, Scorpio rising forces you to change and become a new you.

This is the “death theme” that will run through your life.

This proclivity to give way to destruction and renewal may result in numerous changes in the way you look.

This is especially true of women who may change their hair color or style, get something done to their faces, change their style of dressing, re-do the decor of their home or physically move to a new home.

You can change so many things.

When it comes to Scorpio rising men however, there aren't many avenues for releasing that need for renewal after something destructive has happened.

Men go through some sort of crisis at this time.

It seems the easiest way the men can renew themselves is through the eyes of another lover, so if you are involved with a Scorpio rising man, or you are one and something bad happens that changes your life, watch out for infidelity.

Back to Scorpio rising women, no one is saying that a woman can’t very well find renewal of herself in someone new, it’s just less likely for a woman, unless the destruction that she is going through is the destruction of her relationship.

With Scorpio rising, you are capable of surviving things that other people end up being medicated for. You are strong in the face of destruction even if you think you're not.

You are a survivor yes, but there's no need for you to self-destruct or sabotage your life. In your case, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

As you grow and get older, you may come to have an admiration for the enduring spirit you have.


More than any other rising sign, Scorpio rising makes it so you make money and lose money many times over, but in the end you come out on top.

Scorpio Rising Persona

A note about appearance: these features aren't strict rules; any First House Planets or Mars’ arrangement affects your physical features.

In the looks department Scorpio risings are inclined to have dark and dense eyebrows, a large nose and mesmerizing eyes.

You also have a body that moves in an active and determined manner.

Read more about looks.

Scorpio Rising: Planets and Other Zodiac Signs that Matter

Pluto, zodiac sign and the House they are in will expose more regarding the way you convey the changes you go through in your life in general and relationships in particular.

Pluto governs Scorpio and it's very important in your chart.

Pluto imparts profound feelings, a strong spirit, resolve, determination, tenacity, vision, and the power to begin something new as a winner. Pluto also promotes possessiveness, mistrust, ruthlessness and privacy.

When you have Scorpio rising, you have the sign of Taurus as your opposite. We call this Taurus Setting because Taurus was setting as Scorpio was rising.

I note Taurus setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. Taurus the Bull is known for constancy.

You should practice constancy. The lesson here is you should keep the good characteristics you have, no matter what happens.


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