Scorpio Sign and Rising Sign Traits...continued

Scorpio sign with Libra rising

A Scorpio/Libra rising is even more conflicted than a Libra/Scorpio rising.

Libra rising makes this Scorpio sign outgoing and a social butterfly.

This Scorpio will probably fall in passionate love at first sight, because they believe someone is gorgeous and sexy or they think someone drives them wild.

Not only will Scorpio sign/Libra be sexually attracted right away, they get emotionally attached, right away. The consequence of this inclination can be the best thing that ever happened or the worst thing that ever happen to Scorpio/Libra.

Being this way, prompts Scorpio to make the wrong choices in mates, many times.

It is hard for a Scorpio/Libra to admit that a relationship should end. Because the Scorpio Sun sign makes them persistent, they keep trying to work it out.

Scorpio sign/Libra rising needs to take care and take it slow even though someone seems meant to be and is their ideal in the looks department. They need to get to know someone they may be interested in.

Scorpio is a passionate being all on their own, but mix that with Libra and Scorpio becomes more passionate about hooking up or partnering up.

This Scorpio sign isn't as in control of themselves in love and sex as other Scorpios. They'll feel compelled to go after easy or unstable women and weak or immoral men, whatever applies.

This Scorpio sign should take care in the romance department. If they aren't discerning in who they choose to get involved with, they may obtain a bad reputation.

Above all, this Scorpio sign needs to take care in choosing sexual partners.

This Scorpio sign isn't happy without a romantic partner in their life. Scorpio/Libra has a need to express their emotions.

When they do have relationships, whatever happens in those relationships, (beneficial or detrimental), affects Scorpio/Libra's life immensely.

If someone is considering a romance or a love affair with a Scorpio/Libra rising, they don't have to worry about Scorpio/Libra's commitment.

The worry should be; how is Scorpio/Libra going to exhibit this commitment? Will it be, honest and tender? Or will it be inflexible and obsessive ?

Well, that will depend on what Sign is in the Sun position.

Scorpio sign with Scorpio rising

If you're dating a Scorpio/Scorpio, all I have to say is...whoosh...

If you're a Scorpio sign/Scorpio rising...boy are you something.

With a Scorpio/Scorpio what you see is what you get, what you don't see is hidden on purpose; this is fundamental in all Scorpios.

Remember this is a double Scorpio sign, double the the good, double the bad. Double Scorpios are not going to cooperate once they have made up their minds.

Scorpio/Scorpio will be aggressive about what they want, if someone is standing in their way that person will end up hurt. Don't look for this aggressiveness to come forth in a pushy, volatile way. No, it will be more subtle.

A Scorpio/Scorpio is highly sensitive and their emotions can be hyper-intense. When they finally detonate after steaming up about something, they feel a great release.

Scorpio takes pride in their self-control. Contentious people do not scare them. They aren't afraid of anyone confronting them at all.

Scorpio/Scorpio always has something driving them... There is always something they are thinking or wanting, something that is driving them to do what they do or say what they say.

This force inside Scorpio/Scorpio makes them brave, they never run in fear. This bravery means that Scorpio/Scorpio stands by what they believe.

Scorpio/Scorpio says what they mean clearly.

Scorpio/Scorpio goes after what they want no matter what others tell them.

At times, things will happen to Scorpio that leaves them blistering and acrimonious, but Scorpio/Scorpio is so controlled no one would ever know, unless Scorpio wants them to face their anger.

Scorpio/Scorpios find something that is dangerous enjoyable, they find people who are a little bit dangerous attractive.

Scorpio/Scorpio enjoys a lover who leaves them breathless and makes them feel like they can just drown in that persons arms or eyes.

The worst things that can happen to a person of this double sign have to do with love and sex. They'll look for love or sex and won't always be smart about finding it.

Scorpio/Scorpios have to be more discerning about the people they choose to get romantically entangled with.

I say entangled because, if this Scorpio chooses the wrong person it won't be easy to get out of the situation they created for themselves.

Scorpio is shrewd and any rival or competitor better watch their step before they fall.

Scorpio can ascertain where the Achilles heel is in anyone. Scorpio/Scorpios are driven and they go to extremes.

They can easily become obsessed with something or someone.

Scorpio sign with Sagittarius rising

This Sun sign/Rising sign combo isn't as beneficial as the Sagittarius/Scorpio rising.

Even so, as long as the Fiery Sagittarian capriciousness is controlled, it can still be productive.

A Scorpio/Sagittarius' life is eventful a lot happens to them, a lot will continue to happen, good things and bad things.

When bad things happen, Scorpio/Sagittarius should not give in to feelings of bitterness, because some conflicts that result in bad blood may be hard for them to get over.

These bad situations may happen because Scorpio/Sagittarius wasn't discerning in deciding who to trust; they should take what they learned and file it away.

Scorpio/Sagittarius should enjoy the good things and count their blessings. Because of Jupiter/Sagittarius this person has many doors of opportunity opened unto them, they should make the most of them.

Scorpio/Sagittarius has many fantasies and desires they want to fulfill, some they openly speak of and some no one will ever know.

The desires they shroud in mystery are still desires, so as soon as they spot an opportunity, they make it happen.

Emotionally, this Scorpio is still intense, but they control themselves, in-spite of the Sagittarian rising impulsiveness.

When things happen that hurt them or make them angry, Scorpio/Sagittarius reacts in one of two ways:

  1. In a candidly, positive and kind Sagittarian way.
  2. A bitingly, sardonic and hurtful Scorpio way.

This person will have the following qualities from the Signs:

Scorpio and Sagittarius are both passionate in relationships.

Sagittarians are passionate in the way they openly show love for someone. Scorpio's are passionate about the person they choose to love.

Scorpio is spiritual and sexy; Sagittarius is ideological, flirty and spiritual. A Scorpio/Sagittarius is sexy.

Scorpio/Sagittarius has lots of ideas about sex and religion.

I would even say that sex with a Scorpio/Sagittarian may feel like a religious experience.

Scorpio/Sagittarius should avoid actions and words that lead to indiscretions and misunderstandings in love relationships, the outcomes of which could be hurtful for them and their lover.

Scorpio sign with Capricorn Rising

Darth Vader may I presume? Oh, your a girl, Cruella de Vil?
Ha-ha just kidding, only kidding.

You have to admit you aren't Pollyanna, that's Sagittarius.

You're detached and unemotional and that's what keeps your explosive disposition hidden to the unwary.

Can you become distrustful and disheartened? At times yes, but there are reasons for this, you want everything to be perfect.

Your aspirations don't give you any room for mistakes and that goes for other people too.

Capricorn rising makes you even more restrained than you already are as a Scorpio Sun.

Capricorn rising makes you a bit of a nerd when you're trying to flirt or romance the one you want.

However, if your prospective lover can see past that awkwardness they'll get to see all the vitality and hot passion you have because of your Scorpio sign.

Scorpio and Capricorn have some similar traits.

They're truthful and tenacious. They have a gift for intrigue and schemes, if they choose to apply it.

Scorpio/Capricorn enjoys manipulating people, but is real sly about it. They plan every detail.

If you're a sane person and know that something that you did would piss off anyone and Scorpio/Capricorn is fine and dandy about it, you better cover your ass.

If you think for one minute that you can beat a Scorpio/Capricorn at the manipulation game, you're a sorry fool.

Both these signs believe in mercilessly getting rid of redundant things, people or circumstances that serve no purpose in their lives, bring them down or can't be trusted.

However, they apply this belief in different ways.

Scorpio will become aggravated by that person, circumstance or thing.

Capricorn will show apathy towards that person or be apathetic with the circumstance or thing.

A Scorpio/Capricorn rising's life is consequential.

Life will throw a good deal of troubles, obstacles and restrictions in their way. As a Scorpio/Capricorn you have what you need to deal with all that; (a survival spirit, guts, determination and direction.

Regrettably, you'll go through numerous instances of one foot forward and two steps back.

Sometimes, this will give you cause to be distressed and vitriolic. Once you've processed those feelings, you shouldn't allow them to fester.

Instead, you should see those difficulties as learning experiences, this will make all the pain worth it.

Scorpio sign with Aquarius rising

A Scorpio is private and determined; an Aquarius appears to lack direction or seems scatterbrained.

When you blend Scorpio and Aquarius this person appears freewheeling but isn't. They appear easy to sway but aren't.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing at least you know they won't change how they feel about you as fast as other Signs would.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are stubborn.

Each Scorpio/Aquarius has things they'll not bend on; each individual differs but all Scorpio/Aquarians have them. Discover what those are and don't push the issue when they come up for debate.

The next thing to do is be as determined as they are...this will allow you to live with their stubbornness.

If a person with Scorpio/Aquarius rising has a lot of afflicted Planets in their chart, there will be a higher probability for a pathological mind and issues with debauchery.

If you want to know if this is the case you have to check on the location of Uranus for the person that has the Aquarius rising.

Having a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising adds vexation, postponements and stress to this person's life.

However,they can deal because they're a Scorpio and they're secure, self- contained forbearing and they survive things. In the end they surmount all troubles.

This person is a Scorpio at heart and they'll experience possessiveness and jealousy. They will have to deal with misinterpretations with their romantic partners.

They will have to contend with the possibility of a third person coming between them and their partner.

They may have to deal with this in almost every relationship they have and I don't necessarily mean cheating, although they'll have to consider that too.

They may experience more than their share of sadness in relation to friends and lovers. Scorpio/Aquarius has to make sure they set boundaries to keep others from taking them for granted.

When they feel in their gut that someone is using them, this should tip them off that they need to keep that person at arms length, if not Scorpio/Aquarius will end up paying for that mistake emotionally.

A Scorpio/Aquarius is a capable person.

If Scorpio/Aquarius can keep from not giving into their inclination to believe that they're powerless to change their fate, they'll find that they can overcome the troubles, limitations and hurdles that will come.

Scorpio sign with Pisces rising

Scorpio and Pisces are in concordance.

Scorpio/Pisces will certainly have times that bring opportunity and good luck.

Scorpio/Pisces will find it easier to get over troubles and obstacles than other Scorpio signs.

Scorpio remains secure enough that they won't be controlled by anyone, irrespective of the Pisces rising.

Scorpio/Pisces inspires envy in others. At times, Scorpio/Pisces may find that some people are purposefully cruel to them.
If a sense of humor and perspective is maintained Scorpio/Pisces won't give in to bitterness.

This person has a tolerant temperament and is a romantic.

The Scorpio/Pisces combination does mean they'll be romantically involved with partners that are either possessive of Scorpio/Pisces or the other way around.

Scorpio values secrecy; Pisces likes to stay inconspicuous. United, this makes for a seriously private individual.

Scorpio/Pisces isn't anti-social or hard to love; they're just hard to reach.

Here's an example:

Maybe you'd like to become better acquainted with a Scorpio/Pisces lady.

You say:

  1. "Let's go out, what's your number?"

She says:

  1. "Mmm... I don't think I can give you my number, I just met you."

You think to yourself:

  1. "What?... I wonder how she ever got a date or a boyfriend if she gives no contact details."

So you try a different tack. You say:

  1. "Well how about email, I can have that right? and when you see how much you like me I can call you?"

She says:

  1. "Well I come here often, maybe I'll see you again."

By this time you know she's not giving in at all to your charms, but your intrigued and don't know if you should push it.

Don't push it. She will just lie and give you a fake number or email just to get rid of you.

What you should have done was:

Given her your number and if she didn't give you hers right away but liked you, she would've called sooner or later and given hers to you.


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