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Capricorn sign with Aries rising

An Aries ascendant will make Capricorn lighter; less restrained. Capricorn Sun has a strong sense of who they are and a determination to do what has to be done.

When the Capricorn sign is combined with the Aries ascendant it makes a person who is a lone wolf, they'll keep others at a distance.

Capricorn/Aries may give an air of not needing anyone's help, but it's not that at all, they just listen to their own counsel.

If you're embroiled in a romance with this combo, it won't be easy to get the ring on her finger or get him to put the ring on yours.

Capricorn Goats and Aries Rams treasure their freedom; imagine what a Capricorn/Aries feels about freedom.

A Capricorn sign/Aries likes to do what they like, when they like.

Occasionally, the capricious Aries side will make this person take action in spite of the innate Capricorn cautiousness. Invariably, this results in misapprehensions and mistakes.

Capricorn/Aries is ambitious. Capricorn/Aries is capable of advancing in life and they won't let obstacles, encumbrances or envious people get in their way.

Capricorn/Aries needs to safeguard themselves against people who are so green with envy that they try to sabotage them.

There will be many times when a Capricorn/Aries battles against obstructions by themselves, they should use tact in their fighting style instead of pressure. They'll be happier when they get what they want.

Capricorn/Aries’ later years will be the best years of their life.

Capricorn sign with Taurus rising

Capricorn/ Taurus rising is a beneficial combination, these two Signs are harmonious. Capricorns and Taurus' are ambitious, sensible and pragmatic.

Emotions will be a catalyst for a Capricorn/Taurus rising. In fact, when in love or in a relationship, Capricorn/Taurus rising will be the most productive in making money, don't ask me why...

No really, there is a curious thing that happens because of the emotion/ambition connection in this person.

Something happens to them when they have "someone". They work harder to pad that nest.

The naturally modest Capricorn/Taurus won't be shy about seducing someone they want because having a partner is a potent need in them. Still, Capricorn/Taurus needs to be discerning in who they choose to trust with their hearts.

If you're romantically involved with Capricorn/Taurus, you'll find them tongue tied and awkward when expressing love. However, Capricorn/Taurus feels deep love and is faithful to it no matter what you see or don't see at the surface.

Capricorn/Taurus does not easily leave one they love and have committed themselves to. The only thing that would make a Capricorn/Taurus break ties is if you have betrayed their love and trust, don't even explain just say your goodbyes.

If you're a Capricorn/Taurus rising you'll find that your relationships in later life, will be the ones or one that make you the most happy.

If you work diligently in the early part of life, you should retire in a better position than most of your peers.

You'll experience times when you feel down and out, and nothing seems to go right, but if you persist and you don't give up, things will be better than fine.

A Capricorn/Taurus rising enjoys beautiful people and beautiful things, they especially enjoy lots of beautiful money.

They enjoy their creature comforts. Their home will be comfortable with pampering furnishings, unlike most other Capricorns who might like a utilitarian style and sparse furnishings.

Capricorn sign with Gemini rising

Capricorn and Gemini together in a person will cause conflict in their personality.

It will be hard for a Capricorn/Gemini rising to stay calm, not get irritated and cut someone off when the person they're listening to doesn't have anything significant to say.

A Capricorn sign/Gemini rising should try to keep the Gemini mask on for longer periods of time so they don't seem serious all the time.

Capricorn/Gemini rising is mentally astute, focused and has good organizational skills.

Contemplation and power of recall is efficient and they try hard to incorporate the pragmatic with the idealistic.

If Saturn is badly afflicted it could mean; vexation, difficulties and postponements, dishonesty and/or greed.

A Capricorn/Gemini should endeavor to build a stronger character and live by a certain code because if they don't, there may be potential for

 either a Khalil Gibran
( Kahlil Gibran)---someone of reason or a Kenneth Lee "Ken" Lay --- someone of avarice.

Gemini rising bestows an inventive intellect that Capricorn can choose to apply in attaining a great and meaningful life or a dishonorable one.

Capricorn sign with Cancer rising

Family is important to Capricorn and Cancer.

Out of all Signs Capricorn needs to learn to laugh at themselves and life's situations.

Cancer rising makes Capricorn prone to tender feelings.

Capricorn/Cancer rising is original, pragmatic and driven.

A Capricorn/Cancer rising is self-contained and disdainful in mixed company, but when they're around intimate friends or in comfortable surroundings they're gentle, sweet and fun.

There may be certain Aspects in a Capricorn/Cancer's birth chart that prove to be determining factors of help or conflicts.

Capricorn/Cancers always work hard.

Capricorn/Cancer are natural leaders, at work they should try to work in a group, even if it's just to train themselves to be inclusive not reclusive with others.

Occasionally, Capricorn/Cancer can be judgmental and irritable and that often leads into arguments with others.

They tend to become this way when they feel that the person they've turned their critical eye on hasn't been as scrupulous or hardworking as Capricorn/Cancer thinks they should be.

Sometimes, Capricorn/Cancer struggles between impatience to make things happen and an equal need to be patient and do things the correct way.

A Capricorn/Cancer rising will be leery of anyone who pries into their private affairs; they save that for people inside their circle.

Capricorn sign/Cancer rising will come across many restrictions in life but, they will be mentally prepared and able to overcome them. As they get older they should evolve into a duteous person who is perceptive, savvy in dealing with others, private and caring.

This combination in a Capricorn males chart points to a great interest in being part of a couple (at least ) or being married.

This man will be more in the mood for all things romance when the Moon is in Libra or Cancer.

Looking on the bright side or at least trying to, will help Capricorn/Cancer sustain relationships with others.

Capricorn sign with Leo rising

Capricorns and Leos aren't alike. Except for some things mentioned below, they're at odds.

Capricorn is disgusted by pretentiousness; Leo's think that pomp and circumstance is great, the commonality here is that they both see value in being in a high position.

You would make a Capricorn/ Leo Lady or Gentleman happy with you if you got him or her a gift that was from a high end store with a high end cost.

Capricorn wishes to be thought of as intelligent in all matters; Leo always dresses in a stately manner, the commonality here is that they both like to be respected.

Make Capricorn/Leo aware of your respect for them by asking input on style and fashion or asking for advice on business and finance. Ask them for advice, you don't always have to take it, asking is enough.

Capricorn/Leo has a sense of duty and a patrician view of the humanity. Capricorns are consistent in their resolve. Capricorns see things honestly.

A Capricorn/Leo rising will be persistent and ethical. Capricorns/Leos try hard not let others down.

In Capricorn/Leo's younger years they'll seem too severe and serious for their age.

As they get older they'll seem to get younger in attitude, while still holding their seriousness when it pertains to their obligations.

Many Capricorns may feel penalized by their parents during their growing years. However, Capricorns grow into savvy and diplomatic young Men and Women because of those early years.

 Capricorns/Leos are often chided for being too rigid and too ambitious for power; yes, aspiration is a good thing but it can be a double-edged sword.

Capricorn/Leo rising's have big dreams and they work hard to make them come true. Capricorn/Leo make the best of every chance to promote their ambitions. Capricorn/Leo is an effective administrator and coordinator.

Capricorn sign with Virgo rising

Virgo rising is one of the best rising signs for a Capricorn sign. This pairing makes for an incredibly productive individual. This persons inner being is very much harmonized.

When you first meet a Capricorn/Virgo rising you'll get the feeling that they have a lot on their plate.

Capricorn/Virgo deserves the phrase, " why so serious?" this Guy or Gal is seriously, serious. So methodical, so under control.

Capricorn sign/Virgo rising watches out for every variable of things that could go wrong.

Capricorn/Virgo rising isn't going to let you in on their inner workings easily.

They won't ever talk about their feelings, especially when plans or things and relationships that are going wrong in their lives.

After all, most of the things they get emotional about have to do with how well they are succeeding in their plans. If the plans aren't going well, talking about their feelings will make them feel demoralized, so they don't talk about it.

Capricorn/Virgo will stick to dry, sarcastic and superficial humor to relate to you.

Capricorn/Virgo rising is emotionally sensitive and will be hurt when people judge them, only, they won't be inclined to pout and sulk like other Capricorn's.

A Capricorn/Virgo is pragmatic and overambitious.

Capricorn/Virgo rising will persist in pursuing any goals they set for themselves.

Capricorn/Virgo rising is good with money, business and if inclined, politics.

This person is good at brainstorming, preparing and mapping out the steps to a certain achievement.

This is a charitable person and generally tries to do what they can for others.

However, Capricorn/Virgo rising isn't above taking whatever benefit they can for themselves when they're helping others.

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