Capricorn sign Merged with Different Rising Signs

Capricorn sign with Libra rising

This person will have inclinations that are hard to read and will also have a convoluted disposition.

To this Capricorn having fun and socializing will be important. This person will be noble-minded yet pragmatic.

Remember that Capricorn/Libra is sensitive, no matter what they seem, you shouldn't be mean or unkind to a Capricorn/Libra on purpose, they'll be hurt.

Capricorn/Libra will be afraid to make mistakes because they don't want to be embarrassed.

When they happen to do something wrong and are reprimanded in public, this will hurt them immensely.

A Capricorn/Libra is ambitious, but they deal with a lot of self-doubt; don't expect them to become overnight successes.

If Venus is impaired in Capricorn/Libra's chart, they'll have certain self-sabotaging tendencies.

Love, romance, dating or marriage will prove to be an essential need for Capricorn/Libra, however, if you want anything to happen with them, you have to approach them first.

You have to divulge your feelings first. Once you do that, they will respond.

The diffidence that Capricorn/Libra shows in romance will go on for the whole of your relationship.

Capricorn/Libra rising is well aware of this aggravation, it's one thing that they indeed find frustrating about themselves.

Capricorn sign with Scorpio rising

As a Capricorn you're a natural go getter and Scorpio is a great rising sign for you to have.

In fact this is much more beneficial than Scorpio/Capricorn.

Capricorn with Scorpio rising makes you able to merge strategy, prediction and that killer instinct.

Scorpio rising will give more of a boost to your ambitious nature and with your pragmatism you're capable of setting well defined goals.

Scorpio rising mixed with your Capricorn sign will help you contend with whatever comes your way; good or bad.

Scorpio rising makes you more energetic and aggressive.

The search for perfection will still be strong in you, but in a more reasonable way. Wherever possible, you'll try your best to reach an ideal.

When someone has aggravated you, you'll feel an urge to get angry, but being a Capricorn you'll have more control over the hotheaded Scorpio explosiveness inherent in that sign.

Woe is the person that has crossed you. You may leave that whole situation alone but you have not forgotten and you'll not forgive.

You'll just file it away and pay them back in the future. You're the best at intrigue. To you, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Scorpio rising makes you stand up and stand strong in your beliefs.

If you believe that you're right in doing or saying something, Scorpio makes you brave no matter who or what tries to stop you.

Things to watch out for:

Envious people around you that will try to sabotage your efforts.

Counting your chickens before they hatch.

Some things you start in your younger years may not be ready for you to enjoy till your later years, stick with them.

Capricorn sign with Sagittarius rising

With a Capricorn sign, Jupiter is in Detriment.

With this combination you may not get all of Jupiter’s goodness but you still get a measure of it.

You have a combination of idealistic thought, business acumen and an influencing quality about you.

As long as you keep your Sun sign's “self-service only” mentality in check, this combining of characteristics should be good.

In a few cases, Jupiter in Detriment brings about a phony and a greedy character.

Jupiter in Detriment may induce a type of person who has no problem using noble things like charity or sacred things- God or Religion, to promote themselves and rob others of money.

Having warned of this type of Capricorn sign, you surely aren't one of these, are you?

But mostly, having Capricorn sign/Sagittarius rising makes for an individual who has a well rounded character.

Someone who is interested in the idealistic sides of spirituality, rules, laws of the world, government and doctrine.

Particularly, this point of view compels them to help others and do their best to ameliorate the financial trouble and life problems that other people find themselves in.

If a Capricorn/Sagittarius discovers that someone is trying to use them because of their helpfulness, their first instinct is to try and resolve it by speaking up and letting the person know that they know what's going on.

If Capricorn/Sagittarius finds that their words have no affect, they have no qualms about chucking the user and their needs out of sight and mind.

Sagittarius rising makes Capricorn more cheerful than other Capricorns.

Capricorn/Sagittarius likes to make everyone laugh with their dark, dry wit.

A Sagittarius Sun sign laughs at their own jokes, while they're telling it; a Capricorn/Sagittarius says funny things with a "dead pan" look on their face.

Sagittarius rising helps Capricorn get past the details to see the big picture and how all the little pieces fit.

Capricorn however, retains the ability to map things out before they proceed so that in the end things are beneficial.

Capricorn sign with Capricorn rising

Your Sun and your rising sign fuse together. You're a double Capricorn sign.

In fact, you are a typical Capricorn sign.

You're naturally inflexible with situations and people familiar to you but especially inflexible when you're in strange places and with unfamiliar people.

You have a sense of what duty entails, an ability to forbear difficulties and a high regard for law/rules and obedience.

You hold yourself and people close to you to these standards.

Unless specifically invalidated by stronger Aspects you like to do things alone, minding your own business.

You prefer to carry your own burdens and not lay them on the shoulders of others.

You're a person who is reflective. You go about things in a methodical manner.

You're of the mind that things should fit perfectly, perhaps this is the rationality behind your demand for things to be logical.

When you're preoccupied with a target or goal be it financial, intellectual or personal it can consume you.

You aren't impulsive nor do you show much passion.

You compensate for that with a sarcastic wit and an attractive self-deprecating humor, that others find most seductive.

In romance however, your a bit awkward and it's rather sweet...

You have an innate reticence or modesty that causes others to think you're aloof or apathetic.

Generally, this thought crosses their minds during small talk with you, they have no idea that you just aren't good at this kind of banter.

However, when faced with serious things, you're highly skilled at saying the exact thing that others want to hear; you would make a great politician.

You posses a great deal of ambition. You're pragmatic, solid, autonomous and tenacious.

Your ambition won't be a character flaw, it will be something that draws respect from others.

A goal you may not have yet thought of should be; aspiring to be upbeat, both inside and outside.

This trait is almost nonexistent in your disposition.

If you don't know what I mean by "upbeat" find one of your friends who is a Sagittarius,(I am sure you must have one close Sagittarius friend that you sometimes gaze at with wonder), emulate their happy go lucky style.

Always quick to smile right? Nothing gets them down.

Copy them and you won't be considered so serious...

Capricorn sign with Aquarius rising

Capricorn sign is deliberately cautious; Aquarius is audacious. You see how completely different they are?

Do you see how confusing and problematic living with a Capricorn/Aquarius could be.

In almost everything Capricorn/Aquarius will be contradictory from one day to the next; you'll never know were you stand.

Aquarius rising gibes with the Capricorn Sun in that both signs don't give a(bleep) about what others think they should do.

An Aquarius rising makes Capricorn open minded, but once their mind is made up no one can change it.

At first, Capricorn's personality seems quite inaccessible...

Even so, they like to chat and be sociable, this is all thanks to their Aquarius rising.

When they are around people they know, they exhibit a gracious manner that is appealing.

Capricorn/Aquarius's only display their real thoughts and feelings to their close friends and family.

Nonetheless, Capricorn/Aquarius is a cerebral type and is reserved, no matter how open-minded and high spirited they seem to be when you first meet them.

A Capricorn/Aquarius rising is apathetic to changes in their surroundings.

Capricorn sign is a realist and has goals for the long-run. Capricorn also has a sarcastic wit that disarms others.

A Capricorn/Aquarius has a heavy dose of Saturnine influence, do, give them a break.

They are disposed to melancholy attitudes blended with potent ambitiousness.

Think of Capricorn/Aquarius as a Prozac needing workaholic.

Aquarius stokes the fires of compulsion and having a Capricorn Sun sign doesn't help ease that one bit.

One thing is for sure, if there is still hope an Aquarius won't and can't give up; if something has to be seen to it's end Capricorn's sense of duty presses them to carry on.

In essence, a Capricorn/Aquarius rising, doesn't give up easily.

When betrayed, Capricorn/Aquarius may still seem friendly, just like they once were, they'll say the right things to make you believe it), but deep down, you'll never be the same person to them again.

Capricorn sign with Pisces rising

Capricorns are pragmatic and down to earth in their reasoning.

Pisceans have such an imagination they seem like they were born in space.

Capricorns and Pisces people are engrossed in their own ideas, worlds or daydreams.

What makes Capricorn and Pisces apathetic is "the much ado about nothing" in the world, which seems fickle and common to them.

Capricorn and Pisces both seek what is ideal, pure and perfect, but each has it's own method of trying to reach those goals.

Saturn is a constrictive Planet and it rules Capricorn, this will be a challenging force on the Pisces rising side of this person.

Saturn will sharpen the negativity and worry in Pisces compounding the negativity and gloom that is natural to Capricorn.

If you're detecting friction here, you would be right, sort of.

How can you relate to a Capricorn/Pisces when they relate to others in two different ways?

The silver lining is that as this Capricorn gets older, they'll realize that the years they've lived and the experiences they've gone through, bring wisdom and insight.

When a Capricorn/Pisces rising is in a new environment or around new people they will keep things on a superficial, non-personal level.

The Pisces personality does reverberate in Capricorn's heart and soul.

Capricorns naturally look out for themselves and the people they love; Pisces will make this Capricorn less selfish.

The need for justice will be strong here, but it will be tempered by Pisces rising’s brings mercy and empathy for human weakness.

This makes Capricorn want to help other people. Even so, Capricorn should be cautious choosing who to help, they won't like experiencing the Pisces bane of feeling victimized in the end.

Sympathy for other people won't overshadow the commitment that Capricorn/Pisces has in taking care of their family and people they love.

The people Capricorn/Pisces love are frequently subjected to their stringency, but they are easily pardoned because the love that this Capricorn has is loyal and protective.

A Capricorn/Pisces rising's self-containment hides serious aspirations and a never-say-die attitude.

It is possible that Capricorn/Pisces can make many friends who are powerful.

Powerful friends will do much to advance them in their quest for success in business and finance.


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