Taurus Female -The Mature and Immature Qualities

On this page you will find the descriptions for Taurus Females/Women Evolved and underdeveloped

The Mature Taurus Female

This Taurus woman will have most of the good traits that the evolved Taurus male has.

She is also powerfully drawn to 2 things that feed us as human beings; love and food. She also loves to satiate herself on these 2 things.

She may have a green thumb, if she doesn't she still enjoys having flowers around her.

She makes/will make a first-class wife/partner/girlfriend. Even if she is a career woman, she will be great at keeping the home and raising children.

Just like her male Taurus counterpart she loathes debt, so, her eye is always aware of the finances.

Just like her male Taurus counterpart she wants financial security, she needs to know that her and her loved ones necessities/amenities are provided for.

Her sexual identity matches that of the Taurus male. She always wants it; she is always ready for it, no fake headaches with this woman.

The Immature Taurus Female

This Taurus woman keeps her good points hidden so well, you would be hard-pressed to find them.

She doesn't want to be used so she tries to keep the instances of that happening to a minimum. Although, some of them have no problem using others.

She is self-involved and doesn't place herself in other people's shoes very often.

The helpfulness and care of the former Taurean woman isn't found here.

She can be difficult to handle and she follows her own ideas.

She isn't serene, she's indolent. She isn't steady through changes, she avoids change.

She is unsure yet willful.

In the former Taurus woman, responsibility in finances is to protect herself and loved ones, in this one, it becomes a materialistic attitude in her; this woman could marry for money.

Her ambition centers on herself, her aim is to help herself only.

The only men that would make a match with this type of Taurus woman would be her equivalent in the underdeveloped Taurus male.


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