Libra Male - Characteristics of the Evolved and  Underdeveloped

On this page you will find the descriptions for Libra Male/Man Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Evolved Libra Male

This Libra man values, enjoys and holds in high esteem anything or person he considers beautiful. He abhors anything ugly.

* That reminds me of a line said by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (John Leguizamo) in the movie, Moulin Rouge, but, I digress.

He also had a love of justice; his symbol is the Scale after all. When something is unfair and he will fight vigorously to make it right again.

He also loathes to be in the company of someone who tells lies, someone is always sad or complaining, someone who draws and promotes drama wherever they go.

When he happens to find himself around such people, he doesn't walk, he runs away.

You see, Libras are on a perpetual mission to find the "perfect balance" of life. A harmonious life.

The Libra male is a work/relax cycle type of person. He will work, work, work and then take time (mostly alone) to restore his mind/body and spirit.

Then the cycle starts again.

A Libra male who works too much and never gets to really relax will not be very nice to be around.

He has many friends that always invite him to gatherings for he is gracious, charming and he is able to find something of value in anyone.

All this makes him something of an enlightening person to be a round.

As a young man he finds it hard to laser in on what he should do with his life (career wise).

Most his friends may even be in their chosen careers before he even finds what his true talent is.

In time he finds what he should do (after some mistakes and false starts). Some of these Libras find that their talent has to do with beauty, connected to art in some way.

Kids love this Libra male, they are drawn to him because he seems fun to them. When children engage him he locks in.

He does well with kids and is a sucker for them as long as they don't take his tolerant manner for granted or act like spoiled brats.

This Libra male started falling in love in his boyhood.

Once he starts falling in love he doesn't give up on love ever, no matter what happens he will always believe in it.

He likes a romantic cat and mouse game.

His only peril is that beautiful girls with pretty styles just take him in from the start.

He is always falling in love with facades. He soon rues the day that he fell in love with the outside and didn't wait to fall in love with the whole girl.

Once he gets to know most of the lovely girls, he finds less loveliness inside.

Hopefully fate will smile on him and show him that his general nuanced and particular way of choosing other things in life, can help him in choosing who he falls into love and relationship with.

Until then he will look for the missing piece (mate) of his harmonious life.

Meanwhile, he will find himself in relationships with women that make it hard for him to leave, while he ponders his stupidity, stays unhappy and listens to how unhappy she is.

Any girlfriend he gets better be OK with his looking and not touching ways. His eyes just love to look at attractive women.

To combat this, his girlfriend should make it her mission to always be the woman that turns heads.

If his girlfriend is a woman that puts no value in getting hair styled, manicured fingernails/toes, or fashionable dress; he will one day stop just looking and leave for a more stylish and attractive woman.

He likes sexual activity and it's an essential part of his life.

The Underdeveloped Libra Male

The underdeveloped Libran is a jack-of-all-trades.

His parents may despair over when it is he will start his life, but to no avail, for he tries this and that, rarely making a success of anything attempted.

This Libra male is partly like the evolved male in that it takes him more time to find his career choice, than other Signs. The similarities to the evolved Libra male ends there.

As a young man he will drive his parents to distraction because after high school, there is always a new major or new trade he is learning. Here's how it might go:

"What happened to ______ asks his parents?" "Oh, that was not too my liking", says Libra. "You were doing so well with it, you went so far", when are you going to pick something", says his parents.

Once he finally decides it's the same with his jobs, "What happened to that job?"

Once with a partner/lover/wife the scenario repeats, thus he becomes a jack of all trades and a master of none.

His real problem? He is searching for the perfect career choice. He finds something he doesn't like here, rethinks a decision there and he does it over and over.

This is not only wasted time for him, but dreadful for everyone who loves him.

This Libra male wants someone who is real easy to please, so easy, the least he could do will make her happy. He also wants someone who will be in it to please him.

This man wants to be the most attractive and he wants a partner that is the same.

He wants the most pleasing things in life and hates anything that is a bit hard.

He hates the unworthy, the unbalanced. He hates mean-spirited people. Good luck, finding a life like that.

We all have to deal with unfriendly people, things that are hard, things that aren't lovely and things that are not fair.

This Libra will suffer ill fortune much of his life and will cause the same to anyone who loves him. Nothing will be his fault.

As for the love department; if you break up with this man telling yourself that you were so great, he will miss you forever. Or that you will be the lady that he compares every other to; you are sadly mistaken.

This Libra male forgets you and replaces you in days, he will not cry any tears or sport a long face about your parting for long.

Although, if you ask him he will say something along the lines of "he is so sad, he misses you".


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