Virgo Female - Qualities of the Mature and Immature

On this page you will find the descriptions for Virgo Female /Woman Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Female

This Virgo woman dresses in a classic style, simple and prim.

She is levelheaded yet; she is critical. The fair thing about that is, she is just as critical of herself as other people.

She isn't much into the role of being a homemaker, a career is more crucial and of value to her.

This Virgo woman will love her kids and they will be well cared for, however, being just a domestic Goddess is not too agreeable to her. She needs more in her life than that to energize her.

Many Virgo women end up pursuing careers in medical care, positions in nursing for example. Another career choice for many Virgo women may deal with social work.

Some of her friends may think of her as a prude for she has high standards and may appear narrow-minded and very fixed to others in what she believes to be right or wrong when it comes to human sexuality.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Virgo Female

This Virgo woman is hard to please. She tends to see and focuses on what's missing rather than what's there.

Rarely does anything grow and move forward because; eventually she will find something to complain about.

When she is unhappy, she hardly looks to find a solution to fix whatever is bothering her. It will seem to other people that she is happy just to complain.

A man that is involved with this Virgo woman needs to be able to get over things even better than a Taurus male; he must have the patience of a saint.

Even a Taurus man would find himself exasperated with the way she would bring him down.

This Virgo woman can be so carping that she places a big stop Sign in front of her lover when all systems say go (sexually).

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