Libra Female -The Evolved and Underdeveloped Dispositions

On this page you will find the descriptions for Libra Female/Woman Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature Libra Female

This Libra woman is much like her Libra male counterpart. She is candid and knows how to appreciate people and show her esteem for them, so she never lacks for male attention.

Her biggest Achilles heel is the constant notion she gives of being too nice. It's just that she hates hurting people’s feelings and for the life of her she can't say NO.

She doesn't want to rock the boat or shift things out of balance, or deal with drama so she says yes.

She constantly finds herself in situations that are what she wants to avoid in the first place by saying yes.

In saying yes when she doesn't want to, she receives trouble as a thank you. She is taken for granted or is used and she wonders why. It's because she is too accommodating.

She will hear responses like:

"I thought you'd say yes, you always say yes." "Can you do this for me? Thanks", before she even answers. "I didn't think you'd mind, so I took it."

This Libra lady will make some lucky someone a very nice wife. Her partner will be the center of her life. Her kids may even feel left out sometimes because of it.

She may not even want kids or she may choose to have kids, that subject is a take it or leave it situation.

What she needs to feel at ease in life though, is a partner/a husband.

She is not one to easily stay single all her life like maybe a Virgo or Sagittarian lady might.

The Immature Libra Female

This Libra woman wants to be made happy. She wants anything she does to make you happy, no matter how little.

She wants to be the most beautiful; she also wants the most handsome partner.

She can't abide anything unsettling or ugly. She detests mean people. I wish this lady luck, in finding a life like that.

A life that we all contend with, one that has beauty and ugliness, one with pain and joy, one with relaxation/fun and hard work. One with triumphs and difficulties isn't for her.

"Only the lovely things please", says this Libra Lady.

This Libra woman endures many instances of inauspicious luck, it is usually her fault, but you won't hear that from her lips.


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