Gemini Male - The Evolved and Underdeveloped Personality

On this page you will find the descriptions for Gemini  Male/Men Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Gemini Male

This Gemini man may be artistic with words, may be able to write well (poetry, stories).

Because of his natural restlessness, he can come up with splendid word art. He may even be great at playing with words, an amusing way to keep boredom away.

This Gemini male enjoys using his talent to communicate.

Mercury governs Gemini and this man is energetic; mentally and physically. He conveys this energy in various directions.

He is temperamental.

He doesn't tolerate the mundane naturally. He is on the look out for fresh experiences.

When that new experience loses its novelty, he seeks another.

The purpose of a Gemini at his best is to live life to the fullest, see the beauty in it, have fun (nothing’s that serious) and to help others fulfill themselves by getting them to think the same way.

This Gemini man is driven to find mental stimulation. If he confronts a problem that he doesn't get right away, he will think about it till he figures it out.

This Gemini man especially looks for the best way to communicate.

He needs to have allies. He needs to tell what he feels.

When his communication is misinterpreted, he feels tortured for this means he is not communicating and this is what he needs.

One thing is for sure, this Gemini man doesn't suffer alone and he never endures in silence, he has to talk. Merciful understanding is appreciated when he is this way.

When he accomplishes something and is lauded for it, in the quiet afterwards, he will indiscriminately review this experience to find some real meaning in it.

This Gemini male is a man who puts himself through self-examinations; he contemplates who he is, always on a quest to "know thyself".

When he is like this it's best to leave him to it, on his own.

Gemini is a Twin star sign. Two people in one body. Two personalities in one-person.

This Gemini man may act like two different people at times.

If you are reading through this to get some tips on dealing with this Gemini male, here they are:

This Gemini requires a mate who shares his need for mental stimulation. A partner who is not a homebody, he wants someone willing to just go..."wherever life takes us".

His mate has to be capable of accommodating his interest in others, without jealousy entering the picture. He is a flirt and it usually means nothing at all, it's all in good fun.

He is realistic when it comes to the way he likes to live his life; if his partner tries to hard to change his natural tendencies, he won't pause to consider, he'll break up with that mate.

Another piece of advice is that, he doesn't take to a partner needling him. Yes, a relationship is important and yes, a home with someone he loves is important.

But, if you are the type that is a habitual nag, be ready because this Gemini doesn't have the disposition of a Taurus, he will not blow up at you and stay with you. This Gemini man will just buckle to the never-ending nagging and leave you.

The love that this Gemini male feels falls between liking you and needing you.

I would say he can like you a lot and need you a little.


I can put it this way; he can almost love you.

Why do I say this?

As a romantic partner, he's always a love tease; always a love flirt. You can hardly ever take him seriously for more than one day.

Just as easily as he loves you one day, he may find himself loving another.

Because he is an intellectual lover, another can come along and stimulate him mentally more than you are capable.

Because he is an intellectual lover he can deliberately change his mind and change his feelings.

Even if he feels a deep, deep, deep connection with you, a deeper connection with another can easily displace you.

Of course, Some Gemini men resist this urge because life has trained them to not follow their need for the new in this way.

If you have found that Gemini, you have a Gem on your hands.

Nevertheless, the tendency to chase something new is natural to the Gemini man.

One more piece of advice; if you just love this man, keep him mentally stimulated and don't try to take charge of him with nagging.

His mate/girlfriend may find it hard to always have to produce some mental stimulation for him, still, if she is a good match for him in general, this Gemini male is capable of being loyal and earnest. Go figure.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Gemini Male

This Gemini man is exhausting. He wants understanding. He needs tending. He wants regard for his feelings. He wants regard for his time. He considers these things, his birth right.

This Gemini male will take and take. If it doesn't involve him, it's no matter to him.

The former Gemini man pursues a higher meaning in the enjoyments and changes that happen in life.

This Gemini man has a malaise for what is and an endless discontentment that is never satisfied.

He perpetually requires the good things, the fun times, the joyous experiences and exhilaration, but will avert anything he finds to be a disagreeable task, (to him) that would allow him to get these things.

He resents a dull, deadening or monotonous job. If he is forced to take one, he feels condemned, like he is in prison; he honestly feels he was made for a loftier position.

This Gemini man feels that he should be the center of attention; he doesn't hide in the back of the room.

Gemini is a Twin star sign. Two people in one body. Two personalities in one-person.

This Gemini male has no sexual inhibitions what-so-ever, I mean none.


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