Sagittarius Female - Attributes of the Evolved and Underdeveloped Character

On this page you will find the descriptions for Sagittarius Female Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Sagittarius Female

This evolved Sagittarius woman appreciates her autonomy and so she isn't keen on hampering the freedom of others.

She is guileless and transparent in who she is and what she is thinking.

This Sagittarius woman is similar to the evolved Sagittarian male. She is also candid and her blunt manner and is often misunderstood.

When she offers only friendship people mistake it for an offering of love.

Prospective mates like this next quality in her at first... until they understand they can't modify this about her:

Her candidness/bluntness.

At times, she may say something to her romantic partner that is a bit too blunt and therefore hurtful.

As soon as she notices that she will turn it around so that she explains it away, to spare his feelings.

If this happens over and over again and her partner is always hurt by what she says and doesn't try to understand where she is coming from, she will begin to censor herself.

Once she starts doing this, she will start to recede in her esteem for him, for she has lost her freedom in speaking and like her male counterpoint she will look to get out of the relationship.

If she is unlucky enough to find men that are this way with her again and again, she may prefer to have relationships with men who have no real reason to engage her permanently.

She may do this because these men are already, permanently engaged... to another woman. She will basically give up.

This Sagittarius female needs a man who will not get jealous when she just smiles at another man or try to posses her.

She needs an exceptional sort of man, one who lets her be herself without censoring or trying to tame her.

Once she does find the right kind of man and they make a go of it and have children, she will be a mom that is more like a sister to her kids.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Sagittarius Female

This Sagittarian woman lacks ethics, she has little or no precepts that govern her life. She doesn't give much thought to other people.

She only cares for now, doesn't think of the future. Being this way certainly causes anguish to anybody in her life.

Only truly foolish men are hurt by this woman, it's easy to see when she is playing you.

She will not have any deep emotion for you. She won't show any claims on your heart or attention. She will not concern herself with anything you do.

Additionally, this zodiac sign is the sign of truth; she will not be a very good liar no matter how hard she tries, just ask her a question that leads to another before long you will know she is lying.


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