Capricorn Male - Propensities of the Mature and Immature

On this page you will find the descriptions for Capricorn Male Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Capricorn Male

This Capricorn male is virtuous accurate and fair. He seeks to accomplish truth, logic and preciseness in all that he does.

His actions are far reaching, tenacious and diligent.

He is a proficient saver; he knows how to be economical without looking cheap.

Because of the restraint of his governing planet Saturn, he doesn't taste the fruits of his successes till middle age.

In the meantime, he regularly advances by his own virtues and exertions.

He is not a man prone to risking anything that would ruin his life or the lives of people he loves.

He is careful when making decisions; he considers every point, the future and past lessons when coming to a decision.

As a Capricorn he goes through times of bleakness, his loved ones endeavor to lead him out of it, but it hardly works; when he is ready to be right again, he does so on has own.

He can be a snob at times, he is affected by social station, riches or gentility; being this way doesn't win too many friends.

Romance fascinates him, not only his romances, but the romances of everyone else around him.

When younger, he is/was probably an impossible tease; when older, he becomes/is self-protective and is a bit condescending.

He is an ambitious person; He needs a woman who can understand that.

When involved, he makes for a dependable although serious partner.

He seems unemotional, but underneath he has a deep love. He isn't one to fall in love with anyone or give his heart to anyone.

He needs a woman who will stay on his side when the world seems out to get him. He needs a woman, who can bring a lightness into his serious life and mind.

He is good at remembering birthdays and celebrating special occasions.

In his older years, he is one of the family members or life long friends that everyone looks to for wisdom in subjects that deal with priorities, conduct and society.

Sometimes, he flirts with women and it has nothing to do with sex or trying for anything really; it's just a way for him to boost his self-confidence.

Typically, his sex drive is at a happy medium, he isn't one to be extreme in anything.

He should live many years and he seems to become younger in attitude as he grows older.

His years of 45-65 years old, are the ones that are the most successful for him.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Capricorn Male

This Capricorn male has an uncontrollable impulse to pull strings, direct and convince others to see things his way. He puts himself in the middle of other people business, he believes that he protecting them.

He is too ambitious and it rules his life. He is the type of fellow to marry for advancement. He chooses his friends for what they can do for him.


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