Pisces Male -Are you Mature or Immature?

On this page you will find the descriptions for Pisces Male  Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Pisces Male

This Pisces male has no difficulties with restraints placed on his freedom, as long as he is free to daydream, experience and develop naturally.

He doesn't do well with contention, pressure or challengers.

He may like to write, listen to music or be near the ocean.

He has a talent for acting, such a talent that he could make a good actor.

As happy as he can get from attaining what he aims for, he can be just as disheartened when things don't go well.

This Pisces man is a tender man and he hurts deeply when life is unkind to him.

His main problem is that of indecisiveness; look at the Pisces symbol and you will see two fishes swimming in opposite directions, not able to go far because they are tied together.

This is how this Pisces man feels when he has to make a decision.

With this double zodiac sign (two fishes), people can be certain that whatever persona is being presented, there is another hiding underneath.

This characteristic makes it possible for this Pisces male to be enigmatic, this can be irritating and baffling to those around him.

Often, others attempt to push him into confronting reality, but it only pushes him more into his dream world.

Pisces gives him an effusive, reflective and responsive nature.

While in a lot of ways, he has a forceless character, he has a powerful soul with a heart that has an unlimited amount of love.

There is a wide-eyed beauty in this man that he retains well into his mature years. He has a great love for animals and children.

He makes a kindly father, who is playful.

This Pisces man is always prepared to experience new feelings, especially ones brought on by lovely women.

He trusts in destiny and is disposed to unusual fancies other people find offbeat.

This Pisces man is humble and when things go advantageously he thinks it was all due to luck; when things seem bleak he looks for fate to intervene.

When things are going great for him, he is fine; what he needs is a partner that will be able to energize him into doing something about what ever isn't going well, when that happens.

Speaking of romance; on most days, his partner may find him calling regularly, writing love notes, giving little tokens of affection and being thoughtful.

Then abruptly, he'll change and pull back and shut her out for no reason.

He needs a woman who gives him stability, romance and love when he wants it.

A woman who will refrain from complaining when he is slacking in his duties in life, for he will come out of his dream world sooner if she does that.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Pisces Male

This Pisces man is not easy to characterize because he sometimes keeps his real self obscured, and doing this makes him seem to have a fraudulent personality.

He isn't much interested in working towards anything that people usually strive for. He isn't the most ambitious fellow.

He has no care for position or the power that comes with it. These attitudes give him no hopes for achievement, financial or otherwise.

He is a malleable person owing to his zodiac sign, this is a danger if he allows people into his life who are not there for his good; he is not adept at discernment.

Most of his troubles come because he is impressionable and when he takes advice from (bad) friends and pursues that advice.

He will ask someone else, and get different advice and follow that; this connects to him not being all that savvy.

He is attracted to unusual things; and he finds unusual things distasteful. He may be strangely kinky in bed. He may have a secret life that is oftentimes provoked by drinking etc.

He may experience times of ill fortune that make his life harder.

He may not be good at managing his finances, he may have debt that he just ignores.


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