Aries Female -The Mature and Immature

On this page you will find the descriptions for Aries Females/Women Evolved and Underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Aries Female

Although the traits are diffused in an Aries woman, she will still exhibit the warmheartedness and energy of the Aries sign.

She can't stand lukewarm or spiritless people around her. She also feels that overly cautious people who consider every fact and every decision, a dreadful pain. Once irritated she will not shy away from saying how she feels about it.

This Aries woman is seldom satisfied with just being a wife and mother. Often, she will be or end up being the woman who has a husband, children and a great job, not only that, she will manage all with success.

She is brilliant and full of life, a joy to hang out with.

This Aries woman has a very active love life. She's not as shy as the Aries male.

She is proud and regrettably, a woman like that can often appeal to weaker men. An Aries female in a relationship with a weak man always turns out badly.

The reason that such relationships end badly? When afforded a chance an Aries woman becomes tyrannical and dictatorial, she will disrespect any unfortunate man that can't stand up to her strength with a strength of his own.

This Aries woman needs a secure man by her side, however this isn't easily had, for she is much more secure than many men. She may look for this one of a kind man in every man she falls for, but she is often disappointed.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Aries Female

Although the characteristics are modulated in an Aries woman, she will still demonstrate these immature traits.

She will have many of the good characteristics of this zodiac sign, but hope and exuberance will be superseded by recklessness or fickleness.

Without thinking, she can often be undiplomatic.

She is forever interested in some fresh idea that is almost never, if ever, finished. The reason? She loses interest and inspiration, she gets bored.

When this happens she quits, leaving disappointment behind, not really caring too much about the ones she has let down.

Most of us learn from our mistakes, not this one. The problem is she doesn't do... introspection. For this reason, she may find herself repeating bad history.

She has probably broken many hearts, or been through painful breakups that left her feeling guilty. She isn't very good with commitment.

She goes into relationships easily and breaks up just as easily, without compassion towards her partner's feelings.

Once in a while, she finds a partner and she really attempts to commit, but it hardly lasts, because she doesn’t think things through.

She doesn't reflect on the rapport they've developed, how she feels about her prospective mate, or the obligations that come with a relationship.


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