Cancer Female -The Mature and Immature Personality

On this page you will find the descriptions for Cancer  Females/Women Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Cancer Female

The mature/evolved Cancer woman has many of the same qualities of the Cancer man. In addition, she is or will be an outstanding mother, nurturing is part of her character.

Whether she wants a family or not, if she doesn't have something or someone to nurture four things can happen: she will become tormented and this can lead to detachment from the world into a fantasy world.

The other thing that can happen is; she will go from one man to another looking for what's missing.

The third thing; she will wear out her family and friends with her unhappiness. The last thing; she will use food to nurture herself, over doing it and ballooning her weight.

This Cancer woman does well marrying herself to her career, or actually being married and having children at a younger age, for this gives her something to nurture, as nurturing is essential to her makeup.

Cancers are prone to being timid and they naturally retreat, this attitude is used for protection.

But, Cancer shouldn't use these safety mechanisms too often and too much for there aren't many people naturally equipped to sit and cajole waiting for Cancer to come back out.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Cancer Female

The immature/underdeveloped Cancer woman is obsessed with her feelings. She is excessively emotional, she is too easily affected, her feelings always inflated.

Every new feeling she has is a negation of the last.

She considers herself to be of import, this mental attitude garners no empathy or friends.

This Cancer woman need everyone's focus to be on her so much that she may use her health to get it.

There may be some recurring ailment that she is always nursing.

Who wouldn’t feel bad for her?

She may go from feeling doomed and lonely to feeling self-reliant and arrogant. At times, she will hide away from friends and family so she can wallow in her self- defeat, misery and sorrow.


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